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In 2005 Vienna migrated Microsoft Office 2000 to and Microsoft Windows 2000 to Linux .[1][2]


The government of Brazil migrated from Microsoft Windows to Linux .[3][4]


National Assembly[edit]

The National Assembly of France will migrate by 2007 to Linux, and Firefox.[5][6]

National Gendarmerie[edit]

The National Gendarmerie adopted[7] Firefox and Thunderbird.



The City of Munich decided to migrate its desktops from Microsoft Windows NT to Linux. On 28 May 2003 the city announced the migration,[8] in June 2004 after the pilot project run by SuSE Linux and IBM there was a final approval for the migration.[9] In 14 April 2005 the city decided to migrate to Debian from a commercial Linux distribution.[10]

Schwäbisch Hall[edit]

Schwäbisch Hall migrated its 400 workstations to Linux in late 2002.[11] The factors were cost, better security, escape from the treadmill of vendor-driven upgrades.



Government of Assam state made open source a part of its IT policy.[12][13]


Under the IT@School project the government of Kerala has adopted free and open sourced software for the schools.[14]


Public libraries[edit]

IOSSPL is a Free and Open Source software used for public libraries in Romania. Please see

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