Jalgaon Jamod

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Jalgaon Jamod
जळगाव जामोद , Jalgaon
Jalgaon Jamod is located in Maharashtra
Jalgaon Jamod
Jalgaon Jamod
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 21°02′55″N 76°32′04″E / 21.0486°N 76.5344°E / 21.0486; 76.5344Coordinates: 21°02′55″N 76°32′04″E / 21.0486°N 76.5344°E / 21.0486; 76.5344
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Buldhana
Elevation 291 m (955 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 28,276
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code 00-91-07266
Vehicle registration MH 28
Lok Sabha constituency Buldhana
Vidhan Sabha constituency Jalgaon Jamod

Jalgaon Jamod is in Buldana district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located near jalgaon jamod in Maharashtra .


The town is situated at the base of the Satpura Range, about 10 km from Satpuda.



Purna is the largest river in the tehsil which is also largest in the district. There are the Satpuda mountain ranges in the northern part of the tehsil. Rajura and Gorada are famous natural dams in the Satpuda Ranges. They are enriched with the green beauty of Satpuda rows.


The Satpuda Range extends from Jalgaon to Gatchiroli. The way consists of 3 famous points called 1st mori, 2nd mori, and the last one 3rd mori. The third mori is Aam-Paanee, where there are two beautiful falls (origin of a river) and one wall we called "Satpudaa wall". This town has a dam called Godada Dam, having a beautiful overflow called Dudh ganga. In the Satpuda Range you can see beautiful places with falls, scenes and nature: Amba barwa, Mageri Mahadeo (cave), Jatashankar (fall), Umbardev (Amarnaath), Jamupaanee (fall), Badalkhora (medicine plants and fall), Devdhree (nature), Wari Hanumaan (Shree Hanumaanji Temple, Hanuman Sagar Dam), Kakanwada (trymbak), Treeveni (confluence of three rivers), and Mahilgad (mailgad). These are the places having their own identity, and all come within a range of 40 km from "Satpudaa Nagree Jalaon Jamod". Nature helping in growing the beauty of the town. One of the best nature sites for photos. Seeing the complete site should take almost 4–5 days.


The name Jalgaon is a combination of two Hindi words, Jal and Gaon, that mean village of water. This name came because of heavy water resources around the town. The name 'Jalgaon Jamod' developed because of a small village called 'Jamod' near to Jalgaon. The name 'Jamod' was given by Mughal emperors after 1630 AD, when Mughal emperor Shahjahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal was traveling with Shah Jahan's earlier military campaigns. She started facing pregnancy complications in Jamod which led to death in the city of Burhanpur near Jalgaon Jamod. After this incident Mughals started calling the village Ja-e-Maut (Place of Death). Ja-e-Maut was a Persian word later called Ja-maut, Ja-mod or Jamod by locals. In August 1905 it was part of what was then Akola District and was transferred to Buldhana district along with Khamgaon tehsil.[1] As per Ain-e-Akbari, it was a Pargana town in the Sarkar (then district) of Narnala of Berar Subah.[2]

The municipality of Jalgaon was established in 1931.[3]


There are following schools and colleges in Jalgaon (Jamod):

  • Satpuda Shikshan Sanstha is the leading education society in Buldana District. It includes many divisions like BSc Agri, Agricultural Polytech., Satpuda Convent of scholars, B.Tech, and KVK. (www.kvkbuldana.org)
  • The New Era High School: Divisions up to Std XII Arts and Science. The New Era High School has developed its own website: www.newerajalgaon.org
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidyalay: Divisions up to Std XII
  • Shripad Krina Kolhatkar Mahavidyalay: Divisions for BA and BCom
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra: Divisions for Bsc Agriculture
  • adivasi Ashram Shala: for adivasi students, accommodation is provided there.
  • Al-Farhan Urdu High School, Jalgaon Jamod
  • Swami Vivekanand Rashtriya Dnyanpeeth is an English medium school up to 10th standard and for 11th and 12th std English medium commerce is also available.
  • Nitin Computer Typing Institute is the leading typewriting institute for English, Marathi and Hindi typewriting.

Sahakar vidya mandir


  • "Shri Trimbkeshwar Sansthan, Kakanvada" is a very old temple of Lord Mahadev which is 24 km from Jalgaon Jamod. It is a copy of Trimbkeshwar.
  • Dhanora is the religious place of the famous temple of Mahasiddha Maharaj. Every year in the month of February (magh, Hindu calendar) a fair is organised in Dhanora which is one of the biggest festivals.
  • Palsi Supo is another religious place with the temple of Supo Maharaj. There is a fair on each Sunday of Pausha month of the Hindu calendar.
  • The Raja Bartari Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. There are only two temples of this all over the country.
  • Gajanan Maharaj Temple is built in Jalgaon Jamod which is a holy place.
  • Jalaram Mandir is built in Jalgaon Jamod which is a holy place.
  • Shree Ram Mandir is one of the oldest of temples in Jalgaon Jamod. Located in bhaji bajar ( vegetable market)
  • Shri sant sakharam maharaj mandir of sakharampur (elora)
  • There are also other temples such as Sakharam Maharaj Mandir.
  • Kherda – The Temple of Kapil muni Maharaj is located 6 km from Jalgaon.
  • In Sungaon there is a place at the Satpuda Ranges, and a famous Temple of Lord Avajisiddha is here.
  • Datta mandir is one of the oldest temples in the city which is situated near the river in the city.
  • Sulaj Jagadamba mata maindir, the oldest temple in Jalgaon Jamod. It is full of ancient history where one still gets the feeling of ancient sanskriti.
  • adat mukt bajarpeth asalgaon.


Circle frame.svg

Religion in Jalgaon Jamod City (2011)[4]

  Hinduism (56.61%)
  Islam (35.07%)
  Christianity (0.14%)
  Sikhism (0.09%)
  Buddhism (7.36%)
  Jainism (0.63%)
  Other religions (0.02%)
  Atheist (0.06%)


There are no railway tracks in the tehsil. Nandura on Bhusawal - Badnera section of Bhusawal Division of Central Railway is a nearby railway station.

The main means of travel are the roadways. State Highway no. 194 connecting to Nandura and Jalgaon Jamod is the main road. Others are the road going to Burhanpur from Jalgaon Jamod and another is the Khandvi - Muktainagar road going via Kurha. State Highway 195 connects Jalgagon Jamod to MH SH 24 via Sangrampur - Telhara.

Sungaon is the village for Avajisidha Maharaj Yatra, which is organized on the 3rd week of February. This is one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra. From Jalgaon Jamod Depot long-distance buses are available.


Important sights and places[edit]

  • Asalgaon is the main market place in the tehsil, open every Tuesday.
  • Pimpalgaon Kale is another market place situated on Khandvi-Kurha road.
  • Manegaon is the gateway to the tehsil situated on State Highway 194.
  • Khandvi is a main junction from where one can go west to Jalgaon (Khandesh) and to Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh).
  • Kherda – The Temple of Kapil muni Maharaj located 6 km away from Jalgaon
  • Sungaon – 7 km from Jalgaon Jamod. A beautiful place at the Satpuda Ranges.
  • In the Satpura are rivers and natural scenes.


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