Flabby Sagging Flesh

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"Flabby Sagging Flesh"
Single by Turbonegro and Anal Babes
Released 1995
Format 7" Vinyl
Genre Glam punk
Label Big Ball Records

"Flabby Sagging Flesh" is the name of the split single by Turbonegro and Anal Babes released on 7" Vinyl in 1995 on Big Ball Records. Each band covers one original song of the other – Anal Babes show up with a brutal and sick version of Turbonegro's "Deathtime".

It has been originally released in an edition of 300 copies on transparent purple vinyl. There were 3 different sleeves: 225 were B/W xeroxed, 75 in color and 15 (only given to the bands and friend(s) were a variation of the B/W sleeve with color added. Some inserts contained messages like 'Natas si dog' and all featured lyrics and number pressed. The sleeve shows a photo of a family party at Rune's with his father Aslak (Norwegian jazz musician) playing saxophone. Aslak has also laid down some sax-tracks on "Humiliation Street" for the Apocalypse Dudes LP.

German Incognito Records re-issued this 7" in 1997 with a cardboard sleeve on black vinyl. The flip side (Anal Babes) features a screen shot from Wes Craven's 1972 classic The Last House on the Left.[1]

Track listing[edit]


1. "Flabby Sagging Flesh" (Anal Babes cover)

Anal Babes

2. "Deathtime" (Turbonegro cover)


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