Connections & Disconnections

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Connections & Disconnections
Studio album by Funkadelic
Released 1980
Genre Funk
Label Avenue Records
Producer Greg Errico, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon & Grady Thomas
Funkadelic chronology
Uncle Jam Wants You
Connections & Disconnections
The Electric Spanking of War Babies
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau C[2]

Connections & Disconnections is a renegade Funkadelic album, performed by original Parliaments members Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon and Grady Thomas. The album was released in 1980 in Germany, under the title 42.9%, and in 1981 in the United States.[3] It was reissued by Rhino Records in 1992 with the title Who's a Funkadelic?.


At the end of the 1970s, the Parliament-Funkadelic enterprise was starting to crumble. This was caused by a combination of factors, from George Clinton's poor financial management to a clash of interests between the many musicians that had been signed up over the years. Many of the band's key members departed, including Glenn Goins, to form Quazar, and Jerome Brailey to form Mutiny. Three singers who had been with Clinton in The Parliaments since the late 1950s, Haskins, Simon, and Thomas, departed in protest in 1977 because they felt increasingly sidelined by the influx of new P-Funk musicians. They formed their own band and called it Funkadelic, recording Connections & Disconnections. The use of the name Funkadelic resulted in an increasingly bitter and acrimonious legal dispute with Clinton's organization, which would only serve to accelerate the disintegration of Parliament-Funkadelic.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Phunklords" (Haskins, Mims, Simon, Thomas, Powers) – 5:35
  2. "You'll Like It Too" (Haskins, Simon, Thomas, Williams, McEvoy) – 4:29
  3. "The Witch" (Haskins, Jackson, Simon, Thomas, Drake) – 9:31
  4. "Connections and Disconnections" (Geter, Haskins, Mims, Simon, Thomas) – 5:02
  5. "Come Back" (Haskins, Simon, Thomas, Mims, Powers) – 4:32
  6. "Call The Doctor" (Drake, Haskins, Mims, Simon, Thomas) – 5:14
  7. "Who's A Funkadelic" (Haskins, Mims, Simon, Thomas) – 5:47

Connections & Disconnections was re-released in 1992 on CD as Who's A Funkadelic?.


  • Fuzzy Haskins - vocals & percussion
  • Calvin Simon - vocals & percussion
  • Grady Thomas - vocals & percussion
  • Michael Williams - keyboards, guitar & vocals
  • Billy Mims - clavinet, guitar, vocals
  • Ben Powers Jr - drums, bass & vocals
  • John Quad Wiley - keyboards & vocals
  • Stan Thorn - keyboards
  • Ken Blackmon - bass
  • Thomas "Pae-dog" McEvoy - jazz horn
  • Dede Dickerson - background musician
  • Ngoh Spencer - background musician
  • Vicky Randal - background musician
  • Betty Jo Drake - background musician


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