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Gardaland Logo.png
Entrance of Gardaland.jpg
Gardaland's entrance
LocationCastelnuovo del Garda, Italy
Coordinates45°27′16″N 10°42′50″E / 45.45444°N 10.71389°E / 45.45444; 10.71389Coordinates: 45°27′16″N 10°42′50″E / 45.45444°N 10.71389°E / 45.45444; 10.71389
OwnerMerlin Entertainments
Opened19 July 1975
Operating seasonSpring-Summer & Holidays
Visitors per annum3 million (2016)
Area260,000 m2 (64 acres)
Roller coasters7
Water rides4

Gardaland is an amusement park located in northeastern Italy. Opened 19 July 1975, the resort includes Gardaland Park, Gardaland Sea-Life, and the Gardaland Hotel. It is adjacent to Lake Garda, but does not actually face the water. The entire complex covers an area of 445,000 m2 (4,789,940 sq ft), while the theme park alone measures 200,000 m2 (2,152,782 sq ft). Sporting both traditional attractions and entertainment shows, it attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year.

In June 2005, Gardaland was ranked fifth in the top ten amusement parks in the world with the best turnover by Forbes Magazine, and according to 2011 data is the eighth in Europe by number of park visitors[citation needed].

Since October 2006, the park has been owned by the British company Merlin Entertainments. Major attractions at the park include Mammut, Jungle Rapids, Fuga Da Atlantide, Shaman, Blue Tornado, Ramses: Il Risveglio, Raptor and Oblivion: The Black Hole which opened on 28 March 2015.


The Castle garden

Built on the eastern shore of Lake Garda at Castelnuovo del Garda, Gardaland opened on 19 July 1975, between Peschiera and Lazise.[2]

It has expanded steadily in both size and attendance, topping 1 million visitors annually for the first time in 1984. By 2007, attendance reached 3 million.[3] Gardaland is now the eighth-most-popular theme park in Europe,[2] and is run and operated by the Merlin Entertainments Group. It has a total of 32 rides, including seven roller coasters and three water rides.[citation needed] The coasters are Blue Tornado, Shaman, Sequoia Adventure, Raptor, Kung Fu Panda: Academy, Mammut and Oblivion: The Black Hole.[3] Fuga da Atlantide is a Shoot the Chute.[4]

Themed areas[edit]


Note: the following list is incomplete. For a more comprehensive list of all the former and present attractions, see the unofficial site [1]

Roller coasters[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Blue Tornado BlueTornado.jpg Suspended Looping Coaster 1998 Energy Vekoma The Vekoma SLC (765 m [2,510 ft] Extended with helix) is situated near the entrance of the park, and stands 33.32 m (109 ft 4 in) tall from the ground. The track is 765 m (2,510 ft) long, and the main elements are a rollover, sidewinder and a double in-line twist ending with several high speed helixes close to the ground. Height restriction 1.4m.
Shaman MagicMountain Gardaland Screw.jpg Steel sit down coaster 1985 Energy Vekoma Vekoma Double Loop Corkscrew, and is situated on the lower level of the park. The oldest coaster in the park. It stands at 30 m (98 ft 5 in) above the ground and 700 m (2,296 ft 7 in) long. Its main elements are a double loop, double corkscrew and a rising helix. In 2009 the classic Arrow Dynamics trains have been replaced with the new model of Vekoma. Height restriction 1.2m. In the 2017 season the ride was rethemed and renamed as 'SHAMAN' and featured a Virtual Reality experience. The VR was removed prior to the 2018 season.
Raptor Raptor Gardaland 2011.jpg Wing Coaster 2011 Bolliger & Mabillard Raptor is a prototype Wing Coaster by Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard. It opened on April 1, 2011. Height restriction 1.4m
Mammut Mammut Gardaland 2013.JPG Steel sit down 2008 Polar World Vekoma Mammut (Italian for Mammoth) is a steel roller coaster which includes a herd of Mammoth.
Oblivion: The Black Hole Dive Coaster 2015 Area Oblivion Bolliger & Mabillard Oblivion: The Black Hole opened on 28 March 2015 and is a dive coaster manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard. Height restriction 1.4m
Kung Fu Panda Master Steel spinning roller coaster 2016 Kung Fu Panda Academy Fabbri Group Family spinning coaster from Fabbri. Opened on 14 May 2016 as part of the Kung Fu Panda Academy area.
Ortobruco Tour Steel 1991 Luna Park Pinfari Ortobruco Tour is a Family Caterpillar Coaster from Pinfari and opened in 1991.

Water rides[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Colorado Boat Colorado Boat da Monorotaia Gardaland.JPG Log flume 1984 Rio Bravo Mack Rides Log flume themed to the Americas.
Fuga da Atlantide Fuga da Atlantide Gardaland.JPG Shoot the Chute 2004 Intamin Fuga da Atlantide (Escape from Atlantis), is a Shoot the Chute, the Intamin Super Splash, and is situated near Blue Tornado.[4] The ride begins with a cable lift hill, at the car/boat turns on a shallow helix and plummets down a steep hill with water jets in the track into a pool. The ride progresses to another similar element.
Jungle Rapids Junge Rapids vortice Gardaland.JPG 1999 Intamin Rapids ride in a small boat, which passes by various Asian scenes.[5]

Dark rides[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Ramses: il risveglio 213GardalandRamses.JPG Dark ride 2009 Ramses: il risveglio (Ramses: The Awakening) formerly La Valle dei Re/The Valley of Kings is Gardaland's first interactive dark ride. The vehicles are omnimover like the Haunted Mansion. The original ride starts during an expedition, then takes riders through burial chambers, tombs with mummies, and a town with explorers partying.
The Spectacular 4D Adventure Gardaland The Spectacular 4D Adventure'.JPG Cinema 4D 1990
Time Voyagers 210GardalandTimeVoyagers.JPG Cinema 4D 2007 (2017) In 2018 it was closed and rethemed to 'San Andreas 4D Experience' based on the 2015 film of the same name.
I Corsari 146GardalandPirati.JPG Dark boat ride 1992 Pirati Intamin Enter the pirate ship and take a boat ride underground.

Flat thrill rides[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Space Vertigo Space Vertigo.jpg Drop Tower 1998 Space Intamin
Flying Island Gardaland UFO.jpg 2000 Space Intamin
Magic House Madhouse (ride) 2001 Vekoma

Family rides[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Baby Pilota Baby Pilota Gardaland 2011.jpg Spinning ride 2000 The cabs rotate and move up and down.
Peter Pan Peter Pan Gardaland.JPG Spinning ride 1986 Mack Rides Fast spinning family ride
Mr Ping's Noodle Surprise 162Gardaland.JPG Teacups 2016 (1993) Kung Fu Panda Academy Mack Rides Formerly known as Kaffetassen. Rethemed in 2016 as part of the Kung Fu Panda Academy area.

Other attractions[edit]

Name Picture Type Opened Area Manufacturer Additional information
Canyon Creek 180GardalandMinieraRioBravo.JPG 2009 Rio Bravo
Sea Life Aquarium Sea life aquarium.jpg Aquarium 2008
Gardaland Theatre Gardaland Theatre.jpg Theater 2006 Piazza
Monorotaia 163GardalandMonorotaia.JPG Monorail 1990 Mack Rides


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