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New Brunswick
Flag of New Brunswick.svg
Proportion 5:8
Adopted February 24, 1965
The flag of New Brunswick flying

The flag of New Brunswick, Canada, is a banner modelled after the province's coat of arms and was adopted by proclamation on February 24, 1965.

The flag has the proportions 8:5. A gold lion on the red field across the top one-third of the flag represents New Brunswick's ties to both the Brunswick region in Germany and (the arms of) the Monarch of Canada. The lower two-thirds of the flag depicts a Scottish Lymphad, the traditional representation of a ship in heraldry. It represents shipbuilding, one of the province's main industries at the time the coat of arms was adopted and throughout much of the province's history.

The flag ranked #18 in the North American Vexillological Association's survey of North American state and provincial flags.[1]

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