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The Copic logo.
A Copic sketch marker.
The Copic system including markers and the airbrush.

Copic (コピック Kopikku?) is a brand of marker pen made in Japan by Too and distributed in the United States and Canada by Imagination International. The markers are available in 358 colors and are refillable. The inks used to refill the markers can be mixed to create new colors, and empty markers are sold for this purpose. There is also an airbrush system available.

Copic markers have two tips to cover a wide range of uses; a chisel-style tip at one end and a brush tip at the other. There is also a round tip available. The markers utilize permanent, non-toxic, alcohol-based ink. The markers are also available in a wide style that can easily cover large areas.

Marker types[edit]

There are six types of Copic markers, varying in color availability and nib size and shape. All types feature replaceable nibs and ink, and most have oval-shaped barrels.


Copic Original markers are available in 214 colors with nine different tip options. Two are designed for calligraphy with two different sizes: 3mm and 5mm. Similar to the Copic Sketch Super Brush there is a plain brush nib for Copic Originals, however the brush is smaller compared to the Super Brush nib. There are two different broad tips one is a much smaller broad nib called the Semi-Broad, the other broad includes and rounded end at the tip of the nib. Finally there is a tinier version of the fine nib which is called the Super Fine Nib.[1]


Copic Sketch markers are available in 358 colors. They have a brush nib, a smaller chisel-shaped nib, and oval shaped body. They are compatible to the Copic Airbrush System (similar to spray paint). The Copic Sketch are the most popular Copic marker.[1]


Copic Wide markers are available in 36 colors. They have a wide chisel-shaped nib and are wider and larger than Copic's other markers, with a large oval shaped barrel. They are popular for use in doing large backgrounds, and calligraphy with the alternate 28mm Calligraphy nib.[1]


Copic Ciao markers are available in 180 colors. They have a brush nib and a smaller chisel nib and are smaller than Copic's other markers, with a circular barrel.[1]


Copic Comic markers are available in 72 colors. They have a brush nib and a medium round nib. Copic Comic markers are currently only available in Japan.[2]

Sketch 25th Anniversary[edit]

Copic Sketch 25th Anniversary markers are available in 36 colors. They have a brush nib and a small standard tip. They have a special black barrel and were produced in limited quantities to commemorate the company's 25th anniversary.[3]


Copic sells 4 different types of pens. Multiliners are disposable artist pen that come in 8 colors and 10 tip sizes. Multiliner SP is a more premium version of the Multiliners that have aluminum bodies and replaceable nibs and ink. Multiliner SPs come in 13 colors and 10 tip sizes. The Drawing Fountain pen has 2 different sizes and 2 different colors. The Atyou Spica pens have a glitter feature that comes in 24 colors.


The airbrush system uses disposable cans of compressed air, or air from a compressor to spray ink from Copic markers onto a surface. It works with Copic Original and Sketch markers. The airbrush system is used by fitting a marker into a compartment. This airbrush system can be used for coloring, backgrounds, and other uses. The airbrushes have an high chance of exploding.[according to whom?]


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