Internal Troops of Azerbaijan

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Internal Troops of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Respublikası Daxili Qoşunları
Azerbaycan Daxili Qoşunları simvol.png
Crest of the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan
Active12 March 1992 – present
Country Azerbaijan
BranchMinistry of Internal Affairs Azerbaijani Armed Forces
EngagementsNagorno-Karabakh War[citation needed] [1]
Shahin Mammadov

The Internal Troops of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Daxili Qoşunları) also known as Interior Troops or Interior Guard[2] is the uniformed gendarmerie-like force in Azerbaijan. Internal Troops are subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan (the police authority of the country)[3] The Internal Troops are the descendent of the Soviet Union's Internal Troops, and are used to deal with internal emergencies such as natural disasters, restoring public order, internal armed conflicts and to safeguard important facilities. During wartime, the Internal Troops fall under the jurisdiction of the Azerbaijani Land Forces and fulfill tasks of local defense and security.[citation needed]

Its equipment includes Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns.

Other law enforcement bodies in Azerbaijan include the Azerbaijani National Guard and the State Border Service and its Coast Guard subcomponent.


In 1991, Azerbaijani Internal Troops was founded based on the decree of the president and later in 1994 activity areas of Internal Troops were determined by the law of the country on the Status of Internal Troops. 12 March is defined as a “Day of Internal Troops” by presidential decree dated 9 March 1995.[4]


According to law, the Internal Troops perform the following tasks:

  • Together with other internal affairs bodies in cities and other settlements act to protect the public, ensuring public safety during mass events including:
    • important state and public events, and transportation of important persons;
    • take part in the search and apprehension of intruders into protected areas;
  • To supply the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with personnel to provide protection for storehouses and military bases;
  • To supply the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with personnel to provide help in natural disasters and other similar situations;
  • Aid in preventing mass riots in residential areas;
  • To provide help to prevent mass riots in prisons;
  • To search and apprehend fugitive convicts and arrested persons;
  • If necessary, take part in the defense of the area.

Main Department of Internal Troops[edit]

This department is considered as a main structural unit in order to preserve governmental and civil interests of the country. In accordance with the article 11 of the law on the Issues of Internal Troops, the main department of the Internal Troops is led by the commander of internal troops. Internal Troops of Azerbaijan cooperates with the same bodies of several countries such as China, the US, and Turkey.

The period for the military service is eighteen months but for undergraduates, this period is defined as a year.[4]

Military Council[edit]

Military Council acts within the Main Department of Internal Troops on the basis of statue accepted by the president. The council consists of the commander of internal troops, chief of headquarter and deputy directors of commander. However, other officials of the main department include the military council.[5]

Commander of Internal Troops[edit]

Commander of Internal Troops is a deputy director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the chairman of the staff of internal troops. The main responsibilities of the commander are leading of the internal troops, providing the preparation of mobilization and effective implementation of officers’ duties. Furthermore, according to the article 10, the commander is considered as a decision maker relating to the issues of internal troops.[5]

Shahin Mammedov is a commander of Internal Troops in Azerbaijan since 2013. He is ranked a lieutenant-general in accordance with the presidential decree dated 11 March, 2015.[6]

High Military School of Internal Troops[edit]

High Military School of Internal Troops of Azerbaijan was created in accordance with the presidential decree dated 25 February, 2011 on the base of the Vocational Military School of the Internal Troops. Regulation of the military school was confirmed by the presidential decree in 2012. High Military School of Internal Troops is situated in Baku and led by Ilqar Mammadov.[7]

Military School is responsible for preparing special-military educated personnel, improving specialties of military officers and implementing scientific-investigation issues. Educational duration is four years and trainings and subjects are defined relating to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that guarantees academic recognition of studies abroad. The High Military School gives two specialties to the graduates such as, military and civil specialty. “High Special-Military Educated Military Officer” is a military specialty and “Physical Education and Initial Preparation Teacher” is a civil specialty. At the same time graduates gain both bachelor’s degree and lieutenant military rank.[8]

Gala training regiment[edit]

The training regiment acts on the basis of the training center of internal troops since 2003. NATO standards are applied to the educational system. Three types of training courses are arranged at the regiment such as, half-yearly preparation courses, quarterly improvement courses for officer and warrant officers and a month academy courses. Approximately more than 930 military officers and warrant officers have passed military courses at the Gala Training Regiment respectively, 527 and 406 servicemen.[9]

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