Future War 198X

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Future War 198X
Directed by Tomoharu Katsumata
Toshio Masuda
Cinematography Dorvack
Release dates
  • 30 October 1982 (1982-10-30)
Running time
125 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Future War 198X is a 1982 Japanese anime science fiction war film directed by Toshio Masuda and Tomoharu Katsumata.[1]


The film tells of the events leading up to World War III and the characters it most closely affects. Burt, an American scientist and a specialist in Star Wars orbital antimissile lasers, invents a Missile Defense System, making it so the USA no longer feels threatened by nuclear war. The world looks on as his test is successful. His sister and best friend, Laura and Wataru, soon find out that he has been kidnapped by Soviet spies. Burt is kept on a Russian submarine on its way to Vladivostok. To prevent leakage of information, the U.S. use nuclear torpedoes to sink the ship.

The events of that holiday season are seen through the eyes of the President of the United States; Michael, a British soldier; the team at the Kremlin; and Burt's closest friends. Mikumo is ordered to come out of mourning to finish Bart's work, while U.S. president Gibson tries to calm the volatile diplomatic situation. His efforts fail.

A Russian pilot defects on his secret bomber type to a West German airbase. The Soviets decide to attack the airbase and destroy the bomber. This leads to a counterattack by West German Tornado fighters. These events escalate into full-scale war. Warsaw pact troops cross the Inner German border and win a decisive fight against NATO and advance to Weser then Rhine rivers to ultimately capture Paris. To secure oil resources in the near east and claim all territory above the 30th parallel north, Soviets start an attack on Iran. Turkey is overrun and the American forces concentrate their troops to defend Baghdad and Tehran. Leaving the Far East defenceless, a Soviet attack on Tokyo is launched to quickly destabilize the region. Chinese Red Army is shown to march in Soviet territory. The American efforts to occupy Cuba lead to an attack on Havana. A nearby soviet nuclear submarine loses contact and misinterprets the devastating situation. Their missiles are launched to American targets, including Washington D.C.. Americans prepare a first strike on Russian military targets.

When the Secretary of Defense Bugarlin murders Chief Secretary Orlof of the Soviet Union, all negotiations break down, and atomic war breaks out. After the destruction of major cities on both sides a peace movement starts and troops desert worldwide. Bugarlin is overthrown after he issued the order to a next nuclear strike. Wataru launches with the antimissile lasers from the Vandenberg Air Force Base to stop further nuclear exchange.



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