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Legoland Deutschland
Legoland Deutschland logo.svg
Legoland de Entrance.jpg
LocationGünzburg, Germany
Coordinates48°25′28″N 10°17′59″E / 48.42444°N 10.29972°E / 48.42444; 10.29972Coordinates: 48°25′28″N 10°17′59″E / 48.42444°N 10.29972°E / 48.42444; 10.29972
OwnerMerlin Entertainments
Opened2002; 17 years ago (2002)
Operating seasonApril–November

Legoland Deutschland is a Legoland park located in Günzburg in southern Germany, roughly half way from Munich to Stuttgart, which opened in 2002. It is 43.5 hectares (107 acres) in area, and it is one of the four most popular theme parks in Germany.[1] The Miniland contains Lego reproductions of various German cities and rural landscapes.[2]


Legoland Deutschland was opened by Merlin Entertainments Group on May 17, 2002 in Günzburg, Germany,[3] nine months earlier than planned.[4] During the initial operating year, the park welcomed 1.35 Million visitors.[5] Although generally credited as the fourth Legoland park to open and the first in Germany, an earlier theme park (now Hansa-Park) in Sierksdorf used the Legoland branding under licence from the Lego Group from 1973 to 1976.[6]:56

All of the lighting for the park was done by Gallegos Lighting Design which had done the lighting for Legoland California Resort and the sound and video production for the park was done by Edward Technologies Inc.[4] The park features Lego explore centers, roller coasters, water attractions and shows.[7] When it opened in 2002, it contained 40 attractions, 7 themed lands and was made out of 50 million Lego bricks.[3] 10 years later, the park expanded to eight “adventure worlds” with 50 attractions and 55 million Lego bricks.[3] Legoland Deutschland is home to the world's largest Lego building, representing Munich's Allianz Arena and weighing 1.5 tons with dimensions of 5 meters in width and 1 meter in height.[8] Legoland Deutschland also contains many other world records such as the largest Lego flower bed (2007), largest amount of energy generated through cycling underwater (2010), highest Lego tower (2010), largest Lego mosaic (2011), longest Lego millipede (2002), and the largest Lego brick (2005).[9]

The park celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2012: in that occasion, the attraction Flying Ninjago debuted, and six scenes in Miniland based on the Lego Ninjago toy series were added.[10]

On April 22, 2013 Merlin Entertainments Group introduced an app entitled “LEGOLAND Deutschland” available for Android and Apple devices.[11] The app features an interactive park map, ticket purchasing, a “Find my car” feature, and a day planner that has all of the day’s events listed for visitors.[11] Legoland Deutschland also introduced the electronic “express pass” which allows guests to purchase either a Standard, Premium or Gold express pass, allowing guests reserve a spot in the queue line for select attractions.[12] In 2013, the CEO of the park, Aksel Pedersen, announced the largest expansion in the history of Legoland Deutschland and consisted of 86,000 Lego bricks.[13] The park expanded by building the “Kingdom of the Pharaohs” themed land within Adventure Land which added the ride "Temple X-pedition".[7] Additionally in 2013, the park expanded the Star Wars Miniland Model Display when they added a Yoda Lego model display.[7] On April 5, 2014, Legoland Deutschland will introduce the 5 million Lego block X-Wing Model Display which will be in the theme park across from the Hero Factory attraction for a limited time.[14]

Legoland Deutschland plans to continue expanding throughout 2014 to 2020 with plans including a new theme area, three large rides, and several other attractions.[15]


Themed areas and key locations within Legoland Deutschland Resort

Entrance Area[edit]

The entrance area is where the guests first enter the park through one of twenty entrance gates.[16] There are five shops in this area, and it is also where guests can purchase an Express Pass and visit tourist information booths.[16] At the information booths, guests can find out more information about the park and Holiday Village.[17]


Neuschwanstein Castle model (2017)

Miniland contains 1:20 scale recreations of various European cities and landscapes such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Venice, Swabian Village, The Netherlands, Hamburg Harbour, the Neuschwanstein Castle and several tall buildings from around the world including Legoland's own observation tower which is also to scale.[18] All of the recreations were built entirely of 25 million Lego bricks.[9] Many of the people, animals and vehicles can be moved by hitting a button.[2] Miniland also houses several Star Wars models: seven scenes reproduced from the franchise, including large Yoda and Darth Vader models.[19]

Lego City[edit]

  • Airport: Riders will ride in rotating Lego airplanes that move in a circular motion and riders control how high they go.[20]
  • Harbour Cruise: A boat ride where riders get to steer themselves around a monitored pond.[18]
  • Hyundai Legoland Driving School: Children 7-13 get to drive around a test track and potentially receive a Legoland drivers license. This attraction has an additional fee.[21]
  • Hyundai Legoland Junior Driving School: The Hyundai Legoland Driving School made for children under 7. This attraction has an additional fee.[21]
  • Lego Factory: A tour of how Lego bricks are produced as well as the manufacturing process behind Lego.[22]
  • Legoland express: A train ride around Legoland Deutschland.[20]
  • Shipyard Playground: Children can climb and crawl around a playground designed to look like a pirate ship.[20]

Little Asia[edit]

  • Flying Ninjago: This ride is based on the Lego Series Ninjago.[23] The attraction takes riders 22 m in the air as the ride spins horizontally and rotates vertically back and forth.[24] This ride was the first sky fly tower built by Gerstlauer[23]

Knights Kingdom[edit]

  • Caterpillar Ride: A fast spinning carrousel for any age.[20]
  • Royal Joust: Children ride on a Lego designed horse around a single track.[20]
  • Fire Dragon: It is a roller coaster with the vehicle designed as a dragon travelling through a medieval castle.[9]
  • Dragon Hunt: A smaller roller coaster themed to mine carts.[21]


Barilla Piccolini Power Tower (2010)
  • Pedal-A-Car: Riders have to pedal a vehicle around a track.[20]
  • Duplo Express: A train ride made specifically for younger children.[18]
  • Duplo Playground: A playground for younger children.[21]
  • Duplo Water Experience: A splash pad for younger children.[18]
  • Observation Tower: A 43 meter high rotating tower giving riders a view over Legoland Deutschland.[21]
  • Barilla Piccolini Power Tower: An attraction where riders have to pull their way up to the top of the tower using a rope and their own strength.[25]
  • Gallery of Football Stars: A gallery of football stars made out of Lego.[18]

Kingdom of the Pharaohs[edit]

  • Temple X-pedition: Riders ride on a Jeep vehicle and go on an interactive treasure hunt.[18]

Adventure Land[edit]

  • Jungle X-pedition: A log ride for guests of all ages ending in a 12-meter drop over a waterfall.[25]
  • Canoe X-pedition: Younger children can ride a small canoe around a track of water.[21]
  • Safari Tour: Riders ride on a track and take a tour of 90 Lego created animal displays.[17]
  • Adventure Playground: Built out of wood and offers obstacles for children to climb, crawl and swing from.[21]

Pirate Land[edit]

  • Captain Nick’s Splash Battle: A boat ride where riders have to shoot various targets using a water gun.[18]
  • Pirates School: A swinging Pirate ship ride.[21]
  • Pirates’ Playground: A climbing obstacle course designed for younger children.[21]

Lego X-treme[edit]

Aquazone Wave Racers (2017)
  • Legoland Atlantis by Sea Life: Indoor aquarium containing over 2,000 fish and a million Lego bricks.[26]
  • Stepping Tones: A fountain decorated with musical instruments made out of Lego bricks.[18]
  • Waterworks: Splash pad with jets of water shooting from the ground.[21]
  • Aquazone Wave Racers: Riders ride on a vehicle going over waves and jets of water.[18]
  • The Great Lego Race: An 18 meter high wild mouse roller coaster with VR.
  • Lego Mindstorms Center: An educational workshop using Lego. This attraction has an additional fee.[21]
  • Techno Tea Cup: A Teacups ride designed to look like it was made out of Lego.[20]
  • Drive Your Monster Truck: Guests can steer a remote controlled monster truck around an obstacle course. This attraction has an additional fee.[21]

Holiday Village[edit]

In 2008, Legoland opened the first ever Legoland Holiday Village directly across from the Legoland Deutschland theme park.[9] Holiday Village is an 11-hectare village with 72 holiday houses, 144 family rooms, a large campground and 34 themed rooms in the Knight's Castle which was added in 2013.[27] There are two restaurants, "Steak House" and "Jungle Buffett" both located in the main building.[27] The village also has a pirate themed 12 hole mini golf course named "Captain Nick's Mini Golf".[28] Another recreational activity is the high ropes course which has six different courses made for guests aged four and older.[28] The high ropes course includes a 300 meter long zip line that goes across the Holiday Village lake and a 15 meter high climbing wall.[29] There is also a Winther Test Track where younger guests can ride two or four wheel vehicles around a track.[28] Additional activities for guests is an eight lane bowling alley, soccer court and a lake with a beach. Holiday Village also allows guests to take a Hot Air Balloon ride above the Legoland Deutschland Resort, for an additional fee.[30] Legoland Deutschland is considering expanding Holiday Village by adding a motel, four star hotel with a swimming pool and fitness centre, and a new restaurant complex.[15]


In 2011 and 2012, Legoland Deutschland won the Parkscout Award of "Germany's Most Child-Friendly Theme Park".[3] In 2012/2013, Legoland Deutschland won another Parkscout Award for the "Best Family Amusement park".[31] Additionally in 2013, Legoland Deutschland received the Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice 2013 Award.[32]

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