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The Hindu Aikya Vedi (HAV)or Hindu United Front is a Hindu organization working in the state of Kerala in India. The group is dedicated to bringing in various sections in Kerala Hindu society such as the Nairs, Ezhavas and other Hindu community groups under a single umbrella group. The HAV's stated goal is to "preserve the true cultural heritage of Kerala" by enlightening the masses about the inherent qualities of Hindu culture vis-a-vis semitic/Abrahamic faiths. According to their leader, Sri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, their action plan consists of "CAP": Coordination, Agitation and Propaganda.


In the news[edit]

  • Withdraw award for Hussain: Hindu Aikya Vedi [1]


  • Founder Chairman  : Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi
  • Patron  : M.K.Kunjol
  • Chairperson  : K.P.Sasikala Teacher
  • General Secretary  :Kummanam Rajasekharan
  • General Secretary  : E.S.Biju
  • General Secretary  : R.V.Babu
  • General Secretary  : Brahmachari Bhargava Ram
  • General Secretary  : V.R.Sathyavan
  • General Secretary  : K.T.Bhaskaran
  • Organising secretary  : K.P.Haridas
  • Co-Organising secretary: M.Radhakrishnan
  • Co-Organising secretary: C.Babu
  • Co-Organising secretary: V.Sushikumar


  • Adv.K.Haridas
  • R.S.Ajithkumar
  • P.V.Muraleedharan
  • M.V.Unnikrishnan
  • M.P.Appu
  • Kilimanur Suresh
  • Thekkadam Sudarshanan
  • P.Jijendran
  • A.Sreedharan


K.Aravindakshan Nair

Major campaigns undertaken by HAV[edit]

Relief effort following Marad Massarcre[edit]

Hindu Aikya Vedi along with other Sangh Parivar outfits lead a tenacious campaign highlighting the plight of 'Arayas' (Hindu fishermen folk), who were the victims of the Marad massacre. HAV also became party to litigations demanding CBI enquiry about the riots.

Save temples campaign[edit]

The present Devaswom Boards which manage the Hindu temples are conceived as the continuation of the system followed during the British-rule by HAV. So the HAV strives to get rid off with so called 'secular' management of temples.

Hindu Aikya Vedi's Stand[edit]

Hindu Aikya Vedi maintains its position that,they are not against the practicing or preaching of any particlular faith, but against proselytization carried out mostly by certain Christian groups.[2] Proselytization is deemed unlawful under Indian constitution .They also point at the dubious stand taken by the Church on occasions such as the Bnei menashe#Controversy in India, where it vehemently opposed rabbis who were facilitating the conversion of tribal Christians which will enable them to perform aliyah

Statements made by members of Hindu Aikya vedi[edit]

On preventing conversion:

"We need to have missionaries in each Taluk of the State. We should ensure that not even a single conversion takes place here." – Sri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Chairman of the HAV [3]

On Christians:

"Christian sects have drawn up elaborate plans for total evangelization of Hindus in Kerala. While Churches like the Pentecost are aggressively and directly trying to convert Hindus, other sections like the Catholics and Orthodox are bit indirect and concentrate more on 'social and humanitarian' services. But the motive is same. Christian churches and groups have 29,000 missionaries in the State including the clergy." – Sri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Chairman of the HAV [4]

On Muslims:

"Muslims are blunt and direct. In the recent past, Islamic fundamentalists forces have become more organized and powerful in the state than ever before. Their influence in both the LDF and UDF in growing day by day. Many of their places of worship have become dumping ground for weapons. They prefer physical confrontation and indulge in any tactics ranging from threatening to use of weapons to target Hindus. Such Muslim organizations in the state have national and international terrorist connections." – Sri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Chairman of the HAV [4]


The major criticism on HAV is that it does not represent all the different castes in Hinduism as it is practised currently in Kerala. While the organisation claims to unite the followers of Hinduism under it doesn't have the representation of the Dalit Hindus in the state. Lately HAV has been associated with supporting comments of the beef ban in Maharashtra [5]


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