Ethirum Pudhirum

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எதிரும் புதிரும் Ethirum Pudhirum
Directed by Dharani
Produced by G. S. Madhu
Written by Dharani
Starring Mammootty
Simran Bagga
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography A. Karthik Raja
Distributed by Madhu Film International
Release date
4 March 1999
Running time
165 mins
Language Tamil

Edhirum Pudhirum எதிரும் புதிரும் is a Tamil movie starring Mammootty, Sangeetha, Napoleon, Manorama and Simran Bagga directed by Dharani under his real name V.C. Ramani.


Mammootty is a sincere district collector. A female leader of a major political party is kidnapped by terrorist Veeraiyan (Nassar) and he promises to return her back if his injured brother Arasappan (Napoleon) is treated well and brought back safely. The government agrees to this condition and asks Mammootty to look after Arasappan. At first, Arasappan hates Mammootty and his family as Mammootty works for the government against whom his brother's group is rebelling, but the kindness shown by Mammootty's wife and mother change his attitude. Just when he was about to turn over a new leaf, a bad thing occurs. The police team, without taking the necessary orders from Mammootty, go to the forest and attack Veeraiyan's gathering. This angers Arasappan, but he was restrained by Mammootty. Now, the police accuse Mammootty of having links with the terrorists as Arasappan ran away from his house and Mammootty condemned the police action; hence, they arrest Mammootty's wife and mother. (Mammootty ran away to find Arasappan) Hearing this sad news, Arasappan himself surrenders to the police as he did not want them to suffer for him, but the police do not spare him despite his surrender.



The film was initially titled Master and production delays postponed the film's release by a couple of years. Soundarya was the original choice for the female lead role, while the item number done by Simran was initially offered to actress Rambha, who wanted better pay.[1][2]


Music : Vidyasagar

Song Title Singers
"Thottu Thottu Pesum" Swarnalatha, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy
"Kathu Pasanga" Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Malaysia Vasudevan, Anuradha Sriram
"Nilavonnu Pathikichhu" Swarnalatha
"Maruthaani Thottu" Sujatha Mohan, Malaysia Vasudevan
"Ellorukkum Oru" Anuradha Sriram


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