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Muktainagar is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 21°3′8″N 76°3′18″E / 21.05222°N 76.05500°E / 21.05222; 76.05500Coordinates: 21°3′8″N 76°3′18″E / 21.05222°N 76.05500°E / 21.05222; 76.05500
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Jalgaon
Population (2001)
 • Total 18,408
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 425306
Telephone code 91-02583
Nearest city Bhusawal
Lok Sabha constituency Raver
Vidhan Sabha constituency Muktainagar

Muktainagar (formerly known as Edlabad) is a small town situated (~21°03’08”N 76°03’18”E) on National Highway 6 (or Asian Highway 46) at the northern border of Maharashtra in India. Muktainagar is famous for its association with Muktai, the younger sister of Saint Dnyaneshwar, who attained Samādhi on the banks of the Tapti River at a place called Mehun (15 km from Muktainagar).


Muktainagar is one of the 15 tehsils of Jalgaon district (formerly known as East Khandesh) and is in the Bhusawal subdivision for administrative purposes. Muktainagar has a population of about 18,408.

Muktainagar is the tehsil of Muktainagar Taluka. Muktainagar contains a police station, and government hospital.


It is situated on the banks of Purna river, next to Malkapur (Vidarbha Region), Bhusawal, Tehsils and the Madhya Pradesh state border. Jalgaon is located 60 km from Muktainagar. Nadgaon is also nearby and is the village where the former president of India Pratibha Patil was born. Muktainagar is the hometown of Eknath Khadse, who represents Muktainagar in the MLA.

Schools and colleges[edit]

  • J.E. school and Jr. College of science.
  • Purnamai Vidyalay High School in New Ghodasgaon
  • Late.G.S.Varade I.T.I.
  • Sant Muktabai Arts and Commerce College of Muktainagar
  • G.G.Khadse college of arts, science and commerce
  • Eknathrao Khadase Talent School
  • Sau T. L. Kolambe Primary School (Semi English & Marathi Medium)
  • Adresh English Medium School


Agriculture and religious tourism are the source of most jobs in Muktainagar. Cotton, jowar and groundnuts are the predominant crops grown in the tehsil. The banana crop is cultivated on the banks of the Tapi and Purna rivers.


Maharashtriyan people celebrate festivals such as Gudipadva, Diwali, and Poda here. Muktainagar Varkari pilgrims go on Ekadashi to the Muktabai temple at Muktainagar. People go on pilgrimage at Pandharpur to meet the god Pandurang. In the month of February on Ekadashi, two days before Maha Shivaratri, a fair takes place at Muktai temple. People come to meet the goddess Muktabai and to take blessings from the goddess. A number of palaquins come to Muktainagar every year.

Changdev is a village near Muktainagar where there is a temple of Yogi Changdev Maharaj. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri a fair takes place here on the banks of the Purna river. The temple exhibits the Hemadpanthi style of architecture.


Muktainagar is known for being the place where the ex-president of India Pratibha Patil started her political career in the early 1960s and was associated with it for quite a long time.[citation needed]

The Revenue Minister of Maharastra is Eknath Khadse, who is the representative from Muktainagar. He has been elected from Muktainagar for 17 years.[citation needed] Khadse is known as 'NathaBhau' in Maharashtra.

Raksha Khadse is also a well known member of Parliament who came from Muktainagar.[citation needed]

Jalgaon district president Chandrakant Patil is also from Muktainagar.[citation needed]

Notable places[edit]

  • Saint Muktabai Temple, Mehun
  • New Muktai Palace Hotel veg Muktainagar
  • Saint Muktabai Temple (Old temple)
  • Saint Muktabai Temple at NH6
  • Shri Tuljabhavani temple
  • Shri Saint Shravan Bal Samadhi temple, 7 km away from Muktainagar in village Hartala.
  • Yogi Changdev Temple in Village Changdev, 10 km away from Muktainagar
  • Sultanul Killah, Awwal Khalifa e Gauss Pak, Hazrat Syad Pir Ali Chandshah Dildarshah Qadri urf Chandshahwali Dargah.
  • Ajanta caves 58 km from muktainagar.
  • Manudevi temple near Faizpur town.
  • 'Maruti temple' at Shirsala village, 15 km from muktainagar.
  • 'Marimay temple' at 'Dolarkheda' Village (where there is a religious fair every year in March on Tuesday).

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