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Jamesonia sp. (codiferous) 002.jpg
Jamesonia sp. (codiferous)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Polypodiales[1]
Family: Pteridaceae[1]
Subfamily: Pteridoideae[1]
Genus: Jamesonia
Hooker & Greville

~53; see text


Eriosorus Fée[1]

Eriosorus and Jamesonia are two closely related genera in the taenitoid group of the core pteridoid ferns. They have long been recognized as being closely related, and recent genetic evidence has demonstrated that they are both paraphyletic genera, but only in regards to each other. Thus, they must be combined as a single larger genus, or have the generic boundaries redefined. The two genera are being temporarily considered here under Jamesonia, because 1) this is the older genus name, and 2) the core genus forms a clearly defined monophyletic group considered by itself, while there is no such clear clade for Eriosorus.

A new genus name, Eriosona, was described in 1977 to recognize the hybrids between these two genera. These hybrids are noted below. The frequency of such hybrids clearly points to the close relationships found in this group.

Eriosorus species are found in the cooler regions of Central and South America, mainly in the Andes Mountains. The type species of Eriosorus is apparently Eriosorus aureonitens.

Jamesonia species are also found in cooler regions, but extending from Mexico to Bolivia and upland Brazil. The type species of Jamesonia is Jamesonia pulchra (or possibly Jamesonia imbricata, if this is found to be the same as J. pulchra).


Core Jamesonia clade[edit]

Jamesonia species in paraphyletic clades[edit]

Eriosorus Species[edit]

These were transferred to Jamesonia species by Maarten Christenhusz in 2011.[1]

  • Eriosorus accrescens A.F.Tryon 1963 = Jamesonia accrescens (A.F.Tryon) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus angustus Kessler & A.R.Sm. 2007 = Jamesonia angusta (M.Kessler & A.R.Sm.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus arenticola Schwartsburd & Labiak 2008 = Jamesonia areniticola (Schwartsb. & Labiak) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus aureonitens (Hook.) Copel. = Jamesonia aureonitens (Hook.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus biardii (Fée) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia biardii (Fée) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus caracasanus (Baker) Vareschi = Jamesonia caracasana (Baker) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus cheilanthosis (Sw.) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia cheilanthoides (Sw.)Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus congestus (Christ) Copel. = Jamesonia congesta (Christ) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus ewanii A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia ewanii (A.F.Tryon) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus feei Copel. = Jamesonia feei (Copel.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus flexuousus (Humb. & Bonpl.) Copel. = Jamesonia flexuosa (Kunth) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus glaberrimus (Maxon) Scamman = Jamesonia glaberrima (Maxon) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus glaziovii (C. Chr.) Copel. = Jamesonia glaziovii (C.Chr.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus hirsutulus (Mett.) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia hirsutula (Mett.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus hirtus (H.B.K.) Copel. = Jamesonia hirta (Kunth) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus hispidulus (Kze.) Vareschi
  • Eriosorus insignis (Kuhn) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia insignis (Kuhn) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus lasseri Vareschi
  • Eriosorus lechleri (Mett. ex Kuhn) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia lechleri (Kuhn) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus lindigii (Mett.) Vareschi = Jamesonia lindigii (Mett.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus longipetiolatus (Hieron.) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia longipetiolata (Hieron.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus madidiensis Kessler & A.R.Sm. 2007 = Jamesonia madidiensis (M.Kessler & A.R.Sm.) Christenh 2011
  • Eriosorus myriophyllus (Swartz) Copel. = Jamesonia myriophylla (Sw.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus novogranatensis A.F.Tryon 1970 = Jamesonia novogranatensis (A.F.Tryon) Christenh 2011
  • Eriosorus orbignyanus (Mett. ex Kuhn) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia orbignyana (Kuhn) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus paucifolius (A.C.Smith) Vareschi = Jamesonia paucifolia (A.C.Sm.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus retrofractus (Kze. ex Mett.) Crabbe
  • Eriosorus rufescens (Fée) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia rufescens (Fée) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus sellowianus (Mett. ex Kuhn) Copel. = Jamesonia sellowiana (Mett. ex Kuhn) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus setulosus (Hieron.) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia setulosa (Hieron.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus stuebelii (Hieron.) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia stuebelii (Hieron.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus velleus (Baker) A.F.Tryon = Jamesonia vellea (Baker) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus villosulus (Maxon) Scamman
  • Eriosorus warscewiczii (Mett. in Triana & Planch.) Copel. = Jamesonia warscewiczii (Mett.) Christenh. 2011
  • Eriosorus wurdackii A.F.Tryon 1970 = Jamesonia wurdackii (A.F.Tryon) Christenh. 2011

xEriosonia hybrids[edit]

  • xEriosonia incognita L.D. Gomez (Eriosorus warscewiczii x Jamesonia alstonii)
  • xEriosonia kupperi (I. Losch) Pic.Serm.
  • xEriosonia longifolia (Baker) Pic.Serm.
  • xEriosonia rollaliciana L.D. Gomez (Eriosorus warscewiczii x Jamesonia rotundifolia)
  • "xEriosonia elongatus" (Eriosorus x elongatus (Grev. & Hook.) Copel.; not yet described as an xEriosonia (Eriosorus cheilanthoides x Jamesonia sp.)


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