Estrela d'Oeste

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Estrela d'Oeste
The Municipality of
Estrela d'Oeste
Official seal of Estrela d'Oeste
Location of Estrela d'Oeste
Location of Estrela d'Oeste
Coordinates: 20°17′16″S 50°24′03″W / 20.28778°S 50.40083°W / -20.28778; -50.40083Coordinates: 20°17′16″S 50°24′03″W / 20.28778°S 50.40083°W / -20.28778; -50.40083
Country  Brazil
Region Southeast
State  São Paulo
 • Total 296.4 km2 (114.4 sq mi)
Elevation 595 m (1,952 ft)
Population (2010/IBGE)
 • Total 8,208
 • Density 27.7/km2 (72/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2)
Postal Code 15650-000
Area code(s) +55 17
Website Prefecture of Estrela d'Oeste

Estrela d'Oeste is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The city has a population of 8,208 inhabitants and an area of 296.4 km².[1]

Estrela d'Oeste belongs to the Mesoregion of São José do Rio Preto.


Estrela d´Oeste was founded at the beginning of the century.

It was named in the mid-1938 by Mariano Rodrigues. Previously belonged to Fernandópolis which in turn was named Vila Pereira.

Mariano Rodrigues added D'Oeste the village then known by all Star. The choice was made by means of a draw between three options.

The first mayor of the city was José Antonio Saes, 'Ze firefight', son of John Saes presented and supported by its founder Mariano Rodrigues, his cousin.


'Census Data - 2010'

Total Population: 8208

  • Urban: 6831
  • Rural: 1377
  • Men: 4133[2]
  • Women: 4075

Population density (inhabitants / Km ²): 27.69

Census Data - 2000[edit]

(Source: IPEADATA)


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