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The 14 Regions of Senegal are subdivided into 45 departments and 103 arrondissements (neither of which have administrative function) and by collectivités locales (the 14 régions, 110 communes, and 320 communautés rurales) which elect administrative officers.[1]

In 2006, the new department of Koungheul was created as a division of Kaolack Department.[2][3] In 2008, the creation of three new regions increased the number of departments to 45.

Map of the departments and regions of Senegal

The departments are listed below, by region:

Dakar Region[edit]

Departments of Dakar Region

Diourbel Region[edit]

Departments of Diourbel Region

Fatick Region[edit]

Departments of Fatick Region

Kaffrine Region[edit]

Kaolack Region[edit]

Departments of Kaolack Region

Kédougou Region[edit]

Kolda Region[edit]

Departments of Kolda Region

Louga Region[edit]

Departments of Louga Region

Matam Region[edit]

Departments of Matam Region

Saint-Louis Region[edit]

Departments of Saint-Louis Region

Sédhiou Region[edit]

Tambacounda Region[edit]

Departments of Tambacounda Region

Thiès Region[edit]

Departments of Thies Region

Ziguinchor Region[edit]

Departments of Ziguinchor Region

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