Harish Chandra Singh Rawat

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Harish Chandra Singh Rawat (3 July 1934 – 20 January 2008) was a mountaineer who scaled the Mt. Everest in 1965.


Sh Rawat participated in a number of expeditions including Nanda Devi, Kanglacha, Haathi Parvat, Trishuli, Rathong, Nandakhat and Nun Kun. In 1962, he led a party, including Sonam Wangyal, another Everester of the 1965 expedition, to Kanglacha, 30 miles south of Leh. In 1963, Rawat climbed Hathi Parbat and a year later he was part of the Trisuli and Nanda Devi East expedition. In the pre-Everest preparations, he climbed Rathong.


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