Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League

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Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League
Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League Logo.jpg
Full name Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League
Founded 1969
Affiliation ITUC
Office location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Country Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League is a national trade union federation in Bangladesh.[1] It is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation. The President of the union is Sukur Mahmud.[2]


Bangladesh Jatiya Sramik League was founded in 1969 by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,[3] It is politically tied to the Awami League.[4] The Union was absolved in 1975 with BAKSAL due to an amendment to the constitution of Bangladesh. BJSL also had an armed wing Lal Bahini during 1972-1975.[5]


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