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a cup of brown rice tea
Type Tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients roasted brown rice, water
Korean name
Hangul 현미차
Revised Romanization hyeonmicha
McCune–Reischauer hyŏnmich'a
IPA [çjʌn.mi.tɕʰa]

Hyeonmicha (현미차; "brown rice tea") is a Korean drink made from infusing roasted brown rice in boiling water.[1]

Hyeonmicha is traditionally used for medicinal purposes, to improve blood circulation, motion sickness and shortness of breath.[1]

Pre-roasted rice, used to make hyenomicha, is available commercially in Korean grocery stores, both in Korea and overseas.

Hyeonmicha can be mixed with green tea to produce hyeonminokcha (현미녹차; "brown rice green tea"). In Japan, a similar tea is called genmaicha (玄米茶), which is a cognate of hyeonmicha. In Vietnam, a nearly identical drink is called nước gạo lức, nước gạo lức rang, or nước gạo rang.[2]

Hyeonmicha is made by washing brown Japonica rice and roasting it. Water is then added and the mixture is brought to a boil, then simmered for approximately ten minutes. The rice is then filtered out before serving. The beverage may range from pale yellow to light golden brown in color.

A pot of boiling hyeonmicha

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