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Gry Bagøien (known mononymously as Gry, born in 1975[1]) is a female singer from Denmark.


Gry was born in Denmark in 1975. Until the age of 10 she was raised in Mozambique without seeing the western world.[1]

Gry was a member of now-defunct Æter, along with Jacob Kirkegaard, a Dane living in Germany.

She was a singer in the band Gry, which is a collaboration with German industrial and electronic musician F. M. Einheit. The band was F. M. Einheit's main project after he left Einstürzende Neubauten, being a band member over 16 years. The band Gry released two full-length albums and disbanded as Gry Bagøien left the band in 2002.

Gry also created an opera "Idea" for Resonance FM in London.[1]

In 2006 she was in a band "The Loverz", releasing one album called "Love".

Gry moved to Berlin around 2009 and founded her own label, Present Records.[1] There she released a solo EP "Anima" in 2009.

Gry was studying the art of film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She graduated with the sound art film called "Wiiiu Whit Grrr", in which she was singing and talking with animals.[1]

Gry is featured on the 2012 album "Leland" by Francis Harris, released by the label Scissor and Thread. A solo album is planned for release in 2014 on "Scissor And Thread" label.

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With Æter[edit]

  • Æter - Luftantænder - Helicopter Records 1997
  • Æter - Improvisations - 2002 (download)
  • Æter - Oxygin - Autoproduction 2005 (download)

With F.M. Einheit[edit]

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