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Grail 0.6 running under Python 2.7 on Linux
Grail 0.6 running under Python 2.7 on Linux
Original author(s)Guido van Rossum[1][2]
Developer(s)Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
Initial releaseAugust 1995; 25 years ago (1995-08)
Preview release
0.6 / 1 April 1999; 21 years ago (1999-04-01)
Written inPython
TypeWeb browser
LicenseFree software license[3]

Grail was a free extensible multi-platform web browser written in the Python programming language. The project was started in August 1995, with its first public release in November of that year.[4] The last official release was version 0.6 in 1999.

One of the major distinguishing features of Grail was the ability to run client-side Python code, in much the same way as mainstream browsers run client-side JavaScript code.[5][6]

The name Grail is thought to be a tribute to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a film by the British comedy group Monty Python. The name follows a similar suit to that of Python's─the programming language was too named after Monty Python.


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