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Harrisburg University of Science & Technology is a four-year private non-profit university in Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg. The school was founded in 2001, opened its doors in 2005, and first accredited in 2009. As of September 2015, the University has 400 undergraduate, 1,800 graduate students and 75 full and part-time faculty. Although regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, it is currently on probation for "failing to meet the commission's standards on institutional resources and assessment of student learning."[1][2]


Harrisburg University has 7 undergraduate and 4 graduate programs in science and technology related disciplines. There are multiple concentrations in each major. Faculty members do not hold tenure.[3] The university follows a trimester system.

Location and campus[edit]

Harrisburg University uses the slogan "The city is your campus." [4] The university's academic center along with housing are all located in urban downtown Harrisburg. The university is within walking distance of the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, which provides auditorium space and numerous cultural events for students. The university campus size is approximately 1 acre. Due to the campus size and location, the school does not have a cafe. Students often eat at Strawberry Square, a foodcourt and shopping area located close by the school.

Harrisburg University Academic Center[edit]

The University's facilities include a 16-story $73-million building[5] at the corner of Fourth and Market streets in downtown Harrisburg. Unlike most colleges, this is the only academic building at Harrisburg University. The Academic Center has room for 1,600 students spread out in 24 classrooms, six scientific teaching labs, a library, Reading Room, Student Services Center, 125-seat auditorium, six student meeting areas, a multi-media production facility and a courtyard.[5]


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology partners with Brickbox Enterprises, Ltd. to provide high-quality, affordable undergraduate student housing in downtown Harrisburg. Any enrolled undergraduate student at Harrisburg University is eligible to apply to live in University-partnered housing. All leasing, billing and maintenance are managed by Property Management, Incorporated. The University provides residence life services with HU partnered housing. All new, first-time students are encouraged to live on-campus at Residences On Market or Market View Place.

Student life[edit]

Harrisburg University does not offer any sports. There is no gym or facility to house a team. Instead, the university partners with many local civic organizations for student clubs and activities, such as the Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP). HU students receive free membership in the organization,[6] which involves students in various community programs. HYP members mentor students and participate in regular community events. In 2009, the Harrisburg University Bulletin (HUB) was founded. It serves as an independent student-run newspaper and a platform for student opinion and literature.


As of September 1 2015, the University has 400 undergraduate, 1,800 graduate students and 75 full and part-time faculty. The student body is divided nearly evenly between men and women. Among undergraduates, just under half are White and nearly one-third are Black or African American. Nearly all (94%) undergraduates attend full-time and the vast majority of graduate students attend full-time on a modified weekend program.


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