Jamunia River

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Jamunia River
Physical characteristics
MouthDamodar River
 ⁃ coordinates
23°43′41″N 86°10′52″E / 23.72806°N 86.18111°E / 23.72806; 86.18111Coordinates: 23°43′41″N 86°10′52″E / 23.72806°N 86.18111°E / 23.72806; 86.18111

The Jamunia River is a tributary of the Damodar River. It flows through the Hazaribagh, Giridih, Bokaro and Dhanbad districts in the Indian state of Jharkhand.


The Jamunia River rises on the Hazaribagh plateau, near Bishungarh. It runs near the Grand Trunk Road from around Bagodar to past Dumri and then turns south, forms the border between Dhanbad and Bokaro districts and joins the Damodar.[1][2]


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