Connolly Youth Movement

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Connolly Youth Movement
Chairperson Fergal Twomey
Secretary General Adam Murray
Founded 1963
Headquarters Connolly House, Dublin
Mother party Communist Party of Ireland
International affiliation World Federation of Democratic Youth

The Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) (Irish: Ógra Uí Chonghaile) is an all-Ireland youth organisation affiliated to the Communist Party of Ireland but which is also independent and organises separately from the CPI. Internationally the Connolly Youth Movement is affiliated to the World Federation of Democratic Youth. The CYM includes young activists from many different political backgrounds who are in opposition to imperialism and to the capitalist system in Ireland and throughout the world. It takes its name from the revolutionary socialist James Connolly.

History and current status[edit]

The CYM was founded in 1963 by young republicans who were influenced by the Communist Party during the Dublin Housing Action struggle. The CYM disbanded in 1991 due to a reduction in membership following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and eastern and central European bloc and the resulting political crisis in the World Communist Movement. However, following the resurgence of the left and anti-capitalist movement in Ireland, the CYM re-formed in 2002, grouped mainly around young members of the Dublin Branch of the CPI and student activists in NUI (National University of Ireland), Galway. The Connolly Youth Movement has relations with a number of young communist organisations around the world.


CYM publishes Forward, a magazine quarterly.[1]


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