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IEC 60027 (formerly IEC 27) is the International Electrotechnical Commission's standard on Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology. It consists of several parts:

  • IEC 60027-1: General
  • IEC 60027-2: Telecommunications and electronics
  • IEC 60027-3: Logarithmic and related quantities, and their units
  • IEC 60027-4: Symbols for quantities to be used for rotating electrical machines
  • IEC 60027-6: Control technology
  • IEC 60027-7: Physiological quantities and units

A closely related international standard on quantities and units is ISO 31. The ISO 31 and IEC 60027 Standards are being revised by the two standardization organizations in collaboration. The revised harmonized standard is known as ISO/IEC 80000, Quantities and units. It supersedes both ISO 31 and part of IEC 60027.

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