Jennifer Byrne Presents

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Jennifer Byrne Presents
Genre Literary Arts
Presented by Jennifer Byrne
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5 (2007 – present)
No. of episodes 31
Original network ABC1
Original release 9 October 2007  – present
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Jennifer Byrne Presents is an Australian spinoff series of specials from the First Tuesday Book Club presented by ABC journalist Jennifer Byrne. The show first aired on the ABC TV on 9 October 2007. The program is broadcast on selected Tuesdays at 10:00pm and is replayed at 4:30pm on the following Sunday.

Episode List[edit]


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
16 Oct 2012 The Harry Games
27 Sep 2012 JK Rowling: Life After Potter
28 Aug 2012 Davo Sobel
31 Jul 2012 Jeanette Winterson
26 Jun 2012 Books That Changed The World
19 Jun 2012 Erotica
12 Jun 2012 Punch Lines
29 May 2012 Dark Places Jo Nesbø, Michael Robotham, Malla Nunn, Leigh Redhead [1]
14 Feb 2012 Words Aloud


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
15 November 2011 Di Morrissey Di Morrissey [2]
11 October 2011 Alexander McCall-Smith Alexander McCall Smith
26 September 2011 Christos Tsiolkas Christos Tsiolkas
16 August 2011 Memoir Jane Clifton, Kate Holden, Peter Fitzsimons, Benjamin Law
26 July 2011 Geraldine Brooks Geraldine Brooks
12 July 2011 Fantasy Jennifer Rowe, Fiona McIntosh, Lev Grossman, Matthew Reilly
17 May 2011 The Future of Book Richard Watson, Kate Eltham, Richard Flanagan
26 April 2011 Lovers Andrea Goldsmith, Posie Graeme Evans, Mark Colvin, Toby Schmitz
29 March 2011 Ken Follett Ken Follett
15 March 2011 Cult Reads Marieke Hardy, Dave Graney, Markus Zusak, Bob Sessions


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
16 November 2010 Graphic Novels Marieke Hardy, Dave Graney, Markus Zusak, Bob Sessions [3]
21 September 2010 On the Road Cate Kennedy, William Dalrymple, Claire Scobie, Tony Wheeler
24 August 2010 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Ayaan Hirsi Ali
13 July 2010 Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens
11 May 2010 Bestsellers & Blockbusters Lee Child, Matthew Reilly, Di Morrissey, Bryce Courtenay
9 March 2010 Book to Film


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
20 October 2009 True Crime Rochelle Jackson, Andrew Rule, Jack Marx, Richard Spears [4]
8 September 2009 Monsters and Bloodsuckers Tara Moss, Leigh Blackmore, Cathrine Jinx, Will Elliott
14 July 2009 Brave New Worlds Emily Maguire, Max Barry, John Marsden, Richard Neville
9 June 2009 Cads and Bounders Mia Freedman, Sandra Yates, Chris Taylor, Edmund Capon
10 March 2009 Hoaxes Malcolm Knox, Jack Marx, Michael Heyward, John Bayley


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
11 November 2008 Biography Jacqueline Kent, Graeme Blundell, Christine Wallace, Peter Fitzsimons [5]
29 July 2008 Animal Tales Jackie French, Sonya Hartnett, Peter Goldsworthy, Raimond Gaita
24 June 2008 Sex and Romance Jennifer Byrne, Luke Davies, Sophie Gee, Anne Gracie, Christos Tsiolkas
30 April 2008 Peter, Paul and Ian Peter Carey, Paul Auster, Ian McEwan
15 April 2008 Greatest Characters From Fiction
11 March 2008 Crime Dorothy Porter, Graeme Blundell, Justice Ian Callinan, Shane Maloney


Date Program title Guest(s) Reference
24 November 2007 Bill Bryson Bill Bryson [6]
28 October 2007 Writing with Food Mikey Robins, Gay Bilson, Marion Halligan and Lindsay McDougal
9 October 2007 War Stories Geraldine Brooks, Les Carlyon, Peter Cosgrove and Rowley Richards

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