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Burnham Park E-ACT Academy
Motto Best practice, best performance, best progress - always
Established 1969 as Burnham Upper School, 2012 at Burnham Park E-ACT Academy
Type Academy Comprehensive
Headteacher James Hughes
Regional Education Director and excutive head teacher Matthew Flannigan
Location Opendale Road
51°33′48″N 0°14′31″W / 51.5634°N 0.2419°W / 51.5634; -0.2419Coordinates: 51°33′48″N 0°14′31″W / 51.5634°N 0.2419°W / 51.5634; -0.2419
Capacity 700
Students 451
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–19

Burnham Park E-ACT Academy placed in special measures September 2016. The school was revisited by Ofsted in March 2017. In 2016 its GCSE results placed to the worst ten per cent of schools nationally for progress. It is a co-educational Academy in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England. A small part of the campus is located in neighbouring Slough, Berkshire. It is an academy sponsored by E-ACT, and has approximately 450pupils.[1]

In November 2015 Burnham Park featured in local newspapers for exaggerating GCSE results. In December 2015 it featured on the front page of local papers for not testing pupils with dyslexia.

2016 press release does not state 5 GCSE including English and maths results. October 2016 department of education web site provisionally reveals that only 28 per cent got c above in English and maths, so the best result would be 28 per cent 5gcses including English and maths.

The school has a vacancies

English, Maths,Science and Music teachers.

The school operates as a comprehensive school in a selective local authority. Approximately 40% of students come from Buckinghamshire, with the remainder coming from West Slough


The Academy was opened in April 2012, following the closure of Burnham Upper School, which was deemed to require Special Measures in March 2011 for poor leadership, poor pupil attainment and not providing enough support to pupils with special educational needs. The Academy is sponsored by National Educational Charity, E-ACT. In April 2014, the Academy was re-inspected as a new establishment, with Ofsted stating that the school Required Improvement in pupil achievement, the quality of teaching and the behaviour and safety of pupils.

Burnham Park was subject to Ofsted inspections in December 2012, January 2014 and July 2016. In July 2016 the school was re-inspected. In September 2016 the Ofsted report was released and Burnham Park was placed in special measures for poor leadership man management: poor student behaviour and poor outcomes: teaching was judged to require improvement and 16 to 19 provision had been judged to require improvement. The report states that special needs pupils and disadvantaged pupils did not make good progress.



On April 2012, E-ACT became the academy sponsor for the Burnham Upper School and the school officially converted to an academy which became Burnham Park E-ACT Academy. An Ofsted enquiry found that up until September 2013 that a percentage of e-act schools pupil premium funding went to head office for reasons that are not clear.[citation needed] Pupil premium funding is supposed to target the learning of disadvantaged pupils. In March 2014 a further 16 academies were inspected by Ofsted, 5 were placed in special measures and 5 were rated in need of improvement. An Ofsted report on E-act found 'intervention and support provided by e-act was ineffective'.[citation needed] Subsequently, E-act surrendered 10 of it 34 academies to other sponsors.

In 2014 -2015 Extra pupil premium funding was given to English maths and science to narrow the attainment gap. This funding was unsuccessful in science.[citation needed]

2017 Ofsted requested external review of the effectiveness of pupil premium usage .

January 2016, E-Act announces it is doing away with governing bodies in their schools, including parents governors.[citation needed]4

Pupil numbers are falling. According to Buckinghamshire council figures in 2013 the school admiited 134 pupils qgainst a planned admission number of 140. In 2014 the schoold admitted 90, in 2015 80 and in 2016 55.

Academic results[edit]

In 2013 the Academy achieved 53% 5A*-C including English and Maths. However, achievement declined sharply over the subsequent years with 40% achieving 5A*-C including English and Maths in 2014, falling again to 35% 5A*-C in 2015. In 2016 results declined sharply with only 24 per of pupils getting 5 GCSEs A to C including English and maths.

2015 English single GCSE. (Vocational) 38 entered no As 2Bs 6c 14 d 12 e 4f

Maths 1A* 5a 15b 32 c 29d 7e 2f 5g 4u

Science results declined sharply. The one vocational set only took core science. The other set took core and additional science. Both sets only got 20 per cent A to C in science. Source freedom of Information Request.

In applied business 33 took the exam. There were 10 Cs, no A or Bs. 8Us.

Religious education. No one took a full GCSE in 2015 and it does not appear anywhere on the curriculum.

In 2015 no students got 3 A levels A to G. 33 percent got 2 A levels A to G, none got two A or A star. Source department of education performance tables.

In 2016 the progress 8 GCSE figure was -1.07 i.e. pupils on average achieved a grade lower than expected. Disadvantaged pupils the figure was -1.48. Unusually the figure for girls was -1.31!

No pupils achieved the English baccalaureate in 2016.

The progress 8 figure A level figure was -.57, average grade was E. The figure places the school in the bottom 4 per cent of all school in England!

March 2017 Ofsted council confirmed that the teaching of science continued to be a problem unless you are in the top set.

Phone mast[edit]

Burnham Park E-ACT Academy is one of several Buckinghamshire schools which host mobile phone masts. Contracts between Buckinghamshire County Council and various mobile phone operators generate an income of £145,000 per annum, of which about £59,000 comes from contracts for masts that are installed in schools.[4][5]


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