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The following chart is a family tree of the kings of the House of Wessex, a dynasty whose members were Kings of Wessex, and then, from Athelstan onwards, Kings of England.

Many of the links shown are disputed. Egbert, who became King of Wessex in 802, was probably of Kentish origin, and his ancestry back to Cerdic may have been invented to legitimize his claim to the throne of Wessex.[1] The links tracing the ancestry of the Godwins back to King Æthelred I are based on theories put forward by genealogists which are rejected by almost all historians.

In places the tree has been extended to show those kings of Wessex or England who were not actually of the house of Cerdic, although in every case these kings are related to the House of Wessex through marriage, and so can be included here. These include Canute the Great and his two sons.

Note that some of the connections are disputed - for example, the descent of Earl Godwin from Æthelred I[2] and the link between Æthelred I and Edward the Elder.[3]

For a continuation of this tree, please see English monarchs family tree.

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