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Diana Reiss
Born 1948/1949 (age 67–68)[1][2]
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.[3]
Alma mater Temple University (PhD)
Occupation professor of psychology at Hunter College

Diana Reiss (born 1948 or 1949[1][2] in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[3]) is a professor of psychology at Hunter College[4] and in the graduate program of Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology at the City University of New York. Reiss's research has focused on understanding cognition and communication in dolphins and other cetaceans.[5] Her important contributions include demonstrating mirror self-awareness in dolphins via the Mirror test.[6]

She was the scientific advisor for The Cove[2] and wrote The Dolphin in the Mirror: Exploring Dolphin Minds and Saving Dolphin Lives.

Reiss earned a doctorate from Temple University.


The following are a selection of Diana Reiss' peer-reviewed publications.

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