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FoundedJuly 17, 2014 (2014-07-17) in Miami, United States
Key people
Kamal Kaur (Chairwoman, CEO)
Number of employees

Gravity4 is an online advertising technology company based in Florida.[1] The company holds one of eight direct seats on Facebook's Ad Exchange.[2] Gravity4's technology facilitates the purchase of online advertising.[3]


Gravity4 was founded in July 2014 by Gurbaksh Chahal.[4] Since its founding, the Gravity4 acquired other companies, including Conyak, Exovue, Triggit, Pixels, Zurmo, Argyle Social, Kanary NEST, EZlike, and adX Search.[2][5][6][7][8]

Gravity4 also placed a $350 million unsolicited bid to buy Rocket Fuel Inc., a publicly traded programmatic media-buying platform in May 2015.[9] By June 2016, the company had made a number of acquisitions of small advertising technology companies.[10]

In November 2017, founder Gurbaksh Chahal sold his stake to focus his time on his non-profit, Chahal Foundation, and the board unanimously promoted, Kamal Kaur, to be the Chairwoman & CEO of the Company.[11]


Gravity4 marketing software enables advertisers to handle programmatic and real-time bid advertising as well as analyze data.[12] The company uses data management software and programmatic ad buying technologies as tools to create an ad buying stack.[1] Advertising purchases include selling, reporting, measurement, inventory management and billing.[13]

Discrimination suit[edit]

In May 2015, a female employee who was a former senior vice president at Gravity4 sued the company, claiming that she was harassed and discriminated against because of her age and gender, and secretly and illegally spied on during her time with the company. The lawsuit alleges that, during her job interview, the plaintiff was questioned about her thoughts on Gurbaksh Chahal's criminal history of domestic violence, and that the conference room where the interview took place was bugged with cameras and microphones so that Chahal could watch the interview.[14]


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