Duck Creek (Clyde, New South Wales)

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Duck Creek in Clyde.JPG
A section of Duck Creek in Clyde, New South Wales
Country Australia
State New South Wales
Region Sydney
Municipalities City of Parramatta, Cumberland Council
Part of Parramatta River catchment
 - right Little Duck Creek
Mouth A'Becketts Creek
 - location Clyde
 - coordinates 33°49′46.9554″S 151°1′22.26″E / 33.829709833°S 151.0228500°E / -33.829709833; 151.0228500Coordinates: 33°49′46.9554″S 151°1′22.26″E / 33.829709833°S 151.0228500°E / -33.829709833; 151.0228500

Duck Creek is a perennial stream and a southern tributary of A'Becketts Creek and part of the Parramatta River catchment, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Sections of its upper reaches in Guildford and Merrylands have been channelized and piped underground as it passes under roads, playing fields and through housing development. It then flows through the suburbs of Granville and Clyde where it joins with A'Becketts Creek. In its lower reaches it is a tidal creek.

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