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Korean name
Hangul 현미차
Hanja 玄米茶
Revised Romanization hyeonmi cha
McCune–Reischauer hyŏnmi ch'a

Hyeonmi cha (literally "brown rice tea") is a Korean infusion made from roasted brown rice.[1]

To make hyeonmi cha, brown rice (typically short-grain brown rice, Oryza sativa var. japonica) is washed, then roasted in a pot. Then water is poured into the pot, brought to a boil, and then simmered for approximately ten minutes. Finally, the leftover brown rice is filtered by a sieve and the beverage, which may range from pale yellow to light golden brown in color, is served in a cup, mug, or bowl. While it is generally served unsweetened, sugar or honey may be added according to the taste of the drinker.[2]

Hyeonmi cha has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes, as hyeonmi (brown rice) is believed by some to be good for blood circulation, motion sickness, shortness of breath. [1]

Pre-roasted rice is available commercially in Korean grocery stores, both in Korea as well as overseas, in plastic packages.[3]

Hyeonmi cha can be mixed with green tea to produce hyeonmi nokcha (현미녹차), which is very similar to the Japanese tea Genmaicha. In Vietnamese cuisine, a nearly identical drink is called nước gạo lức, nước gạo lức rang, or nước gạo rang.

See also[edit]

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A pot of boiling hyeonmi cha