Felipe Santiago Salaverry

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Felipe Santiago Salaverry
Born Template:Fecha
Lima, Virreinato del Perú
Died Template:Fecha
Arequipa, Perú
Occupation President
Predecessor Manuel Salazar y Baquíjano
Successor Luis José de Orbegoso
Spouse(s) Juana Pérez Palza de Infanta de Salaverry

Carlos Augusto Salaverry (hijo ilegítimo)

Felipe Augusto Salaverry Pérez

Felipe Santiago Salaverry del Solar (* Lima, May 3, 1806 - † Arequipa, February 18, 1836), military man and Peruvian politician. He was the youngest President of Peru and the youngest to die. He was a very enlightened military man, fond of reading and possessing a talent for writing. In 1835 he rebelled against the president Luis Jose de Orbegoso and took the power. He ruled barely a year, from February 1835 to February 1836. He led his country in the face of the Bolivian invasion. Defeated and captured by Andrés de Santa Cruz, he was shot dead after a summary trial.