Ethiopian Highway 2

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Highway 2
Route information
Length1,071 km (665 mi)
Highway system
Transport in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Highway 2 is a highway in Ethiopia. It connects the capital Addis Ababa with Mekelle, as well as with Wukro, Adigrat, Axum, Shire and Humera. Ethiopian Highway 2 has a length of 974 kilometers.


Towns and cities along Ethiopian Highway 2 include, from north to south:

Mountain passes[edit]

There are three high-mountain passes on Highway 2:

  • Between Ambalage and Adi Gudem over the Alagi pass near Amba Alagi at a height of 3090 meters.
  • Between Maychew and Ambalage over the Alage pass at a height of 2990 meters.
  • Just east of Debre Sina, the national highway reaches its apex at 3120 meters.

The highway crosses the continental divide twice: once at Debre Sina and another time over the Alagi pass near Amba Alagi.


Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray region, is located ten kilometers off the highway. The main road turns off to Mekelle at Kwiha, the center of the Enderta district. The detour to Mekelle adds thirteen kilometers. To follow Highway 2 to the north and get to Wukro, Adigrat and further more directly, one has to turn off in Kwiha and follow the road which crosses the plateau east of Mekelle. Highway 2 joins the Mekelle main road detour at the village of Maimekden.


In the plans for a new Ethiopian railroad network, a railroad would be constructed from Addis Ababa to Mekelle, Shire and then to Humera roughly following the route of Highway 2.