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House of Harlow is a jewelry line by Nicole Richie. The line debuted at Kitson's online boutique in 2008.[citation needed] The line has been worn by many celebrities, such as Vanessa Minnillo, Madonna Tina Farhat and Ashlee Simpson.[1] In 2010 Richie won "Entrepreneur of the Year" at Glamour 'Women of the Year' Awards for her House of Harlow 1960 brand.[2]


In April 2007, Richie announced plans to start a jewelry, accessories, and sunglasses line along with a perfume and style book.[3] In October 2008, she debuted a jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960.[4] House of Harlow 1960 is a collaboration between Mouawad and Nicole Richie. She designed a 50-piece costume-jewelry collection for Mouawad, a professional jewelry designer.[5] Materials used include fabrics, feathers and gold plated pieces. Jewelry from the House of Harlow may cost in the range of $50–150.[6]

It is "the beginning of a brand that I'm developing of children's apparel and also a clothing line, shoes, bags, sunglasses and everything", Richie announced recently.[7]


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