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The characters of the ABC show Once Upon a Time and its spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland are related to classic fairy tale and fantasy characters, and often tie-in with other Disney media properties.


For more detailed cast tables, see List of Once Upon a Time cast members.

Once Upon a Time[edit]

Actor Character Season
Fairy Tale Real World 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Ginnifer Goodwin Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard Main Does not appear[1]
Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan N/A Main Guest[2]
Lana Parrilla Regina Mills/Evil Queen N/A Main[3]
Josh Dallas David/Prince Charming David Nolan Main Does not appear[1]
Jared S. Gilmore N/A Henry Daniel Mills Main Guest[4]
Andrew J. West Does not appear Guest Main
Robert Carlyle Rumplestiltskin/Crocodile/Beast Mr. Gold Main[5]
Raphael Sbarge Jiminy Cricket Dr. Archibald Hopper Main Recurring Guest Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Eion Bailey Pinocchio August Wayne Booth Main[a] Recurring Does not appear Recurring Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Jamie Dornan Huntsman Sheriff Graham Humbert Main Guest Does not appear
Meghan Ory Red Lucas/Red Riding Hood/Wolf Ruby Recurring Main Recurring Does not appear Recurring Does not appear
Emilie de Ravin Belle Lacey Guest Main Guest[1][6]
Colin O'Donoghue Killian Jones/Captain Hook N/A Does not appear Main[b][7]
Michael Raymond-James Baelfire Neal Cassidy Does not appear Recurring Main Does not appear Guest Does not appear
Michael Socha Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts/White King N/A Does not appear Main Does not appear
Rebecca Mader Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West N/A Does not appear Recurring Main Does not appear[8]
Sean Maguire Robin of Loxley/Robin Hood N/A Does not appear Recurring Main Recurring[c] Does not appear
Alison Fernandez Lucy N/A Does not appear Guest Main[9]
Dania Ramirez Cinderella[10] N/A Does not appear Main[11]
Gabrielle Anwar Lady Tremaine[10] N/A Does not appear Main[11]

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland[edit]

Actor Fairy Tale Character 1
Sophie Lowe Alice Main
Michael Socha Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts/White King Main
Peter Gadiot Cyrus Main
Emma Rigby Anastasia/Red Queen/White Queen Main
Naveen Andrews Jafar Main
John Lithgow Percy/White Rabbit Main

Main characters[edit]

Fairy Tale Character Real World Character Portrayer Starring Recurring/Guest Status
Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard Ginnifer Goodwin (adult)
Bailee Madison (child and teenager)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Ginnifer Goodwin
Snow White is the daughter of King Leopold and Queen Eva, and later stepdaughter of Regina, the Evil Queen.[12][13] She is the wife of Prince Charming, mother of Emma Swan and Prince Neal, grandmother of Henry and great grandmother of Lucy.

As a young child, she unintentionally tells Regina's mother a secret involving Regina's secret relationship with the stable boy, causing Cora to kill him and Regina to become the Evil Queen. Since then, she had been on the run from her, eventually meeting Prince David, who she nicknames as Charming. She is later placed under a sleeping curse by the Evil Queen but broken by Charming. The two get married, but is threaten by the Evil Queen with a curse. In order to defeat her, Snow and Charming send their daughter Emma to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, she appears as Mary Margaret Blanchard, a teacher at Storybrooke Elementary School.[12] After the curse broke, she is reunited with Charming, now known as David, as well as her daughter Emma and grandson Henry. She is responsible for Cora's death upon learning her mother, Queen Eva, was murdered by Cora. Later, she follows the rest of the heroes to Neverland to save Henry and is eventually sent back to the Enchanted Forest after Regina undid her curse. She later cast the curse to bring everyone back to Storybrooke to protect her unborn child from the Wicked Witch of the West. She also clashes with Maleficent after Maleficent threatens to reveal a dark secret of her past. After Emma becomes the Dark One, she goes to Camelot with the heroes to help save her and later to the Underworld. She also accidentally gets sent to the Land of Untold Stories with David, Hook and Zelena, but is eventually brought back to Storybrooke. She is later cursed with a joint sleeping curse by the Evil Queen but is later broken with help from the residents of Storybrooke. Eventually, the Black Fairy is defeated and she joins the rest, finally able to get her happy ending with her family.

Emma Swan N/A Jennifer Morrison (adult)
Abby Ross (teenager)
Mckenna Grace (child)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7 Alive
Jennifer Morrison
Emma Swan is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, sister of Prince Neal, mother of Henry Mills and grandmother of Lucy.

Emma was born in the Enchanted Forest, but was sent to the Land Without Magic to break a curse in twenty-eight years. She grew up in an orphanage and later lived in group homes or foster care. Years later, she meets Neal Cassidy, which results in the birth of her son, whom she gives up for adoption. Ten years later, she is found by Henry, her son, and brought to Storybrooke to break a curse.

In Storybrooke, at first, she thinks Henry is crazy, but eventually believes in the curse and breaks it, earning the title as the Savior. She is reunited with her parents, David and Mary Margaret. Later, she finds out that Neal is also from the Enchanted Forest and the son of Rumplestiltskin. After Henry is kidnapped and brought to Neverland, she goes with the heroes and Hook to save him, leading to a new curse being cast in Storybrooke. After Regina give them fake memories to escape the Pan's curse, Henry and Emma start a new life in New York. She is later brought back to Storybrooke to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West. Later, after ending up in the past, she accidentally brings Elsa to Storybrooke where she finds out that Elsa's aunt, Ingrid, was her foster mother. In a bid to turn her dark, Mr. Gold manipulates events resulting in her killing Cruella. Emma later becomes the Dark One to save Regina. After she kills Hook to protect her family, she leads the heroes to the Underworld to bring him back. Emma later marries Hook but is cursed by the Black Fairy who wants to win the final battle, but the curse is broken by Mr. Gold. Emma then happily reunites with her family for supper, earning her happy ending.

Regina Mills/Evil Queen N/A Lana Parrilla (adult)
Ava Acres (child)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 N/A Alive
Lana Parrilla
Regina Mills is the daughter of Cora and Prince Henry, half-sister of Zelena and mother of Henry Mills.[13][14]

When Snow White reveals Regina's secret relationship with Daniel to her mother, Cora, who kills him in front of her, Regina is forced to marry King Leopold. Regina later kills King Leopold, taking over the realm as the Evil Queen. In order to destroy Snow White's happiness, she casts the Dark Curse responsible for the destruction of the Enchanted Forest, the transportation of many to the Land Without Magic and time freezing for everyone in all the lands in their universe.

In Storybrooke, she is the Mayor of the Town.[12] She tries to get rid of Emma when she arrives at Storybrooke but fails, leading to Emma breaking the curse. She later joins the heroes and Hook and travels to Neverland to rescue Henry from Peter Pan. She is sent back to Storybrooke after helping Snow White to cast another curse and saving David's life, clashing with her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West. Eventually, Regina and Emma had become co-parents and friends. She also gets involved in a romantic relationship with Robin Hood. Regina later separates her evil self, which then becomes a problem when the Evil Queen comes to Storybrooke. Regina manage to balance her and the Evil Queen's heart so they both can feel some form of love and sends her to the Wish Realm to be with Robin. Regina witnesses the final battle with the others and then celebrates their victory at Granny's with her true family.

David/Prince Charming David Nolan Josh Dallas (adult)
Luke Roessler (child)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Josh Dallas
David is a shepherd, and later Prince, and the son of Ruth and twin brother to Prince James. He is the husband of Snow White, as well as Emma Swan and Prince Neal's father, grandfather of Henry Mills and great grandfather of Lucy.

Learning sword fighting from Anna, he defeats Bo Peep, stopping her from harassing his mother's farm. Sometime later, he is taken in by King George to masquerade as his twin brother, Prince James, who died. Eventually, he meets Snow White who nicknames him Prince Charming. He later marries her. After the casting of the curse by the Evil Queen, he sends his daughter Emma to the Land Without Magic with hopes of her returning to break the curse.

In Storybrooke, he first appears as a John Doe, who has gone unidentified for years.[12] He is later identified as David Nolan, the husband of Kathryn Nolan.[15] When the curse broken, he is reunited with Mary Margaret, his daughter Emma, and grandson Henry. He later joins the rest of the heroes and Hook and goes to Neverland to save Henry from Peter Pan. He is brought back to Storybrooke when he, Snow White and Regina cast a new curse. He and Snow later clashe with Maleficent, who threatens to reveal a dark secret about their past. When Emma becomes the new Dark One, he travels to Camelot with the heroes and Hook to save her and later joins them in the trip to the Underworld. After returning to Storybrooke, he accidentally gets sent to the Land of Untold Stories with Mary Margaret, Zelena and Hook, but is eventually brought back to Storybrooke. David is then cursed by Regina's evil half with a joint sleeping curse which is broken by the townspeople. He witnesses Emma's fight in the final battle and, after winning it, he gets a farm for him, Mary Margaret and Neal. He reunites with the rest of his family for supper at Granny's.

N/A Henry Daniel Mills Jared S. Gilmore (young)
Andrew J. West (adult)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 N/A Alive
Jared Gilmore
Andrew J. West
Henry Daniel Mills is Regina Mills and Emma Swan's son.[12][16] He is also Snow White's, Prince Charming's, Cora Mills's, Henry Mills's and Rumplestiltskin's grandson, and the great-grandson of the latter's father's Malcolm Piper alias Peter Pan and Fiona alias the Black Fairy.

He was adopted by Regina Mills after Mr. Gold procured him, bringing him to Storybrooke. After getting the "Once Upon a Time" book from Mark Margaret, he is led to believe about a curse that he thinks his mother cast. He later brings his biological mother, Emma, to Storybrooke to break the curse. Sometime later, he gets kidnapped by Greg and Tamara, ending up in Neverland, but is saved by his family and Hook. When Regina give them happy fake memories, allowing them to escape the Pan's curse, Henry and Emma start a new life in New York City. He and Emma are later brought back to Storybrooke. After Issac Heller re-writes their story, Henry is chosen as the next Author, and then he reverts everything done by Issac. He also teams up with his mothers, creating a new operation to help Regina find her happy ending, joins the heroes on the trip to Camelot to help Emma after she becomes the Dark One, and later to the Underworld. After Emma's wedding to Hook and the Black Fairy's curse, Henry awakens to a cursed Storybrooke and convinces Emma to believe again as all the realms begin to crumble. Eventually, the curse breaks and Emma wins the final battle. Henry then has supper with his family at Granny's.

Somehow, Henry ends up in the Enchanted Forest and Henry finds his true love and gets a daughter, Lucy. After being attacked by a powerful darkness, Henry is sent to Seattle in the Land Without Magic with no memories. With Tiger Lily's guidance, Lucy travels to that land to get Henry and help him save their family.

Rumplestiltskin/Crocodile/Beast Mr. Gold Robert Carlyle (adult)
Wyatt Oleff (child)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 N/A Alive
Robert Carlyle
Rumplestiltskin is a whimsical yet sinister Dark One who delights in making devilish deals with desperate people, warning them that "all magic comes with a price".[17] He is the son of Malcolm, alias Peter Pan, and Fiona, alias the Black Fairy; Belle's husband; Baelfire/Neal Cassidy's and Gideon's father; Henry Mills' grandfather, and great grandfather of Lucy.

At some point, his and his son's life is destroyed by Captain Killian Jones, who steals Rumple's wife. After becoming the Dark One, Rumple kills Milah out of revenge and chops off Killian's hand, thus earning the nickname of the Crocodile. After his son, Baelfire, goes to another land, he is led to believe that he can only be reunited if he cast a curse. He later becomes the Beast who took Belle in as a maid and eventually fell in love with her. He is also responsible for prepping Regina into the Evil Queen in order for her to cast the Dark Curse. He is sent to the Land Without Magic when Regina casts the curse.

In Storybrooke, he is Mr. Gold, the owner of a pawn shop and the town's wealthiest resident. He slowly remembers his past life when Emma enters Storybrooke twenty-eight years later and is reunited with Belle after the curse broke. He later enlists the help of Emma and Henry to find his on in the outside world, eventually finding him, now known as Neal Cassidy. He later goes to Neverland with the heroes to retrieve Henry after he was kidnapped, leading him to sacrifice himself in order to kill Peter Pan. When everyone in Storybrooke but Emma and Henry is sent back to their home worlds, Belle and Neal find a way to resurrect him, but he is captured by the Wicked Witch of the West. He is then brought back to Storybrooke by a new curse. Sometime later, he is banished from Storybrooke by Belle, but reunites with Ursula and Cruella and returns, helping them and Maleficent to re-write their story by using the Author of the "Once Upon a Time" book. He briefly becomes ordinary when Emma becomes the Dark One but eventually, after Hook's death, he sucks in the darkness to become the Dark One again. He later leads the heroes to the Underworld to save Hook and later goes to the Land of Untold Stories to save Belle from Mr. Hyde. After Belle is awaken from the Sleeping Curse, he returns to Storybrooke.

After Belle has the Blue Fairy get baby Gideon away from Mr. Gold, both of them get word that the Blue Fairy was found injured outside Storybrooke. At the convent, Mr. Gold and Belle are told by the Blue Fairy that she got intercepted by the Black Fairy who took baby Gideon to the Dark Realm.

Jiminy Cricket Dr. Archibald Hopper Raphael Sbarge (adult)
Morgan Roff (teenager)
Adam Young (child)
1 2, 3, 4, 6 Alive
Raphael Sbarge
Jiminy Cricket is the son of con artists who desires to live an honest life, but is too weak-willed to leave his family.

In the Enchanted Forest, he receives a potion from Rumplestiltskin that will free him from his parents but inadvertently gives it to a young couple, transforming the pair into puppets. He wishes on a star in the hopes that the couple will be transformed back. The Blue Fairy appears and tells him that she cannot undo Rumplestiltskin's work. To make things right, she transforms him into a cricket so that he can be free from his parents and guide the couple's son Geppetto.[17] He was transported to Storybrooke when Regina cast her curse.

In Storybrooke, he is Dr. Archibald Hopper, the town's psychotherapist but is often called as Archie by the residents.[12] One day, Archie is asked by Regina Mills to convince her adopted son Henry that his ideas about the curse are false.[18] Although it violates his conscience, he initially complies with her demands. Archie confides to Henry that he wants to be free, standing up to Regina and threatening to declare her an unfit mother if she continues to interfere with his sessions.[17] Emma later breaks the curse and he regains his memories as Jiminy. Regina's mother Cora later assumes the form of her daughter and abducts Archie while disguising an unspecified person she killed as his body. He is later found by Belle on Captain Hook's ship, from which he is rescued. He is transported back to the Enchanted Forest when Regina undid her curse and later transported back to Storybrooke when the curse was cast again.[19]

Emma later visited Dr. Hopper about her visions of her dying against an unknown enemy. Following the Oracle's death, Dr. Hopper is abducted by the Evil Queen (Serum) where he watched Zelena's baby while they were away. Upon their return, Dr. Hopper is turned back into a cricket by the Evil Queen (Serum) and trapped in a cage.

With Regina distracting her Evil Queen counterpart and Zelena, Mary Margaret and David were able to free Archie. He is later turned back into a human.

Huntsman Sheriff Graham Humbert Jamie Dornan 1 2 Deceased
Jamie Dornan
The Huntsman is a nameless hunter who is a solitary recluse.

In the Enchanted Forest, he is raised by wolves. He considers the wolves to be his true family, and is greatly saddened by the deaths of animals. He is considered by the Evil Queen Regina the perfect assassin, and is hired to kill Snow White, though he spares her for her selflessness. When he offers the Queen a stag's heart instead, she realizes she has been tricked and tears out the Huntsman's heart, keeping it in her vault and using it to make him her slave.[20] When Prince Charming is led to his execution, the Huntsman helps him escape. The Prince asks him to assist him, but he states he cannot leave and not to let the sacrifice of his heart be in vain.[21] He was transported to Storybrooke when Regina cast her curse.

In Storybrooke, he is Sheriff Graham Humbert, the town's handsome and level-headed police officer.[12] In the earlier parts of Storybrooke, Sheriff Graham helps Regina Mills in preventing Owen and Kurt Flynn from leaving town. When Emma Swan arrives, he is one of the few residents who go against Regina, making her his deputy.[17][18] He and Emma are attracted to each other, though he has a secret sexual relationship with Regina,[17][18] which Emma later discovers, feeling betrayed and disgusted.[22] As he experiences flashbacks of his previous life, he seeks advice from Henry Mills, who tells him of his story. After Graham is unable to locate his heart, he ends his relationship with Regina and starts a new relationship with Emma, regaining his lost memories in the process. However, Regina crushes his heart and he dies in Emma's arms, shortly after thanking Emma for helping him remember who he truly was.[20]

Pinocchio August Wayne Booth Eion Bailey (adult)
Rustin Gresiuk (teenager)
Jakob & Jack Davies (child)
1 2, 4, 6 Alive
Eion Bailey
Pinocchio is a puppet that Geppetto carved from an enchanted tree.

In the Enchanted Forest, as a boy, he gives his life to save Geppetto from drowning, though the Blue Fairy restores him into a real boy, promising that the spell will hold if he is selfless, brave and truthful. After Geppetto makes a magical wardrobe to save Emma from the Queen's curse, he sends Pinocchio in it along with her, sending them both to the Land Without Magic.

After transporting, Pinocchio finds Emma, and they live in an orphanage until he leaves Emma to run away with other members of the home. Seventeen years later, Pinocchio, now known as August Wayne Booth travels to Portland and confronts Neal Cassidy, a thief who has fallen in love with Emma. He convinces him to leave Emma to allow her to fulfill her destiny. After Emma is arrested for possession of stolen items, he informs Neal of Emma's sentencing and, later, when the curse is broken.[23] August enters Storybrooke upon Emma's arrival to the town,[16] attempting to convince her of the curse's reality. He informs Mr. Gold and Emma that he is deathly ill and needs magic, though her denial prevents her from seeing his condition. When Emma realizes the curse's reality, she visits August for help, though he completely turns to wood.[21] After the curse is broken, Mary Margaret finds August hiding in the woods, ashamed of the mistakes that he has made. He is later found by Tamara and is fatally wounded by her. However, it is determined that August's actions were selfless, brave, and true and Mother Superior restores him to his original form of a seven-year-old Pinocchio.[24] He was transported back to the Enchanted Forest when Regina undid her curse and later transported back to Storybrooke when the curse was cast again.

Mr. Gold later uses Pinocchio in his plan to find the author of Henry Mills' story book in order to get the villains their happy endings. Transforming him into August once more, he reluctantly informs Gold of his findings, explaining that the author is in Storybrooke. After he is freed, he reveals to Regina Mills that the author is in fact within the book itself.

Red Lucas/Red Riding Hood/Wolf Ruby Meghan Ory 2 1, 3, 5 Alive
Meghan Ory
Red Lucas, also known as Red Riding Hood is a young woman who can shape shift into a Wolf. She is the daughter of Anita and granddaughter of Widow Lucas. She later becomes the lover of Dorothy Gale.

In the Enchanted Forest, Red meets Snow White during the latter's fleeing from the Evil Queen. The two work together to attempt to kill a wolf that is terrorizing the area, gradually leading them to believe it is Peter, Red's lover. However, Red soon discovers she is in fact the wolf, and inadvertently kills Peter. During her later travels with Snow, she discovers a society of werewolves, including her supposed mother, Anita. Red learns to control her wolf transformation, but when Anita plans to kill Snow in a revenge attack, she is accidentally impaled by Red in wolf form. She is transported to Storybrooke when the Evil Queen casts her curse.

In Storybrooke, she is Ruby, a rebellious young woman who wants to leave town but is held back by her grandmother's ill health.[12] She works at Granny's Diner as a waitress,[25][26] though her relationship with her grandmother is strained.[12] Ruby later works with Emma Swan as her assistant at the station, but eventually quits and goes back to work at the diner. After the curse breaks, she reunites with Granny. She is also framed for the murder of Billy by Albert Spencer. She is taken back to the Enchanted Forest after Regina undid the curse and brought back by Snow White's curse.

Sometime later, Ruby uses a magic bean and goes back to Fairy Tale Land to find for wolves like her, ending up at DunBroch where she meets a Witch. She is transformed into her guard wolf, but Mulan reverts the effects. She later helps Merida to find an Enchanted Helm and defeat King Arthur and Zelena. She then goes to the Land of Oz with Mulan and meets Dorothy. She develops romantic feelings for her. When Zelena curse Dorothy with the Sleeping Curse, Ruby tracks her to the Underworld, where Mary Margaret encourages her to break it with true love's kiss. Returning to the Land of Oz with Mary Margaret, she breaks the curse and passionately kisses Dorothy afterwards. She then gives the Silver Slippers to Mary Margaret.

Belle Lacey Emilie de Ravin 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1, 7 Alive
Emilie de Ravin
Belle is the daughter of Sir Maurice and his wife Colette. She is the wife of Rumplestiltskin.

In the Enchanted Forest, she is taken by Rumplestiltskin by force, becoming his maid at his castle. In due time, she falls in love with him, but is captured by the Evil Queen and is presumed dead. When the Queen's curse is cast, Belle is sent to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, Belle is kept beneath the town's hospital for twenty-eight years by Regina.[27] She is later released by Jefferson and finds Mr. Gold, professing her love for him when the curse is broken and standing beside him as he brings magic to Storybrooke.[21] Belle later remembers her cursed self as a scantily-clad barfly named Lacey after Regina cursed her out of revenge towards Mr. Gold. She is left behind when the heroes go to Neverland, but is instructed by Mr. Gold to shield the town. When Regina undoes her curse, Belle is sent back to the Enchanted Forest where she and Neal resurrect Rumplestiltskin, following his sacrificial death. She is then sent back to Storybrooke when Snow White casts a new curse. She later marries Mr. Gold but leaves him because he chose power over her. She then becomes pregnant with Mr. Gold's son. In order to protect the baby from Hades, she places herself into a sleeping curse. In the Dream World, she is greeted by Morpheus, who reveals that he is her son, masquerading as the real deity. He gives her true love's kiss on the forehead and awakes her. She later asks Hook's help to protect her from Mr. Gold, staying at the Jolly Roger.

Killian Jones/Captain Hook N/A Colin O'Donoghue (adult)
Oliver Bell (child)
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 N/A[28] Alive
Colin O'Donoghue
Killian Jones is the son of Brennan Jones and brother to Liam Jones and half brother to Liam.

After the death of his brother Liam, Killian takes over the Jewel of the Realm, renaming it to the Jolly Roger. He later meets Milah and falls in love with her, but she is killed by Rumplestiltskin. In a fight, Rumplestiltskin cuts off Jones' hand, which he replaces with a hook, thus receiving his alias as Captain Hook. Later on, in Neverland, he comes across with Baelfire who ends up there from 19th Century London by the Shadow. He later teams up with Cora and is shield from the curse, freezing him and the rest of the remaining inhabitants in time.

After the curse is weakened and time resumes in the Enchanted Forest, Hook briefly leaves Cora with the Jolly Roger, leading to his being kidnapped by Captain Nemo. Hook also finds out the fate of his younger half-brother Liam. When the curse finally breaks, he resumes his mission with Cora. He later goes to Storybrooke with her to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin, now known as Mr. Gold. When Henry is kidnapped and brought to Neverland, he pauses his feud with Mr. Gold and helps take the heroes to Neverland to save him. After Regina undoes the curse, Hook is sent back to the Enchanted Forest. Months later, he retrieves a magic bean and goes back to the Land Without Magic to find Emma after learning that a new curse is to be enacted. He finds her in New York City and brings her and Henry back to Storybrooke. He also unintentionally brings back Elsa from the past after accidentally falling into a time portal. He and Emma later slowly end up in a relationship, but when Emma turns into a Dark One, he goes to Camelot with the heroes to save her. This results in his also turning into a Dark One, in which form he casts another curse that brings them, along with the Camelot inhabitants to Storybrooke. Eventually, he dies and ends up in the Underworld but is resurrected by Zeus as reward for helping Emma defeat Hades. He later is sucked into a portal with David, Mary Margaret and Zelena, ending up in the Land of Untold Stories. They eventually gets back to Storybrooke.

Sometime later, he reunites with his younger half-brother Liam when Mr. Hyde brings him and other people from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke.

Baelfire Neal Cassidy Michael Raymond-James (adult)
Dylan Schmid (teenager S1-S3)
Brandon Spink (teenager S6)
Sebastian Wilkinson (child)
Dean Petriw (younger child)
3 1, 2, 5, 6 Deceased
Michael Raymond-James
Baelfire, often abbreviated as "Bae", is the son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah and the grandson of Malcolm.

As a child, Baelfire lives with his father after his mother Milah leaves. He then gets enlisted into the Ogres War. In order to prevent Bae from going, Rumplestiltskin becomes the Dark One, making everyone in the land to fear him. This causes the children of his village to fear Bael as well. Eventually, Baelfire calls out for the Blue Fairy, with hopes to get rid of his father's magic. She gives him a magic bean, telling him to use it to get to a land devoid of magic. He convinces his father to go through the portal with him, but his father backs out in the end, abandoning him. He then ends up in a new world — 19th Century London, where he is taken in by the Darling Family. To protect them, he sacrifices himself to the Shadow, ending up in Neverland and captured by the devious Lost Boys.

Eventually, Bae ends up in the Land Without Magic sometime before the Queen’s curse, taking on the identity of Neal Cassidy. In Portland, he meets Emma Swan with whom he falls in love, but later abandons her for her to fulfill her destiny in breaking a curse. Neal is later tracked by Emma in Manhattan and his true identity is revealed to Emma, while Neal discovers the two have a son, Henry.[29] Neal reluctantly returns to Storybrooke with his father, for Henry and Emma's sake, inviting his fiancée Tamara. After discovering that Tamara plans to destroy magic and the town of Storybrooke, Neal is shot by her and falls through a portal to the Enchanted Forest.[30] After Neal discovers Emma is in Neverland,[31] he uses the Shadow to travel there, rescuing Henry from his sinister grandfather, Peter Pan, and returning to Storybrooke.[32] When Regina undoe her curse, Neal is transported back to the Enchanted Forest.[33]

Back in the Enchanted Forest, he helps Belle resurrect Rumplestiltskin, not knowing the price of it is death. Rumplestiltskin then merges himself to Neal to prevent him from dying. Joined together, they are captured by Zelena. When a new curse is cast, he sends a memory potion to Hook via a messenger pigeon. In Storybrooke, he forces Emma to separate himself from his father, causing him to die.[34]

Since then, Neal had been sent to Mount Olympus. Sometime later, he visits Emma in the Dream World, asking her how she and Henry were doing and warning her to not enter the Underworld, which she disagrees but he knew she would and kisses her then she wakes up.

Alice N/A Sophie Lowe (adult)
Millie Brown (child)
W N/A Alive
Sophie Lowe
Alice is the daughter of Edwin, stepdaughter of Sarah, half-sister of Millie, lover of Cyrus and later mother to her daughter.

As a young girl growing up in Victorian England, Alice falls into a rabbit hole which takes her Wonderland. After returning home, her father claims that Wonderland isn't real and she's insane. As she grows into a young woman, she encounters Cyrus, a genie with whom she falls in love. He later proposes to Alice shortly before the Red Queen kills him. She then returns home, distraught by her loss, only to be introduced to her father's new wife Sarah and daughter Millie. Alice is eventually sent to Bethlem Asylum by her father in order to cure her.

Twenty-eight years later, the Knave of Hearts and Percy, the White Rabbit, rescue her from the asylum, telling her that Cyrus is still alive. The trio travel back to Wonderland, where she finds an amulet belonging to Cyrus. Not giving up hope, she and the Knave continue their search for Cyrus. During their quest, Alice is constantly ambushed by Jafar, who forces her to make wishes in order for him to get Cyrus' bottle. After Cyrus escapes from his prison cage, he reunites with Alice. Later, when Jafar sends a thunderstorm curse after the Red Queen, she agrees to help Alice and Cyrus defeat Jafar. The Knave eventually uses Alice's final wish, causing him to be a genie, freeing Cyrus. They then search for the Knave's whereabouts. During this time, they find out that the serpent staff belonging to Jafar is Cyrus' mother, Amara, trapped in that form, With the Jabberwocky's help, they free Amara. When Jafar changes the laws of magic, Alice rallies an army to defeat him, but eventually gets captured by Jafar. With the Red Queen's help, she escapes and goes to the Well of Wonders. After tricking Jafar into stealing Nyx's water from the well, Jafar is turned into a genie and banished to another realm. Following Jafar's defeat, Alice goes back to Victorian England with Cyrus and weds him, with their Wonderland friends attending the ceremony.

Years later, Alice tells her daughter of her adventures, the little girl doubtful they happened but Alice tells her to never give up believing.

Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts/White King N/A Michael Socha W, 4 N/A Alive
Michael Socha
Will Scarlet is the brother to Penelope and lover of Anastasia.

In the Land of Oz, he witnesses the death of his sister, Penelope and becomes depressed. He then meets Robin, who helps him obtain the elixir of the wounded heart. Sometime later, he ends up in the Enchanted Forest. He then becomes a thief who joins Robin Hood's group of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. However, after stealing for himself, he exits the band and travels to Wonderland with a girl named Anastasia, hoping for a better life. In Wonderland, Will and Anastasia attend a royal ball uninvited and later are caught by the Red King. Later, the two decide to leave Wonderland, but Anastasia abandons Will and marries the Red King. He later convinces the Queen of Hearts to rip his heart out, becoming her Knave of Hearts. But, after being controlled by her, he asks help from Alice to retrieve it back for him. When the Evil Queen casts the curse, somehow Will is transported to the Land Without Magic.

Twent-eight years later, after the curse breaks, the White Rabbit arrives in Storybrooke and takes him to save Alice. This eventually led to his being reunited with Anastasia and ruling aside her in Wonderland.

Somehow, he later ends up back in Storybrooke, meeting Robin Hood and apologizing for his actions years ago. He begins to date Belle who he views as a kindred spirit. Mr. Gold enlists Will to look after Belle as he feels he cannot treat her how she deserves. However, after Gold's condition worsens, Belle admits that she does not truly love Will. After everyone returns from the alternative universe caused by Isaac Heller, Robin Hood asks Will to watch Roland.

At some point, Will eventually returns to Wonderland and becomes the White King and rules Wonderland with Anastasia, who is now the White Queen.

Cyrus N/A Peter Gadiot W N/A Alive
Cyrus is a genie from Agrabah who was originally a human. He is the son of Amara, brother to Taj and Rafi, lover of Alice and later father to his daughter.

In Agrabah, after cheating in a card game, Cyrus' house was burnt down, resulting in his mother, Amara, being badly hurt. Travelling to the Well of Water, Cyrus and his brothers retrieve some of its waters to cure Amara. While it worked, Nyx, the guarding of the well, curses Cyrus and his brothers for stealing the water. They are turned into genies and spread across the realm. One day, a sorcerer named Jafar tries to steal the genie bottle containing Cyrus, but his master wishes for the bottle to be as far away as possible from their land. The bottle ends up in Wonderland and, years later, found by Alice. The two eventually fall in love, with Cyrus proposing to Alice at the Boiling Sea. But the Red Queen uses her magic and pushes him into the sea, killing him. Alice returns to Victorian England, distraught by his death. Later, it was revealed that Jafar saved Cyrus with his magic carpet and keeps him locked in a cage at Jafar's floating tower.

Twenty-eight years later, upon revelation that Cyrus is alive from the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit, Alice is brought back to Wonderland. With her back, Cyrus can feel her presence and begins to find ways to escape his prison cage. Using a bone, he escapes the cage and leaves the tower to reunite with Alice. He eventually finds Alice, and is reunited. Later, Jafar conjures a thunderstorm curse to kill the Red Queen, where one thing led to another, causing the Knave to use Alice's final wish, freeing Cyrus from his genie imprisonment and turning the Kane into a genie. Alice and Cyrus, with the help from the Red Queen, searche for the Knave. They later find out that Jafar's serpent staff is Cyrus' mother, Amara, trapped in that form. With the Jabberwocky's help, Amara is freed. Later, during a battle at Wonderland Castle with Jafar, Cyrus is brutally hurt, causing Amara to help Jafar change the laws of magic. He is later cured by Amara. In order to defeat Jafar, Cyrus tries to return the water he stole from Nyx in order to revert the genie curse, but Jafar interrupts and steals it. Nyx then curses Jafar, turning him into a genie and banishing him to another realm. They return of the water also cause Amara to die. Cyrus later goes to Victorian England to wed Alice.

Years later, both Cyrus and Alice have a daughter as they tell their daughter about their adventures in Wonderland.

Anastasia/Red Queen/White Queen N/A Emma Rigby W N/A Unknown
Emma Rigby
Anastasia is the lover of Will Scarlet.

In the Enchanted Forest, Anastasia meets a thief named Will Scarlet and falls in love with him. She goes with him to Wonderland to get a better life, but finds that life in Wonderland is harder than it seems. She eventually abandons Will to marry the Red King after a failed robbery. She then becomes a cruel Red Queen with help from the Queen of Hearts. When the Queen of Hearts kills the Red King, she takes over the realm and rules it harshly when she learns some magic tricks from the Queen of Hearts. In league with Jafar, she hopes to change the laws to get back with Will. She seemingly kills Cyrus after pushing him over the boiling sea for Jafar to capture him.

Twenty-eight years later, she uses the White Rabbit to bring Alice back to Wonderland in order to change the laws of magic. As time passes, her league with Jafar loosens as both have different interests. Eventually, the Red Queen has to evacuate her castle to escape Jafar. She helps reunite Alice and Cyrus with hopes that she leave Wonderland with them to escape Jafar, but after Will is turned to a genie, she sticks by Alice and Cyrus to rescue Will. After she becomes the master of Will's bottle, she is kidnapped by the Jabberwocky who taunts her into wasting her wishes for Jafar. Jafar later kills her to spite Will, but resurrects her after he changes the laws of magic as his lover. Following Jafar's defeat, she dies again, but resurrected with waters from the Well of Wonders, a gift from Nyx, the guardian of the well. Formerly the Red Queen, Anastasia attends Alice and Cyrus' wedding in Victorian England and returns home to Wonderland to rule the land alongside with Will as the White Queen of Wonderland.

Jafar N/A Naveen Andrews (adult, Wonderland)
Oded Fehr (adult, Once Upon a Time)
Anthony Keyvan (child)
W 6 Transformed
Naveen Andrews
Jafar is a sorcerer from Lower Agrabah. He is the son of Ulima and the bastard son of the Sultan.

Following his mother's death, Jafar goes to the Sultan of Lower Agrabah, as the Sultan is his biological father. Instead, the Sultan makes him an errant boy. Eventually, the Sultan drowns Jafar and dumps the body at the outskirts of the city but Jafar is resurrected by a form of magic. He then seeks Amara and begins learning magic from her to get even with the Sultan. He works with Amara to obtain genie bottles for a spell to change the laws of magic and, after getting two of the bottles, he poisons and turns Amara into a serpent staff to channel her magic. Jafar then seeks the final bottle, but fails to get it as it was sent far away from Fairy Tale Land. Since then, Jafar ambushes Lower Agrabah's palace and kills Mirza, imprisons the Sultan, and relocates to the Capital to control its Sultan. Jafar is briefly defeated by Aladdin, but, when Aladdin becomes weak, he forces Princess Jasmine to marry him or else he would destroy the Capital. He tricks Princess Jasmine into giving him the Jewel of Agrabah, a ring, as an engagement gift in which he uses to remove the Capital from human's reach. Jafar then moves to Wonderland after finding out the final bottle's whereabouts and gets in league with the Red Queen.

Twenty-eight years later, Jafar instructs the Red Queen to bring Alice back to Wonderland so that he can change the laws of magic. He tries many ways to force Alice into wishing but only gets her to wish twice. After the Red Queen betrays him and shatters their alliance, he takes over her castle and frees the Jabberwocky to assist him. Eventually, he is forced to change the laws of magic alongside a freed Amara and, after changing the laws, he controls all of Wonderland to hunt down Amara to kill her. He is then defeated by Nyx, the guarding of the Well of Wonders after being tricked into stealing her water by Alice and Cyrus. As punishment, Nyx transforms him into a genie and sends his bottle to another land. Somehow, Ariel finds the bottle and keeps it as part of her Agrabahn collection at Hangman's Island. Hook, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin find his bottle with Ariel and together free him to find out Agrabah's whereabouts. Jafar knocks out everyone but Princess Jasmine to taunt her, and also tells her Agrabah's location in a form of a riddle - which leads her to finding out about the ring that contains Agrabah. As Jafar tries to take the ring from her, she uses a transformation potion onto Jafar, turning him into a staff.

Percy/White Rabbit N/A John Lithgow (voice) W N/A Alive
John Lithgow
Percy, also known as the White Rabbit is a rabbit who create rabbit-hole portals. He is the husband of Mrs. Rabbit and the father of his son and daughter.

While in Victorian England, Alice follows the White Rabbit through a rabbit hole to Wonderland. Sometime later, Alice kidnaps him in order to show him to her father as proof of Wonderland's existence, but instead frees him after meeting Cyrus. After Alice is injured in a sword fight, Cyrus comes to the White Rabbit, who has his wife cure Alice.

Twenty-eight years later, he retries the Knave of Hearts from Storybrooke and helps him rescue Alice from an asylum, bringing them both to Wonderland to help them find Cyrus as part of the Red Queen's plan. It is later revealed that the Red Queen kidnapped his family and is forcing him to do her bidding. He later is forced to take Jafar to Victorian England, where Jafar captures Alice's father and brings him to Wonderland. He later helps Alice recruit an army to defeat Jafar's undead army. Following Jafar's defeat, he opens a portlal for Alice, Cyrus and many of their Wonderland friends to Victorian England for preparation of Alice and Cyrus' wedding. After the wedding, he sends his family, Anastasia, and the Knave back to Wonderland. Years later, Percy can be seen looking from behind some tall grasses when Alice and Cyrus are seen with their child.

Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West N/A Rebecca Mader (adult)
Isabella Blake-Thomas (child)
5, 6 3, 4 Alive
Rebecca Mader
Zelena is the daughter of Cora and Jonathan, half-sister of Regina and mother of her daughter with Robin Hood, Robin.

Abandoned in the woods of the Enchanted Forest, she is sent to the Land of Oz and adopted by a Woodcutter and his wife. She gains knowledge of her past through the Wizard of Oz and becomes jealous when Rumplestiltskin chooses Regina over her to cast his curse. She is then recruited into the Sisterhood of Witches, but becomes jealous when Dorothy comes to the Land of Oz. She tricks Glinda into sending Dorothy home, banishes Glinda to the Enchanted Forest, and takes over the land as the Wicked Witch of the West. Since then, she begins plotting a time travelling spell.

Twenty-eight years later, Zelena leaves the Land of Oz for the Enchanted Forest and resides at the Evil Queen's former residence. After the Storybrooke inhabitants return home, she begins her revenge plan on Regina. However, her plan comes to a halt when Snow, Prince Charming and Regina decide to cast another curse which brings her and the rest of the Enchanted Forest inhabitants to Storybrooke. Despite the heroes' attempt to prevent her spell, Zelena acquires all the ingredients required to enact the spell, including Mary Margaret's baby. However, she is defeated when her pendant is ripped away from her, causing her to lose her magic. But, after Mr. Gold kills her, her life force leaves her body and activates the spell that sends her, Emma and Hook back to the past where she kills Marian and returns to present day Storybrooke where she gets in between Regina and Robin's relationship. She is forced to leave Storybrooke with Robin and Roland after the Snow Queen places an ice spell upon her, but is brought back to Storybrooke by Regina six weeks later after she becomes pregnant. Her pregnancy is sped up by Emma and she delivers a baby girl whom she later names Robin. Her sisterly relationship with Regina loosens after Robin Hood's death but they slowly patch up.

Robin of Loxley/Robin Hood N/A Sean Maguire
Tom Ellis (first appearance)
5 2, 3, W, 4 Deceased
Sean Maguire
Robin of Loxley is the husband of Marian and father of their son Roland and later father of his and Zelena's daughter Robin.

Sometime after marrying Marian, he becomes Robin Hood, a thief who steals from the rich for the poor. He becomes the leader of the Merry Men. According to Tinker Bell, he is Regina's true love. Years later, he has a son Roland. After the death of Marian, he becomes the only guardian for Roland.

When the Storybrooke inhabitants is sent back to the Enchanted Forest, he meets Regina. He also helps the group to shelter themselves when they find out that someone had taken over the land. When Snow White casts a new curse, he is sent to Storybrooke where he becomes Regina's love interest. When Marian - Zelena in disguise - returns from the past, Robin is forced to take her side, eventually leaving Storybrooke for Marian's safety due to the Snow Queen's influence on her. He later finds out that Marian is Zelena, thanks to Regina and is brought back to Storybrooke. He also helps the heroes go to Camelot to save Emma and the Underworld to rescue Hook. After returning from the Underworld, he sacrifices himself in order to save Regina from Hades. Although he was removed from existence, he eventually moves on to Mount Olympus.[35] Zelena names their daughter after him to honor him.

Lucy N/A Alison Fernandez 7 6 Alive
Lucy is the daughter of Cinderella and Henry Mills, granddaughter of Emma Swan and great-granddaughter of Prince Charming and Snow White.

Born in the Enchanted Forest to Henry, she loses him when he battles a beast. She managed to hold on to the Once Upon a Time book to keep it from being taken by those who are after it. She is then told by Tiger Lily that the book should remain with her at all times, and instructed to find her birth mother, revealed to be Jacinda. Lucy later showed up in Seattle, where she tells Henry that she needs him to save their family.

Cinderella N/A Dania Ramirez 7 N/A Unknown
Cinderella is an upcoming character on Once Upon a Time. She is the wife of Henry Mills, mother of Lucy, and a different variation of Cinderella.
Lady Tremaine N/A Gabrielle Anwar 7 N/A Unknown
Lady Tramaine is an upcoming character on Once Upon a Time.

Recurring characters[edit]

Fairy Tale Character Real World Character Portrayer Recurring Guest Status
Seven Dwarfs
The Seven Dwarfs are a group of dwarf miners whose names reflect their personality traits. They are good friends with Snow White and Prince Charming, allowing Snow White to live with them when she was escaping from the Evil Queen.[25]
Dreamy/Grumpy Leroy Lee Arenberg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 W Alive
Dreamy was born in the mines as his egg was accidentally sprinkled with fairy dust by the fairy Nova. He dreams and falls in love with her. The Blue Fairy tells Dreamy that if he and Nova run away together, she will lose her wings. Dreamy ends their relationship and returns to the mines, being renamed Grumpy.[36] He is later seen as a guard looking out for the curse in a watchtower of Snow and Charming's castle.[12]

In Storybrooke, he is Leroy, a janitor at the Storybrooke General Hospital and the "town drunk".[15] He quickly forms a bond with Sister Astrid, and after learning of the nunnery's rent problems, he assists with raising money to the content of Astrid.[36] Leroy's original memories are restored when the curse is broken, reuniting with Snow and the other dwarfs.[23] He unites the dwarfs together and they begin to mine for fairy dust again.

Sneezy Tom Clark Gabe Khouth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Sneezy is known to have a habit of sneezing often.

In Storybrooke, he is Tom Clark, the owner of the Dark Star Pharmacy. After the curse is broken, Sneezy joins the other dwarfs in an experiment to find out why the residents cannot leave town. Crossing the border, he loses his memories of his past life once again. Mother Superior later creates a potion that restores his memories.When Emma fully embraced as the Dark One, she turns him to stone after seeing him in her red leather jacket. He is then turn back to normal by Regina.[30]

Doc N/A David Paul Grove 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Doc is the group's doctor, helping Snow White give birth to Emma in the Enchanted Forest.
Sleepy Walter Faustino Di Bauda 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Sleepy is known to fall asleep often, even in public places.

In Storybrooke, he is Walter, a security guard who works at Storybrooke Hospital and occasionally dozes off on the job.

Bashful N/A Mig Macario 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Bashful is extremely shy and quiet.
Happy N/A Mike Coleman 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 N/A Alive
Happy tends to be extremely cheerful in most situations.
Dopey N/A Jeffrey Kaiser 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 N/A Alive
Dopey is mute.

When the Evil Queen cast the Dark Curse, Dopey is sent to Storybrooke.

Years later, after Hook cast the third curse, he is sent over the town line by the other dwarves in order to see if there's any consequences upon leaving town. This results in him being turned to a tree.[37]

Eventually, the rest of the dwarves somehow managed to turn Dopey back to human form weeks before the people from the Land of Untold Stories arrive in Storybrooke. He then decides to get a master's degree in Boston.[38]

Widow Lucas/Granny N/A Beverley Elliott 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Widow Lucas, simply referred to as Granny, is the mother of Anita and grandmother of Red Lucas.

In the Enchanted Forest, as a girl, a wolf killed her father and brothers and then also transformed her into a wolf. The other aspects of the curse faded with age, but her heightened senses remain. Red inherited the family curse and is also a wolf, though Granny received an enchanted red cloak from a wizard, to prevent her transformation. When her granddaughter begins a relationship with a man called Peter, she disapproves. As news of a wolf killing villagers becomes known, Granny warns the others not to fight the monster. Red and Snow White believe Peter is the wolf, until Granny informs Snow of her curse. By the time she and Snow find Red, she had already killed Peter.

In Storybrooke, she is known simply as Granny and is the owner of "Granny's Bed and Breakfast and Cafe." Her health problems prevent Ruby from leaving town, who assists her grandmother as a waitress. Granny's memories are returned when the curse is broken by Emma Swan, and she embraces her family and friends. She is then send back to the Enchanted Forest when the cursed was reversed.

When Snow White cast a new curse, Granny is brought back to Storybrooke, resuming her role as the owner of her Bed and Breakfast and Cafe. She sometimes watches Baby Neal whenever Snow and David are busy.[21][23]

Reul Ghorm/Blue Fairy Mother Superior Keegan Connor Tracy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 N/A Alive
Keegan Connor Tracy
The Reul Ghorm, also known as the Blue Fairy,[39] is a high-ranking fairy godmother who uses her magic to help others.

In the Enchanted Forest, she was a teacher to Tinker Bell, until she stopped believing in her due to her rule-breaking.[40] While she is quite powerful, she is unable to undo Rumplestiltskin's magic. To help fix a problem created by his magic, she transforms Jiminy into a cricket and guides him to help Geppetto.[17] She also transforms the puppet Pinocchio into a real boy, and creates a quill that temporarily immobilizes Rumplestiltskin, aiding in his imprisonment.[41] Rumplestiltskin is hostile towards her and other fairies, blaming her for the disappearance of his son Baelfire.[39] The Blue Fairy presents the idea of fashioning a wardrobe from a magical tree to save Emma and Pinocchio from the Evil Queen Regina's curse by sending them to the Land Without Magic.[12]

In Storybrooke, she is Mother Superior of the town's nuns, who were all fairies prior to the curse.[23] When August Booth is murdered by Tamara, she restores him to a seven-year old real boy.[24] Following the successful mission to rescue Henry from Neverland, the town's heroes return to Storybrooke. However, Peter Pan uses his shadow to kill Mother Superior by ripping her own shadow from her body, seeing her as a threat to his plot to take over Storybrooke.[42] After Tinker Bell kills Pan's shadow, Mother Superior's is returned. She thanks Tinker Bell and restores her fairy status. After the cursed was reversed, she returned to the Enchanted Forest.

Following a new curse by Snow White, Blue is returned to Storybrooke, assuming back her identity as Mother Superior. She is later placed into Merlin's hat after Mr. Gold controls an unwilling Captain Hook to remove the fairies from Storybrooke in his plan to cleave himself from his dagger. She and the other fairies are later freed by Regina. She later freed the Apprentice from the magic hat to help stop Isaac. She along with the fairies watch baby Neal, Zelena and Robin's baby and Roland when the heroes head down to the Underworld. She later keeps Neal safe when Belle, Baby Hood and Zelena fall through a portal to the Underworld.

In the sixth season, Belle and Mr. Gold's son Gideon is born. Belle asks Mother Superior be his fairy godmother and to go away with Gideon to care and protect him from Mr. Gold's actions. She is then last seen flying away with Gideon from Storybrooke. However, she is intercepted and attacked by the Black Fairy who takes the baby Gideon to her realm. The Mother Superior later tells Belle and Mr. Gold about this. Afterwards in order to repair the sword to kill Emma, Gideon needs the blood of the person who forged it which is the Blue Fairy. Mr. Gold not wanting his son's heart to be darken steals Mother Superior's magic to repair the sword for Gideon but promises restore her magic after they defeat Gideon.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein Dr. Whale David Anders 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 N/A Alive
David Anders
Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who believes magic to be inferior to science. He is the older brother of Gerhardt and son of Alphonse.

In the Land Without Color, Victor originally seeks a way to restore life to the dead, but has his funding pulled by his father. Rumplestiltskin offers him gold in exchange for the scientific method on how to revive the dead as magic could not. Victor robs a grave for body parts to experiment on, but is caught by Gerhardt who is shot by a police officer. As Victor attempts to bring Gerhardt back to life, electricity cannot revive him, so Rumplestiltskin instead offers a heart from the Enchanted Forest. As part of a bargain, he creates a false attempt to reanimate Daniel to make it easier for Rumplestiltskin to manipulate her. In his own world, Frankenstein reanimates his brother with the heart, but inadvertently turns him into a monster, beating his father to death. Victor imprisons him until he can devise a way to help Gerhardt overcome his psychotic rage.[43] When the Evil Queen cast her curse, Victor is sent to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, he is Dr. Whale, a doctor working in Storybrooke General Hospital. He originally assists Regina Mills, doing whatever she says without hesitation.[15] After the curse is broken, he leads a mob to Regina's home intending to kill her.[23][44] Victor later seeks a way to return to his brother, believing if he were to do something for Regina she would bring him back. He successfully reanimates Daniel's corpse with a magical heart, turning him into a monster who savagely rips off Whale's arm. Mr. Gold later reattaches his arm. He is transported back to the Land Without Color when Regina undid her curse.

After Snow White cast a new curse somehow, Victor returns to Storybrooke, resuming his position as the doctor at the hospital. He also helps deliver Mary Margaret's and later Zelena's baby.

Dr. Whale later helps Dr. Jekyll with his experiments to create a new serum to defeat the Evil Queen (Serum). This project was later crashed by the Evil Queen and Mr. Hyde.

Geppetto Marco Tony Amendola
Michael Strusievici (child)
1, 2, 4, 6 3 Alive
Tony Amendola
Geppetto is an elderly carpenter and father to his puppet turned boy Pinocchio.

In the Enchanted Forest, he became orphaned when Jiminy Cricket accidentally transformed his parents into puppets. He carves himself a son named Pinocchio out of magical wood. During their adventures, Pinocchio sacrifices his life for Gepetto's. For this act, the Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy. She asks him to carve a magical wardrobe with the ability to save the pregnant Snow White and Prince Charming from the Evil Queen Regina's curse. However, the curse would send everyone to a land without magic and Pinocchio, a real boy because of magic, could turn back into a puppet. Geppetto bargains with the fairy to use the second spot for Pinocchio, ultimating in her lying to the other inhabitants, claiming the wardrobe can only save one. Geppetto sends his son to the real world, telling him to protect the child and get them to break the curse.

In Storybrooke, he is Marco, the town's handyman. August Booth offers to work as Marco's assistant to which he agrees. His memories as Geppetto are restored when the curse is broken. Marco later takes in August, who is reverted to Pinocchio by Mother Superior, as his son again.[24] He is sent back to the Enchanted Forest after Regina undoes the curse and is brought back when Snow White casts a new one.

Prince Henry Mills N/A Tony Perez
Zak Santiago (younger adult)
1, 4, 5, 6 2 Deceased
Prince Henry Mills is the son of King Xavier. He is the husband of Cora Mills and father to Regina Mills.

In the Enchanted Forest, he marries Cora after she demonstrates the ability to spin straw into gold. He is later the loving but weak father of the Evil Queen, Regina, and serves as her royal valet in the Enchanted Forest. Henry is supportive of Regina, but does not protect her against the manipulations or actions of her mother. He is later held captive in Wonderland by Cora as leverage against Regina, who eventually rescues him. However, when Rumplestiltskin informs Regina she must retrieve the heart of who she loves most to enact his dark curse, she kills him. In Storybrooke, Regina appears to have cared a great deal for her father, naming her adopted son Henry and turning his tomb into a large mausoleum. After his death, Henry was sent to the Underworld.

Years later while trying to find Hook, Regina meets him, who apologies for her actions back in the Enchanted Forest. Later, Cora threatens to send him to Hell. When at the entrance to Hell, Regina tries to persuade her mother not to send her father to Hell which she starts to do. What Cora doesn't know is that Henry was spared upon his unfinished business of Regina being free of her mother. Henry then meets his grandson Henry. Before heading to Mount Olympus, Henry tells his grandson to watch over his daughter and to remember who she is.

Genie/Magic Mirror Sidney Glass Giancarlo Esposito 1, 4, 5, 6 3 Alive
Giancarlo Esposito
The unnamed Genie is a man who grants wishes for people who find his bottle that he is stored within.

From Agrabah, the Genie is washed away to the Enchanted Forest and was found by King Leopold, who, being extremely wealthy, simply wishes to free the Genie and invite him to live in his castle to help him find true love. There, he falls in love with the King's wife Queen Regina, who fools him to kill Leopold in order for her to become sole ruler of his kingdom. Realizing the Queen never loved him, he uses his final wish to remain with her forever; thus trapping him in her mirror.[13] As a spirit in the Magic Mirror, he is able to move between and see through other mirrors in the Enchanted Forest, acting as a spy to Regina.[16][20]

In Storybrooke, he is Sidney Glass, a reporter for Storybrooke's local newspaper The Daily Mirror. On Regina's request, he researches Emma Swan's past to help Regina expel her from Storybrooke.[18] After Graham's death, Regina attempts to appoint him sheriff, but he loses the position to Emma.[26] Sidney later secretly works with Regina to gain leverage over Emma.[13] Emma later learns of his deception realizing that he is in love with Regina. Regina uses Mr. Gold to kidnap Kathryn Nolan, framing Mary Margaret (Snow White) for her alleged murder.[45] However, after Kathryn is found alive, Sidney falsely confesses to kidnapping Kathryn to use as an article and become famous.[39] He is then placed into Storybrooke's asylum underneath the hospital.

Sidney was later freed by Regina for her quest to remove Maid Marian from Storybrooke, Regina again places Sidney in a mirror. It is soon revealed that Sidney was actually in allegiance with the Snow Queen working against Regina, who frees him in exchange for the mirror he was stored in.

It was later revealed that Sidney was actually operating in the World Behind the Mirrors when Regina sent him there twice. They find an unfinished mirror that Sidney never got to finishing.

King George Albert Spencer Alan Dale 1, 2, 6 N/A Alive
Alan Dale
King George is the adoptive father of Prince James and his twin Prince "Charming" David.

In the Enchanted Forest, King George and his wife are unable to bear children of their own, leading George to strike a deal with Rumplestiltskin for an heir. He grants King George a boy named James.

At some point during King George having him be trained to be a knight, James runs away and ends up in Pleasure Island. While being chased by Robert, James runs into King George and his men. When Robert refuses to hand James over to him, King George has his men kill Robert and make it look like an accident. Afterwards, King George continues having James be trained as a knight.

Years later, the kingdom falls into financial trouble, and Prince James offers to slay the dragon plaguing King Midas' realm in exchange for gold. James is killed in a duel against Behemoth and his twin brother David is recruited to carry out the task. The task is completed and Midas deems the Prince worthy of marrying his daughter and uniting the kingdoms. George reneges on his promise to return David home and forces him to marry, otherwise he will kill David's mother and burn his home.[22] Later, George learns that David has fallen in love with Snow White. He forces Snow to break David's heart,[25] though David still breaks off his engagement, fleeing the kingdom. George's knights capture him, and David is sentenced to death, though the Evil Queen Regina intercepts him, instead using him in her plan to curse Snow.[46] A reawakened Snow is then kidnapped by George, who curses her to never have children. This plan is foiled when water from Lake Nostos breaks the curse.[47] King George later joins forces with the Evil Queen to fight Snow and Charming's forces, which ends with George's army being defeated and the Evil Queen being apprehended.

In Storybrooke, he is the cold-hearted District Attorney Albert Spencer who leads the prosecution for the Kathryn Nolan murder case, against Mary Margaret Blanchard.[45] Following the curse being broken, Spencer murders Billy, framing Ruby in an attempt to show the town of David's incapable control. Spencer then burns Jefferson's hat that David was relying on to retrieve his daughter and wife who had fallen through a portal created by it.[48]

A deleted scene in "Tiny" shows Albert Spencer imprisoned in the mines at the time when David and Mary Margaret visit him. When Spencer offers to give them information on how to deal with Anton when he was brought to Storybrooke by Cora and Captain Hook in exchanged to be released, but they turn him down and take their leave.

After learning the truth about his father's demise, David visits the psychiatric ward of Storybrooke General Hospital and takes Albert out of his cell to fight and kill him, but is stopped by Hook who then locks Albert back in his room.

Princess Abigail Kathryn Nolan Anastasia Griffith 1 3 Alive
Anastasia Griffith
Princess Abigail is the daughter of King Midas and lover of Fredrick.

In the Enchanted Forest, she was to marry Prince David, but when he falls in love with Snow White, Abigail helps him run away. She is in love with Frederick, a knight she was to marry until he was turned into gold while protecting her father. Charming later retrieves water from Lake Nostos that revives Frederick, and he reunites with Abigail.

In Storybrooke, she is Kathryn Nolan, the wife of David Nolan. David however is in love with Mary Margaret Blanchard, and starts an affair with her.[22][25] She is later accepted into a law school in Boston, though David refuses to relocate and suggests they end their marriage. Kathryn then learns about David's affair, deciding to move to Boston alone. However, her car is found abandoned at the town's limits, and a missing persons case becomes a murder trial when a heart proven to be Kathryn's is found in Mary Margaret's jewelry box. It is later revealed that Regina worked with Mr. Gold to attempt to frame Mary Margaret for Kathryn's murder, when Mr. Gold in fact kidnapped Kathryn. She is later found alive, though she does not remember her disappearance.[45] Sidney Glass falsely takes the blame for her kidnapping.[39] After the curse is broken, Kathryn and Frederick find each other and live happily together in her home.[49]

Gus Billy Jarod Joseph 1 2, 6 Deceased
Gus is a domestic mouse who lives in the pantry of Cinderella's house in the Enchanted Forest.

One day, after Rumplestiltskin turns Cinderella to look like a princess, Gus is turned into a human in order to escort her to the Royal Ball at the castle. Later, the magic wares out and Gus is turned into a mouse again. He late persuades Cinderella to use a key to open a portal to the Land of Untold Stories in order to pause her story, but this course of action is stopped by Clorinda. Sometime later, after the Evil Queen cast the Dark Curse, Gus is sent to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, he becomes a human named Billy, a car mechanic, who shows an interest in Ruby Lucas (Red Riding Hood) but is denied a date, unaware of the reason being her werewolf persona. Billy is later found dead, apparently murdered by Red in her wolf form. David Nolan (Prince Charming) however discovers his adoptive father, Albert Spencer (King George), gruesomely murdered him, leaving doctored evidence that Red was responsible, because he wanted David to look irresponsible of the town's safety.[48]

Jefferson/Mad Hatter N/A Sebastian Stan 1, 2 N/A Alive
Sebastian Stan
Jefferson is a man who owns a magical hat that can be used to travel between worlds. He is also the husband of Priscilla and father to Grace.

In the Enchanted Forest, when he first meets Regina, Rumplestiltskin has Jefferson bring Dr. Frankenstein to the Enchanted Forest to pretend failing to revive her true love Daniel, in order to make her become evil. In his later life, he lives with his daughter Grace, selling fungus to survive. He initially refuses to help Regina, though later agrees if his daughter will want for nothing. He takes Regina to Wonderland, where she rescues her father Henry and abandons Jefferson, who is beheaded by the knights of the Queen of Hearts. His head is reattached and he is ordered to make another hat to return home. Although he makes thousands of hats, none take him home, leading him into insanity and earning his alias as the Mad Hatter.[50]

In Storybrooke, he remembers his pre-cursed life and lives in a large house. He captures Mary Margaret Blanchard and abducts Emma, ordering her to make a hat that will take him home. Emma knocks him out and when he awakens to kill Emma, Mary Margaret pushes him out of a window. He disappears, leaving nothing but his hat.[50] Jefferson returns upon request of Regina to remove Emma, promising a new life with his daughter. He retrieves the apple that cursed Snow White into a deathlike sleep from the Enchanted Forest.[46] However, after Henry is cursed, Regina refuses to reward Jefferson, who later frees Belle from her cell and instructs her to tell Mr. Gold that Regina held her captive.[21] After the curse is broken, he initially avoids Grace, feeling guilty for unintentionally abandoning her, but they eventually happily reunite.

Cora Mills/Queen of Hearts N/A Barbara Hershey
Rose McGowan (younger adult)
2, 4, 5 1, 3, W Deceased
Barbara Hershey
Cora Mills is the daughter of a local poor, drunken miller. She later becomes the mother to both Zelena and Regina and the grandmother of Henry Mills.

In the Enchanted Forest, Cora is tricked by Jonathan, a man claiming to be a prince, resulting in a child. She then meets Prince Leopold and the two form a bond, until Cora learns he is engaged to Princess Eva, who informs Leopold of her secret child. Banished from the kingdom, she sends Zelena to the Land of Oz, in order to become a royal. She later marries Prince Henry. Together, they both have a daughter, Regina. When Regina gets hurt, she brings Zelena from the Land of Oz to help her, but eventually sends her back when Zelena finds out that she's her birth mother. Years later, Cora poisons Queen Eva and kills Regina's lover and fiancé Daniel in order to make Regina the Queen.[45] Cora is later banished to Wonderland by Regina[51] where she becomes the Queen of Hearts. There, she teaches the soon-to-be Red Queen Anastasia magic and appoints Will Scarlett as her Knave to hunt down Alice for treason. Cora later kidnaps her husband Henry to Wonderland. Some time later, she teams up with Hook, leaving Wonderland to the Enchanted Forest where she shields part of the land, protecting them from the curse and freezing them for twenty-eight years.[52]

After the curse is broken, Cora encounters Mary Margaret and Emma, who got accidentally send to the Enchanted Forest by a portal.[51] She follows the two back to Storybrooke with Hook with hopes of reuniting with Regina.[52] In Storybrooke, she turns a rehabilitating Regina back to evil by playing on her love for Henry. She is later unintentionally killed by Regina.

In the Underworld, Cora runs part of it as the Mayor when appointed by Hades. Wanting the heroes out of his world, he appoints her to get rid of them. She tries to reason with Regina, hoping that she will take Henry and her lover Robin out of the Underworld, but failed. As punishment for her failure, Hades makes Cora work as a miller at a mill underground. She is later saved by Hook. She later makes Regina and Zelena remember their past history, making them forgive each other. The three of them then has a short reunion before she goes to the Fiery Cave to face her fate. A portal to Mount Olympus opens, granting her entrance. Before leaving to that land, she wishes good luck to both of her daughters.

Princess Aurora N/A Sarah Bolger 2, 3, 4 N/A Alive
Sarah Bolger
Princess Aurora is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Briar Rose, Prince Phillip's lover and mother of Phillip Jr.

In the Enchanted Forest, she is placed upon a sleeping curse by Maleficent against the crimes of her parents and her soul is sent to the Netherworld. When the Evil Queen cast her curse, Aurora is spared as her kingdom is within the protective barrier done by Cora. Instead, Aurora is frozen for twenty-eight years, with her soul trapped in the Netherworld.

After the curse broke, she is awoken from her deep sleep by Prince Phillip, accompanied by Mulan. Following Phillip's death, Mulan tells Aurora that part of the Enchanted Forest had been spared from the Evil Queen's curse, as Emma Swan and Mary Margaret Blanchard are transported from Storybrooke to the area, after falling into a portal with the wraith.[23] At first, she blames them for Phillip's death, but eventually, she helps them get back to Storybrooke. She and Mulan later successfully recover Phillip's soul and find a wounded Neal Cassidy after he is transported from a portal in Storybrooke,[30] assisting him on his quest to find Emma and Henry.[31] It is later revealed that Aurora and Phillip are expecting a baby, much to Mulan's dismay as she secretly has romantic feelings for her.[40]

Aurora and Phillip later greet the inhabitants of Storybrooke in the Enchanted Forest upon their transportation, after Regina undid her curse.[53] It is later revealed that they were under the protection of Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, though she transforms them into flying monkeys when they reveal her intentions of stealing Snow White and Prince Charming's baby. After Zelena's defeat, the two are restored to human form and begin to live in Storybrooke, where along with Mary Margaret and Ashley, attends parenting classes with her newborn child.

Prince Phillip N/A Julian Morris 2, 3 N/A Alive
Julian Morris
Prince Phillip is the lover of Princess Aurora.

In the Enchanted Forest, the evil witch Maleficent turned Phillip into a monster called the Yaoguai. Belle uses fairy dust to return Phillip to his human form, who then teams with Mulan to find Aurora. Prince Phillip then teams up with Mulan in search of Princess Aurora. When the curse is cast, they both are frozen for twenty-eight years.[54]

Twenty-eight years later, when the curse is weakened, Phillip and Mulan awakens from their frozen state and resume their search for Aurora. They find her sometime after the curse officially breaks. He wakes Aurora from her sleeping curse. However, a wraith marks Phillip and the creature sucks out his soul.[23] It is later revealed by Cora that Phillip's soul was merely transported to another world and Aurora and Mulan later restore Phillip soul. The three then find a wounded Neal Cassidy (Baelfire), assisting him on his quest to find Emma and Henry.[31] It is later revealed that Aurora and Phillip are expecting a child.[40]

Aurora and Phillip later greet the inhabitants of Storybrooke in the Enchanted Forest upon their transportation, after Peter Pan's curse took them back to their original worlds.[53] Prior to the curse's reversal, they were under the protection of Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, though she transforms them into flying monkeys when they reveal her intentions of stealing Snow White and Prince Charming's baby. After Zelena's defeat, the two are restored to human form and begin to live in Storybrooke.

Mulan N/A Jamie Chung 2, 3, 5 N/A Alive
Jamie Chung
Mulan is a warrior who assists best friend Prince Phillip during his search to rescue his love Princess Aurora.

In the Enchanted Forest, Mulan meets Belle and teams up to hunt down a fearsome creature known as the Yaoguai. After finding out that it was Prince Phillip, cursed by a witch, she teams up with him to find Princess Aurora. Due to the casting of the Evil Queen's curse, they both are unable to continue their search as they were frozen for twenty-eight years.

Twenty-eight years later, when the curse is weakened, Mulan and Phillip awakens from their frozen state and resume their search for Aurora. They find her sometime after the curse officially breaks. After she is rescued, the trio encounter a wraith, who sucks out Phillip's soul. When Emma Swan and Mary Margaret appear in the area, Mulan believes that they were responsible for unleashing the wraith, and for Phillip's death.[23] Mulan later trusts Mary Margaret and Emma, helping them return to Storybrooke. Later, Mulan and Aurora successfully recover Phillip's soul and find a wounded Neal Cassidy after he is transported from a portal in Storybrooke,[30] assisting him on his quest to find Emma and Henry.[31] It is later revealed that Aurora and Phillip are expecting a baby, much to Mulan's dismay as she secretly has romantic feelings for her, though she leaves to join Robin Hood's Merry Men.[40]

Mulan later ends up in DunBroch, where she teaches Merida in combat and archery. Then she later teams up with Ruby after she freed her from the Witch and both begin a journey to find Ruby's family of lycans which lead them to the Land of Oz. The two of them later help revive Dorothy after she was placed under a sleeping curse by Zelena.

William Smee N/A Chris Gauthier 2, 3, 4 6 Alive
William Smee is a man capable of procuring objects that are hard to find.

In the Enchanted Forest, he makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin in order to get his life extended; Smee trades him a magic bean for his age reversal. Captain Hook manages to intervene and kidnaps Smee to obtain the bean, later appointing him as a crewman on his ship, the Jolly Roger. Hook uses the bean to create a portal that takes the ship to Neverland where he and his crew will never age.[55] In Neverland, Smee serves as an adviser to Hook, assisting in his murderous aspirations to kill Rumplestiltskin and to raise the newly arrived Baelfire.

In Storybrooke, Smee appears as a homeless man who kidnaps Belle under the orders of her father Moe French.[55] Mr. Gold later uses him as an experiment for his spell that would enable anyone to cross the border to Storybrooke without losing their memories. When Hook arrives in Storybrooke, Smee immediately begins following orders, retrieving Mr. Gold's most prized possession — Baelfire's shawl. In retaliation, Gold turns Smee into a rat.

He is later reformed to his human body when the Dark Curse is reversed and returns to serving Captain Hook.

N/A Owen Flynn/Greg Mendell Ethan Embry
Benjamin Stockham (Owen Flynn)
2 3 Deceased
Ethan Embry
Owen Flynn is the son of Kurt Flynn.

In the Land Without Magic, as a young boy, he camped out in the woods of Maine in 1983 with his father. On that night, the Dark Curse took everyone to this new world that becomes Storybrooke. Owen enjoys Regina's company. However, this only leads her trying to keep him and his father in Storybrooke. Owen escapes after Kurt is falsely arrested by Regina, vowing to return to his father.[56]

More than twenty-eight years later, a man crashes his car into Storybrooke. His name is later revealed to be Greg Mendell, an alias of Owen whose name is a reference to the geneticist Gregor Mendel.[57] When Greg is brought to the hospital, the residents debate whether to save his life and risk the truth of Storybrooke being revealed to the outside world. He is ultimately saved, and remains in the town to investigate the strange happenings of Storybrooke. Regina eventually learns of Greg's identity, telling him to leave the town. Greg ignores her, as it is revealed he is in alliance with Neal Cassidy's fiancée, Tamara.[24] The two kidnap Regina and torture her to reveal his father's whereabouts. She eventually tells him that she killed his father. A hurt Greg plans to kill Regina but escapes when David Nolan tracks him down. Greg and Tamara later obtain a trigger to obliterate Storybrooke, though it is foiled.[46] The two instead kidnap Henry Mills, travelling to Neverland.

Upon their arrival, Greg and Tamara realize that they had been fooled. When confronted by the Lost Boys, the pair refuse to hand Henry to them, causing Peter Pan's Shadow to rip out Greg's shadow from his body, killing him instantly.[30][31]

Tamara N/A Sonequa Martin-Green 2 3 Deceased
Sonequa Martin-Green
Tamara is Neal's fiancé and Greg Mendell's lover.

Sometime ago, Tamara ends up in the Land Without Magic[d] where her hatred of magic makes her determined to remove magic from this land, seeing it as unholy. Her quest begins in Hong Kong, where she visits a self-proclaimed healer called the Dragon claiming to have cancer. There, she meets August Booth, who also seeks the healer as he is gradually turning to wood. August steals $10,000 from her as a settlement to the Dragon's cure, though Tamara finds and takes the potion back. She later returns to the Dragon's home and kills the Dragon.[24] Tamara later follows August to New York City where she begins a scheme to learn about Storybrooke. She befriends Neal Cassidy, eventually becoming an engaged couple.

Following the breaking of the curse, Tamara is invited to Storybrooke by Neal who informs her of his magical background. She finds a completely wooden August, offering to give him a cure if he leaves Storybrooke forever. However, when August learns that Tamara killed the Dragon, he warns Emma Swan about Tamara's deception, only to be mortally wounded by her. He is later resurrected to his child self, though unable to identify who attacked him. Tamara is later shown to be in a romantic alliance with Greg Mendell, a stranger who crashed into the town and who also wants to destroy magic.[24] Tamara and Greg are instructed by the "Home Office" to send them magical objects, including magic beans and a "trigger" which can self-destruct Storybrooke. After Emma becomes suspicious of the pair, Tamara reveals her deception, shooting Neal and sending him through a portal, before fleeing.[46] Tamara and Greg activate the trigger but are foiled, instead kidnapping Henry and travelling through a portal to Neverland.[30]

However, they soon realize that they are being fooled. When confronted by the Lost Boys,the pair refuse to hand Henry to them. After the Shadow rips out Greg's shadow, Tamara is hit by an arrow. Mr. Gold finds Tamara and heals her in order to find the location of Henry. After Tamara asks for forgiveness for attacking his son, Mr. Gold kills Tamara by crushing her heart.[31]

Lost Boys
The Lost Boys are the murderous inhabitants of Neverland and servants of Peter Pan. Pan began forming the group under his alias of the Pied Piper in the fairytale world. As mentioned by Wendy Darling, they cry at night because they miss their families.

After Peter Pan was subdued, half of the Lost Boys were brought to Storybrooke while the other half evaded capture.

Captain Hook and Blackbeard later encountered remnants of the Lost Boys when they ended up in Neverland instead of Storybrooke. Blackbeard abandons Captain Hook while he takes to rowboat out to sea to find his own way to Storybrooke. Captain Hook continued to flee from the Lost Boys.

Felix N/A Parker Croft 3 2 Deceased
Felix is a member of the Lost Boys and Peter Pan's right-hand boy.

In Neverland, he leads the group into searching Captain Hook's ship for Baelfire, whom he eventually finds and delivers to Peter Pan, though he is not the boy wanted — Henry Mills.[30]

When Neal arrives in Neverland to save his son Henry, Felix captures him until being knocked out after he breaks free. Upon his capture of the group from Storybrooke, Felix is taken to the town and placed in jail, until Peter Pan breaks him free, explaining his plot to make the town "The New Neverland" with possession of the original Dark Curse.[42] However, Pan reveals he needs the heart of the thing he loves most to enact it. As Felix was the most loyal to him, Pan uses his heart to enact the curse, thus killing him as a sacrifice.[33]

Malcolm/Peter Pan/Pied Piper N/A Robbie Kay
Stephen Lord (Malcolm)
3, 5, 6 N/A Deceased
Robbie Kay
Malcolm is the father of Rumplestiltskin, a former lover of the Black Fairy, the grandfather of Baelfire and Gideon, and the great-grandfather of Henry Mills.

In the Enchanted Forest, Malcolm leaves his son in the care of two spinners, who give Rumplestiltskin a magical bean to create a portal to leave his careless father. Using the magic bean, Malcolm and Rumplestiltskin travel to Neverland, a place which Malcolm envisions in his dreams. He decides to stay in Neverland, abandoning Rumplestilskin. Malcolm transforms into his younger self, adopting the name of Peter Pan. The Shadow informs Pan that his youth is limited, and he will die when the hourglass of Skull Rock is complete.[58] Some time later, Pan visits Hamelin in the Enchanted Forest posing as the Pied Piper to expand what would later become the Lost Boys. He also blackmails John and Michael Darling to help him with his tasks, in exchange for their sister Wendy's life, who had been lured back to Neverland, sending them to the Land Without Magic before the Queen's curse to retrieve a boy soon-to-be born.

After Henry is brought to Neverland, he tricks him by being a fugitive boy. He later reveals to Henry that he has the Heart of the Truest Believer.[31] Pan falsely claims to Henry that magic is dying in Neverland, persuading him to give him his heart, leading Henry to temporarily die. After Pan traps Gold inside Pandora's Box,[58] Regina successfully reclaims Henry's heart and revives him, before Pan swaps his and Henry's souls.[32] Once in Storybrooke, he steals the Dark Curse's scroll from Regina's vault and cast a new curse, but is eventually killed by Rumplestilskin regressing back to Malcolm in the process and his curse was undone by Regina.[33]

After death, Malcolm's Peter Pan form ends up in the Underworld. When the heroes arrives in the Underworld, Pan plans to return to the living by exchanging one of their lives. Mr. Gold later enlists Pan as part of a loophole for a deal with Hades that involves abducting Zelena before the two of them can have dinner together. After the contract for Gold and Belle's baby is ripped up by Hades, Pan and Mr. Gold then plan to use Robin's heart to revive Pan. However, it was a trick by Mr. Gold as the heart is actually a wineskin he glamoured with the water from the River of Lost Souls sending him into the River of Lost Souls.

Edwin N/A Shaun Smyth W N/A Alive
Edwin is the husband to his second wife Sarah and father to Alice and Millie.

In Victorian England, he is briefly seen when a young Alice returns from Wonderland. He is saddened of his wife's death and Alice's disappearance. While Alice is in Wonderland, Edwin remarries to a woman named Sarah and they have a daughter named Millie. When Alice returns from Wonderland, Edwin reveals to her that as she had been gone for so long, everyone assumed she was dead. He does not believe that Alice is lying, though Dr. Lydgate tells him that his daughter is delusional. After hearing that Alice had escaped from Bethlem Asylum, he is visited by Jafar under the alias of Dr. Sheffield. He takes Edwin to Wonderland, keeping him prisoner in his tower and posing as him to reconnect and gain sympathy from Alice. Jafar eventually brings Edwin before Alice, threatening to throw him into the sea to force Alice to use another of her wishes. Alice originally declines and Edwin is thrown to his doom, only to be returned to England as Alice uses her second wish to return her father back to his home. Edwin is unsure if he is delusional of the visit or if it was real. Following Jafar's defeat, he is seen welcoming Cyrus to the family as he and Alice are married in London.

Dr. Arthur Lydgate N/A Jonny Coyne W 6 Alive
Jonny Coyne
Dr. Arthur Lydgate is the father of Mary and a psychiatrist from Bethlem Asylum.

In Victorian England, he is a member of the Academy of Sciences, which has the final say on who they admit as a member. One of the people he turned down is Dr. Henry Jekyll, who at the time was creating a serum that would split a person into two with different personalities. After turning down Jekyll, Dr. Lydgate is confronted by Jekyll's alter ego, Mr. Hyde, who threatens to expose his affair with his assistant if Jekyll isn't admitted. He then makes Jekyll a member. After Mr. Hyde kills his daughter, he watches as Mr. Hyde flees the scene.

After those events took place, he admits Alice at his asylum and taunts her, telling her that her stories of Wonderland are entirely fictitious and insane. He tells Alice that there is a new treatment that will take away her memories of Wonderland, to which she agrees. The morning of the procedure, the Knave and White Rabbit come to save Alice, and the three of them escape the asylum, journeying through a rabbit hole back to Wonderland, after a shocked Dr. Lydgate witnesses Percy the White Rabbit. Dr. Lydgate is later visited by Jafar under the alias of Dr. Sheffield where he uses the White Rabbit to get Dr. Lydgate to tell him where he can find Alice's father Edwin.

Tweedledum N/A Ben Cotton W N/A Alive
Tweedledum is the twin brother to Tweedledee and servant of the Red Queen following her engagement to the Red King.

While Anastasia, the soon to be Red Queen, is settling in at the castle, they introduce themselves to her. When she cheerfully inquires for their names, Tweedledee states that due to their status as servants, they don't have any. During the conversation, Tweedledum notices the Queen of Hearts has come to greet Anastasia. The two Tweedles follow closely behind as the women stroll and casually talk.

Years later, his brother began working with Jafar while his loyalty towards the Red Queen remains. Eventually, Jafar his defeated. Tweedledum then attends Alice's wedding in Victorian with the others and returned shortly afterwards.

Tweedledee N/A Matty Finochio W N/A Unknown
Tweedledee is the twin brother to Tweedledum and servant of the Red Queen following her engagement to the Red King.

Tweedledee has secretly worked with Jafar. Tweedledum hears through the grape vine that Cyrus has been captured. As he goes to tell the Red Queen of this, he discovers Tweedledee's secret association with Jafar and also informs the Red Queen of this. When Jafar visits the Red Queen's palace, he finds a box addressed to him by the Red Queen containing Tweedledee's head as he tells Jafar "I think she's onto us." Jafar later used the body of one of his servants to place Tweedledee's head onto in exchange that Tweedledee takes Jafar to the Jabberwocky's prison.

Caterpillar N/A Roger Daltrey (voice, Once Upon a Time)
Iggy Pop (voice, Wonderland)
W 1 Alive
Iggy Pop
The Caterpillar is an inhabitant of Wonderland who resides on a mushroom where he is always smoking.

The Caterpillar is the boss of a group of warriors called Collectors who are sent to collect the debts to the Caterpillar from anyone. The Knave of Hearts is in debt to the Caterpillar. Cyrus once traded his compass to the Caterpillar in exchange for an invisible tent at the edge of the Outlands. Sometime later, when Jefferson and the Evil Queen comes to Wonderland, they are greeted by the Caterpillar.

Years later, when the Knave of Hearts and Alice travel to Underland to take possession of the Forget-Me-Knot, the Caterpillar accepts the Knave's deal of obtaining the item from the Grendel for him, in exchange that the Caterpillar erases his debt. The Knave instead keeps the Forget-Me-Knot to help Alice on their quest to find Cyrus. Jafar later visits the Caterpillar so that he can tell him about the Knave of Hearts. When in the presence of Jafar, Caterpillar tells him about the Jabberwocky and where she was imprisoned. Cyrus later visits the Caterpillar in order to get his compass back.

Tinker Bell N/A Rose McIver 3 6 Alive
Rose McIver
Tinker Bell, often called as the Green Fairy, is a fairy who began training under the guidance of the Blue Fairy.

In the Enchanted Forest, after she breaks some fairy rules, including interacting with the Evil Queen and stealing pixie dust, Tinker Bell is stripped of her wings and made human by the Blue Fairy.[40] Tinker Bell later travels to Neverland.

Some years later, she forgives Regina and helps to find her son Henry who had been kidnapped by the sinister Peter Pan.[40] She successfully arrives in Storybrooke with the rest of Storybrooke's residents, where she manages to kill Peter Pan's shadow. Her actions result in saving Mother Superior whose shadow was ripped from her body by Peter Pan's. Mother Superior restores Tinker Bell to fairy status. After returning to the Enchanted Forest and with Snow's baby threaten to be taken by the Wicked Witch, she and Blue and the other fairies search the woods for enchanted objects to defeat Zelena. She later returns to Storybrooke with everyone and encourages Regina to be with Robin Hood after finding out he's her soulmate. She then helps her friends search for answers about a way to stop Zelena when she challenges Regina to a fight.[42]

Sultan N/A Brian George
Amir Arison (younger adult)
W N/A Deceased
Brian George
The Sultan is the father of Mirza and Jafar and ruler of a kingdom in Agrabah.

In Agrabah, Jafar is brought to the Sultan for theft. Before enacting the punishment upon Jafar, he notices a ring on Jafar's hand, learning that Jafar is his bastard son. Finding out that Jafar's mother is dead, he makes Jafar work at the Palace as a servant but never acknowledging him as his son. One day, during a diplomatic meeting, Jafar over speaks when the Sultan's son, Prince Mirza, couldn't answer a question. Later, the Sultan makes Mirza slaps Jafar for over stepping. The Sultan eventually drowns and kills Jafar, although Jafar is later revived. As an adult, Jafar kills Mirza and imprisons the Sultan.

Years later, the Sultan appears as an old prisoner in a cage of Jafar's tower on a floating island. When the genie Cyrus makes his escape and offers to have the ex-Sultan accompany him, he declines claiming he would only slow Cyrus down. Jafar later visits his father, telling him that once Alice uses her final wish, he will control the laws of magic, thus forcing his father to acknowledge him as his son. Regretting that he had not killed Jafar when he had the chance, the ex-Sultan purposely falls into the pit that his cage hangs over. Though Jafar spares him upon having his magic carpet catch him so that he can witness his final move on Alice. During Alice's raid on the palace, she managed to free the Sultan. When Jafar attains great magical power, he makes his father feel true love for him. The Sultan is happy to have Jafar as his son, but it turns out that Jafar only wants him to feel this way so the Sultan knows what it's like to have someone who loves him kill him and drowns the Sultan with magic by making water appear within him.

Ariel N/A Joanna García Swisher 3 4, 6 Alive
Joanna García Swisher
Ariel is a mermaid who is first seen saving Snow White, after she escapes from the Evil Queen Regina's knights by diving into waters from a high cliff. Ariel reveals that she can bear legs upon land for twelve hours according to the sea goddess Ursula's legend. To repay Ariel, Snow takes Ariel to a ball where she meets Prince Eric, a man whom Ariel saved a year prior after a shipwreck. Eric invites Ariel to travel with him, though Regina poses as Ursula to trick Ariel into giving Snow a bracelet that makes her a mermaid, in order for her to fulfill her wishes and escape to travel the world. However, Ariel discovers Ursula's true identity and stabs Regina after she attempts to kill Snow. Ariel returns to Eric's castle, only to have her voice stolen by Regina, being unable to communicate with him.[59]

Regina later summons Ariel to Neverland, revealing that mermaids can travel through realms. After restoring Ariel's voice, she promises to return her legs if she retrieves Pandora's Box from Mr. Gold's shop to defeat Peter Pan.[59] After she completes the quest, Regina gives her the ability to use both her legs and fins with a special bracelet, allowing her to continue her search for Eric in Storybrooke. With help from Belle, she finds Eric as a fisherman and the two reconcile. After Pan enacts his curse, Ariel, along with the other inhabitants, are returned to their original worlds.[33] It is later revealed that Eric was kidnapped by the pirate Blackbeard and sent to Hangman's Island. Ariel eventually finds a safe haven on the island with Eric.

Sometime later, Ariel gets accidentally trapped inside a bottle with the Jolly Roger by Elsa and is later freed by Hook and then helps him by bringing King Poseidon to Storybrooke.[60]

Jabberwocky N/A Peta Sergeant W N/A Alive
The Jabberwocky is an ancient human-like creature who can enter the minds of anyone.

In Wonderland, she is stronger than an entire army and it took one army to imprison her with a blade in her chest.

Many years later, she is freed by Jafar who requires her help. After finding Elizabeth's dead body, she takes her eyes in order for Jafar to locate the third genie's lamp. Learning that the Red Queen has it, the Jabberwocky hunts down the Red Queen and steals the bottle from her. She brings the Red Queen to Jafar as a prisoner and later taunts the Red Queen on her past history, as requested by Jafar. Eventually, the Jabberwocky successfully makes the Red Queen use all of her wishes. Later, after Jafar changed the laws of magic, he uses the Vorpal Blade to pin the Jabberwocky to the dungeon walls upon her serving her purpose. The Jabberwocky is later freed.[61]

Marian N/A Christie Laing 4 2, 3 Deceased
Christie Laing
Marian is the first wife of Robin Hood and mother to their son Roland.

Initially the target for the affection of the Sheriff of Nottingham, she runs away with Robin after falling in love with him. Sometime later, Marian is pregnant and falls ill, causing Robin Hood to obtain a magic wand from Rumplestiltskin's castle to heal her.[62] Marian later gives birth to a son named Roland, though she ends up wanted by the Evil Queen and is sentenced to death.

Years later, after Zelena opens a time-travel portal, Emma and Hook are dragged into it and sent to the Enchanted Forest of the past. Emma decides to rescue Marian, but she is later killed by Zelena who also traveled by in time with Emma and Hook. She then takes the form of Marian and returns to Storybrooke with them but is eventually discovered by Regina and Robin later on.

Elsa/Ice Queen N/A Georgina Haig 4 3 Alive
Georgina Haig
Elsa, also known as the Ice Queen,[63] is the daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle and sister of Anna. She is born with the power of cryokinesis causing her to produce ice, frost and snow, notably when scared or afraid.

As a young woman, her parents travel on a mission to the Enchanted Forest, searching for a cure to Elsa's powers. However, they are involved in a storm and die in a shipwreck. Elsa discovers this years later, leading Anna to venture to the Enchanted Forest to fulfill their parents' last mission. Upon her return with remaining questions, Anna is suspicious of Ingrid who has befriended Elsa after revealing she is their aunt. Ingrid attempts to prove to Elsa that people will turn on her for her powers by cursing Anna to turn on her. However, Anna inadvertnalty traps Elsa within a magical urn which is then taken by Rumplestiltskin and placed within the Dark One's vault.

After Emma Swan and Captain Hook are dragged into a time portal to the past, they bring Elsa to Storybrooke upon their return. Initially frightened of the new land, Elsa eventually befriends Emma who she helps accept her powers similar to her own. Attempting to locate her sister, she uses Anna's necklace to bring her to Storybrooke. Elsa soon learns that Ingrid wants to make Emma and Elsa her new sisters having lost her own as a young woman. However, Anna finds their mother's last letter, explaining her forgiveness towards Ingrid for their past in Arendelle. Realising what she has become, Ingrid destroys herself, leaving Elsa, Anna and Krisoff to return to Arendelle and reclaim the kingdom from Hans and his brothers, and restore the memories of her mother and her sisters to their kingdom. At some time later, Blackbeard attacks Arendelle. Elsa manages to defeat and imprison Blackbeard and his crew and then traps Hook's ship the Jolly Roger in a bottle.

Anna N/A Elizabeth Lail 4 N/A Alive
Elizabeth Lail

Anna is the second daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle, sister of Elsa, and lover of Kristoff.

As a young girl, her parents travel on a mission to the Enchanted Forest, searching for a cure to her sister's powers. However, they are involved in a storm and die in a shipwreck. Elsa discovers this years later, leading Anna to venture to the Enchanted Forest to fulfill their parents' last mission, delaying her wedding to Kristoff. Returning to Arendelle with questions outstanding, Anna becomes suspicious of Ingrid (the Snow Queen) who claims to be her aunt. Ingrid imprisons Anna, using a spell to have her turn on Elsa, resulting in Anna trapping Elsa in the urn. Ingrid then freezes Anna and Kristoff and the kingdom of Arendelle. Thirty years later, Arendelle thaws and Anna and Kristoff escape from Anna's sinister previous lover Prince Hans. With help from Blackbeard, Prince Hans captures the pair who then are placed in a trunk and thrown off the ship.

In Storybrooke, Elsa discovers Anna's necklace in Mr. Gold's pawn shop and vows to find her. When Elsa wishes for Anna to return using her Wishing Star necklace, she inadvertently brings Anna from Arendelle to Storybrooke. Anna discovers her mother's letter, leading Ingrid to destroy herself and be with her sisters once more. Anna, along with Elsa and Kristoff, return to Arendelle and reclaim the kingdom from Hans and his brothers and just in time for her wedding.

Kristoff N/A Scott Michael Foster 4 N/A Alive
Kristoff is the lover of Princess Anna.

Originally set to marry Anna, she puts the wedding on hold in order to find the truth behind her parents' death. After Ingrid attempts to harm Anna, Kristoff attempts to save her, only to be frozen by Ingrid. Thirty years later, Arendelle thaws and Anna and Kristoff escape from the sinister Prince Hans, having now taken over the kingdom. With help from Blackbeard, Prince Hans capture Anna and Kristoff, who are thrown from his ship inside a trunk. In Storybrooke, Elsa using Anna's necklace to unintentionally save Anna and Kristoff and bring them to the town. After Ingrid destroys herself, Kristoff returns to Arendelle with Anna and Elsa and claims backs the kingdom and just in time for his wedding.

Ingrid/Snow Queen Sarah Fisher Elizabeth Mitchell
Brighton Sharbino (child)
4 N/A Deceased
Elizabeth Mitchell
Ingrid is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, elder sister of Helga and Gerda, and the aunt of Elsa and Anna.

As a child, she develops ice magic and is called a monster by a guy who tried to kidnap her sisters. Since then, she shut herself from the realm, hoping Helga would take her place as the Queen of Arendelle. During her father’s 70th birthday, Ingrid tries to leave the realm, but her sisters caught her in the act. In order to make Ingrid stay, they travels to the Enchanted Forest and seeks help from Rumplestiltskin, who gives Ingrid magical gloves to conceal her magic and an urn as a fail safe. However, after an unfortunate incident which resulted in Ingrid accidentally killing Helga, Gerda traps Ingrid in the urn and hides it in the North Valley. Years later, developing her powers and taking on the alias of the Snow Queen, Ingrid is unintentionally released by Prince Hans. She makes herself known to Elsa and Anna as their aunt with plans to replace them as her new sisters. However, as Anna is unfit, Ingrid requests the Apprentice to locate a third magical sister for her. In a plot to turn Elsa and Anna against each other, Ingrid curses Anna with the Spell of Shattered Sight and unintentionally traps Elsa in the urn instead. Feared as a monster by Anna and Kristoff, Ingrid freezes all of Arendelle but loses the urn to Rumplestiltskin. Years later, she is approached by the Apprentice, who tells her about her soon-to-be third sister, Emma Swan, in another land. He assures her that she will also be reunited with Elsa. Through a magic door, she ends up in Boston, the Land Without Magic in 1982. She later becomes a foster mother to Emma, but loses her. In 2001, Ingrid comes to Storybrooke using the Apprentice’s scroll and awaits the prophecy of being reunited with both Elsa and Emma by taking over Any Given Sundae under the alias of Sarah Fisher.

When Elsa is brought to the town, Ingrid sees her opportunity to finally complete her family. Attempting to show Emma her true abilities, Ingrid eventually causes her to lose control of her magic, though Elsa helps Emma to accept herself and her powers. Ingrid then places magical ribbons on the three of them, allowing her to harness their powers. She casts the Spell of Shattered Sight over Storybrooke, attempting to have the residents kill one another, leaving only her, Elsa and Emma remaining. However, when Anna arrives, reading her mother Helga's last words of regret and forgiveness, Ingrid undoes the Spell of Shattered Sight by destroying herself. Before she dies, Ingrid returns the memories of Emma and Elsa, disappearing to the afterlife, where she is happy to join Gerda and Helga.

Apprentice N/A Timothy Webber
Graham Verchere (child)
4, 5 N/A Deceased
The Apprentice is an elderly man who works for the sorcerer Merlin in Camelot and later the Enchanted Forest.

He protects his teacher's creation, a box capable of transforming into a hat for absorbing and accumulating magic, from each person that takes on the Dark One's powers. A version of the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin manages to steal the hat, but it is then taken by Princess Anna of Arendelle. Some time later, Ingrid obtains the hat and gives it back to the Apprentice in exchange for a portal to the real world in order for Ingrid to complete her family. Snow White and Prince Charming also cross paths with the Apprentice, offering them a spell to remove any potential darkness from their expected baby. After they obtain Maleficent's egg, the Apprentice places the darkness inside and transports it to the real world. The Apprentice later confronts the Author for manipulating the transportation of Maleficent's egg and imprisons him for his irresponsibility.

In Storybrooke, the Apprentice is visited by Mr. Gold, who uses the hat to place the Apprentice inside and utilize its power to be cleaved of the Dark One's dagger's control. Mother Superior later frees the Apprentice from the hat. He later helps to save Mr. Gold's life by placing the Dark One's dark powers into the hat. Unfortunately, the darkness escapes and enters the Apprentice's body which weakens him. While in a weakened state, he reveals that Merlin is the only one who can stop the darkness forever after it is taken in by Emma Swan. He then procures a wand to assist the residents in their transport to Camelot to find him. Afterwards, the Apprentice takes his last breath and passes away.

Henry later encounters the Apprentice in the Underworld where he learns that the Apprentice's unfinished business is to make sure Henry does the right thing if he happens to get the key to the Sorcerer's Mansion from Sheriff James where the Magic Quill is contained.

Maleficent N/A Kristin Bauer van Straten 4 1, 2, W Alive
Kristin Bauer van Straten
Maleficent is a witch who is able to take the form of a fire-breathing black dragon. She is also the mother of Lily.

After failed attempts to kill Queen Briar Rose, Princess Aurora's mother, Maleficent inflicts Princess Aurora, Queen Briar Rose's daughter, with a sleeping curse, putting both the Princess and her kingdom into a thorn-adorned ruin. Maleficent also curses Aurora's true love Prince Phillip into a beast called the Yaoguai, banishing him to another realm. He is eventually discovered by Belle who returns him to human form. Maleficent befriends Cruella de Vil and Ursula and later falls pregnant whilst in her dragon form. Her egg is later stolen by Snow While and Prince Charming and unintentionally send to the Land Without Magic by the Apprentice. She is later approached by the Evil Queen and treads the Sleeping Curse. Prince Charming also places a bottle of true love within Maleficent in exchange for directions to wake Snow from her slumber from Rumplestiltskin.[21] The Evil Queen again visits Maleficent to steal the Dark Curse after her sleeping curse fails,[18] enacting it and taking everyone to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, Regina traps Maleficent in her dragon form beneath Storybrooke's abandoned library. Later, Emma is forced to destroy Maleficent to retrieve the potion within her. Regina later finds Maleficent alive in an undead-like body form.[64] When Cruella and Ursula arrive in Storybrooke with Mr. Gold, they resurrect Maleficent for their plan to locate the author of Henry's story book and get their happy endings. An awakened Maleficent tells Mary Margaret and David that they will pay for stealing her child. Mr. Gold later informs Maleficent that her child is alive, leading Maleficent to disband from the group and asking Emma to locate Lily and later reunited when Emma brings her to Storybrooke.

Lily later told Emma that even Maleficent doesn't know who Lily's father is since this happened in dragon form.

Ursula/Sea Witch N/A Merrin Dungey
Tiffany Boone (young adult)
4 N/A Alive
Ursula is a half-woman half-octopus sea witch and the daughter of King Poseidon. She is named after the Goddess of the Sea.[59] Ursula also appears to have a human form in which she can use her tentacles.

In Poseidon's Boneyard, as a mermaid, she is forced by her father to sing to attract pirates for him to kill as revenge for the death of his wife. However, Ursula refuses to go on with the plan, and later works at a bar in the Enchanted Forest to pay for a way to Glowerhaven. She befriends Hook who offers her a way to Glowerhaven. However, with interruptions from her father, Hook betrays her, taking her singing voice as part of a deal with her father for information on a way to kill the Dark One. Ursula later uses her father's Triton and transform herself into the Sea Witch. She later joins Cruella De Vil and Maleficent and helps retrieve the Dark Curse for Rumplestilstkin. She is later unintentionally send to the Land Without Magic, along with Cruella and Maleficent's baby egg.

Many years later, Ursula works as an aquarium worker in New York. Mr. Gold finds her, offering her her happy ending by working with him, Cruella and Maleficent. Entering Storybrooke, Captain Hook makes a deal with Ursula for information regarding Mr. Gold's plan in exchange for her singing voice being returned. After this fails, Hook retrieves King Poseidon by use of Ariel, who apologizes to Ursula for his past actions. Reconciling with her father upon having her singing voice returned to her, Ursula leaves with him to return to the Enchanted Forest.

Cruella De Vil Cruella Feinberg Victoria Smurfit
Milli Wilkinson (child)
4, 5 N/A Deceased
Victoria Smurfit
Cruella De Vil is the daughter of Madeline.

In 1920s England, Cruella poison her father and stepfathers. In order to prevent the authorities from finding out, Madeline locks Cruella in the attic. Years later, Issac Heller frees her and goes on a date with her. Due to being an Author, he gives her the ability to control animals using magic. She then kills her mother and her Dalmatian dogs, making Issac to seal her fate - where she can never kill a living soul ever again. Cruella later travels to the Enchanted Forest, where she teams up with Maleficent and Ursula to retrieve the Dark Curse for Rumplestiltskin. She, along with Ursula and Maleficent's baby egg, is unintentionally sent to the Land Without Magic by the Apprentice.

In the Land Without Magic, Cruella marries a rich man, Mr. Feinberg and takes on the identity of Cruella Feinberg. Years later, after having her lifestyle and items repossessed by the FBI, Mr. Gold and Ursula offer her the opportunity to join them in returning to Storybrooke to get their happy endings. Cruella agrees to the terms and takes them to Storybrooke in her car. However, whilst there she bargains with Emma Swan by kidnapping her son Henry in exchange for the murder of Isaac who keeps his writing of preventing Cruella being able to kill. However, this ultimates in Emma inadvertently murdering Cruella by blasting her off a cliff after she threatens to shoot Henry. Mr. Gold and Isaac later mourned her death.

Ending up in the Underworld, Cruella ends up in a relationship with Prince James. She later confronts Henry when he and the heroes travels there. She forces him to find the Magic Quill to bring her back from the dead. After Cora is demoted by Hades, Cruella becomes the Mayor of Underbrooke. When Hades leaves the land, she takes over as the new ruler, teaming up with the Blind Witch to prevent the heroes from leaving. When King Arthur ends up in the Underworld, he overthrows Cruella and takes over the land. Fifty years later, Cruella wakes up in a bar feeling depressed and bored. She then discusses the possibility of moving on with the bartender Sir Mordred to which they both agree to not do so.

N/A Isaac Heller Patrick Fischler 4 6 Alive
Isaac Heller is a writer who began his career as a television salesman in the real world in the 1960s and was maltreated by his boss. Upon being invited to a publishing company, he meets the sorcerer Merlin's Apprentice who selects him to become the latest of many "authors". The job of each author being to transcribe the events that occurred in the Enchanted Forest, using a magical quill. Among his many predecessors, it is suggested Walt Disney had the job before he died.

Being transported to the Enchanted Forest, Isaac abuses his powers, manipulating events that surrounded him, showing no regret to the people he hurt. One instance was when he visited 1920s England and gave Cruella de Vil the animal persuasion ability.

Posing as a peddler, he crosses paths with Snow White and Prince Charming, tricking them into placing their child's potential for darkness into Maleficent's unborn child. As punishment, the Apprentice seals Isaac into his book. Many years later after the Evil Queen Regina enacts her dark curse, the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest are taken to a town called Storybrooke in the real world. The author's book is found by Mary Margaret Blanchard who gives it to Regina's adoptive son Henry Mills to give him hope of a better life. Regina begins to believe the book is preventing her happy ending as she is illustrated as a villain. Regina locates the author after discovering he is trapped within the book. Isaac escapes from her after being let out by Emma Swan. Attempting to create a new quill, he is approached by Mr. Gold who forces him to write a new book entitled "Heroes and Villains".

All the residents apart from Henry are sucked into the book into a parallel universe. Within this version of events, Regina begins to die after being attacked by Rumplestiltskin. Emma demands that Isaac save her and return them to their original world. However, Isaac informs her that he is not the Author anymore. With this, Henry retrieves his quill discovering he is the next Author. Using Regina's blood, Henry undoes Isaac's work and returns the characters back to Storybrooke. Isaac attempts to escape the town, but is stopped by Mary Margaret and David. As Isaac rants about his struggles, Mary Margaret states that he acts like a villain and pities him.

While imprisoned in Storybrooke Hospital's Psychiatric Ward, Isaac is visited by Regina Mills and Henry to talk about how Henry wrote things when in a trance. Isaac stated that this happened before and that he would help them if they can get him out of Storybrooke, a return to New York, an tickets to Hamilton. Regina reluctantly agreed to the terms. Upon hearing that Regina couldn't get the tickets to Hamilton, Isaac had Henry look at the final pages of the "Once Upon a Time" book. Before leaving, Isaac tells Regina and Henry that the final battle is going to be depicted on those pages.

Lilith Page N/A Agnes Bruckner
Nicole Munoz (teenager)
4 N/A Alive
Agnes Bruckner
Lilith Page is the daughter of Maleficent. She is often called Lily.

Born inside an egg, she is transported from the Enchanted Forest to the real world after Snow White and Prince Charming attempt to rid their daughter Emma Swan of any potential darkness. The darkness instead is put into a newborn Lily.

As an orphan, Lily is adopted into the Page Family in Hopkins, Minnesota, though she runs away after feeling alone. She meets a similar aged Emma who befriends her after realizing their supposed similar orphan situation. However, Lily's adoptive father James eventually locates the pair at an uninhabited lake house, instructing her to come home. A betrayed Emma abandons Lily and is taken into foster care. Emma later secures a family and encounters Lily who apologizes to Emma for lying about her circumstances where it is mentioned that James has disassociated himself from Lily. Emma forgives her but is again hurt after she discovers Lily is wanted for stealing, leading Emma to leave her foster parents. While on the bus, Lily is approached by the Apprentice who starts to tell her about her mother.

Years later, Maleficent requests that Emma locate Lily. Finding her working at a gas station under the alias of Starla, Emma discovers that Lily is out for revenge against Emma's parents after they made her evil. After a near-fatal showdown, Emma convinces Lily to come with her back to Storybrooke. Lily is reunited with her mother in Storybrooke, though is disappointed when Maleficent states she does not want to waste time on revenge plans. Regina cuts Lily's hand to obtain her blood to use for the author of Henry's story book to rewrite events of her life. Infuriated, Lily transforms into a dragon, attacking Mary Margaret after becoming out of control. Regressing back to human form, Maleficent gives Lily her baby rattle which she never got the chance to give her. Lily agrees to stay in the town with her mother, while also attempting to locate her father, who neither Lily or Maleficent knows because she was conceived in dragon form.

Merlin N/A Jonathan Adams (voice)
Elliot Knight
5 4 Deceased
Merlin is a powerful sorcerer originating from Camelot. He is served by his Apprentice.

Running in the desert, Merlin is gifted water in the form of the Holy Grail from the Gods. Upon drinking, he gains magic and turns the desert to land, creating the realm of Camelot. Five hundred years later, he is visited by Nimue, a peasant from a nearby village. He falls in love with her, but fears that he will lose her due to his immortality. Eventually, Nimue becomes the Dark One upon killing Vortigan causing Merlin to create Excalibur, splitting into half to bound Nimue to it. The dagger is later placed in a stone. Merlin is later turned into a tree by Nimue.

Some time later through a magical projection, Merlin appears in the Land Without Magic, posing as an usher during the filming of The Sword in the Stone. Merlin instructs a confused young Emma Swan to not take Excalibur from its stone when she has the opportunity to do so.

The Apprentice later contacts Merlin about what Isaac Heller did that involved the infant Emma Swan and Lily Page. Merlin tells the Apprentice that he can't undo the spell on them and that their destinies will be linked.

After Emma becomes the latest Dark One, she and the heroes ends up in Camelot, seeking for Merlin. They free him from his entrapment and he agrees to help them free Emma from the Dark One's curse. When King Arthur binds Merlin to Excalibur, he forces him to kill the heroes, but Emma intervenes. However, Hook is injured and Emma is forced to turn him into a Dark One. Merlin eventually loses his magic and records a message for the heroes. But Hook, with the help of Nimue, the first Dark One who's stuck in any preceding Dark One's head, rips Merlin's heart out and uses it to cast a new curse to bring them back to Storybrooke.

Back in Storybrooke, the heroes find the pre-recorded message from Merlin is played telling them to find Nimue, the only person capable of helping them defeat the Dark One in the event that something bad happens to him.

King Arthur N/A Liam Garrigan
Webb Baker Hayes (child)
5 N/A Deceased
King Arthur is the ruler of Camelot.

As a young boy, it was prophesied by Merlin that he will become the King of Camelot. Sometime later, he pulls Excalibur out from the stone, but notices that half of the sword is missing. He then marries Guinevere and makes her Queen of Camelot. Later on, using the Sands of Avalon, he turns his tower into a castle.

Years later, he greets the inhabitants of Storybrooke into Camelot, who are seeking Merlin. While there are in Camelot, he discovers the missing piece of Excalibur — the dagger of the Dark One. He manipulates events in order to get the dagger, eventually working with Zelena and binding Merlin to Excalibur, forcing him to kill the heroes. Emma intervenes, forcing Arthur and Zelena to retreat. He later works with Zelena to get an Enchanted Helm from DunBroch, but is defeated by Merida and her clans. Later, when Hook — the newest Dark One cast another curse, Arthur is sent to Storybrooke.

In Storybrooke, Arthur reunites with the other inhabitants of Camelot and forms a camp nearby. He also works with the heroes to find out what happened back in Camelot, due to everyone's memories of their time in Camelot being erased by the curse. He is later arrested by David for deceiving the heroes but escapes sometime later. He is then killed by Hades ending up in the Underworld. There, he help Hook to send a message to Emma on a way to defeat Hades. After succeeding, a portal to Mount Olympus opened for both of them, but Arthur chose to stay back and make the Underworld his new kingdom. This worked as he has overthrown Cruella and ruled of the Underworld for over fifty years.

Merida N/A Amy Manson 5 N/A Alive
Merida is the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, sister to her triplet brothers and later Queen of DunBroch.[65]

When her mother is transformed into a bear by the Witch, she helps transform her back to human form.

Years later, she witness the death of her father, resulting in her being the next Queen of DunBroch. When the United Clans claims that she's unfit to rule, they kidnaps her triplet brothers in a form of protest. While searching for her brothers, she meets Emma, the new Dark One. At first, she was willing to help Emma, but eventually betrays her after a misunderstanding. She is later jailed by Arthur, but is freed by Merlin. Kidnapping Belle, she makes her help in the search of her brothers, eventually rescuing them. She also finds out that Arthur was responsible for the death of her father. On horseback riding to Camelot, she is swept away to Storybrooke by the curse cast by Hook.

In Storybrooke upon being brought there by the Dark Curse, Merida became a minion for Emma as she has her heart in order to train Mr. Gold to become heroic enough to release Excalibur and at the same time use him in order to kill Emma. Mr. Gold passed this event by defeating Merida's bear form. Upon releasing Mr. Gold and Merida from her clutches, Emma then tells Merida that her three brothers are safe with their mother in DunBroch. She is then asked by Regina to guard Emma but ends up being knocked out by Hook. Merida then receives her memories back along with everyone else by Emma, and is later ask to watch Arthur in his jail cell while they travel to Underworld to bring Hook back.

Eventually, the heroes open a portal for her, the Camelot inhabitants, and the Merry Men to return to the Enchanted Forest where she later returns home to DunBroch.

Nurse Ratched Severe Nurse Ingrid Torrance 5 1, 2, 4, 6 Alive
Nurse Ratched is a psychiatric ward nurse based on the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

After the Evil Queen cast her curse, Nurse Ratched is brought over to the newly created town of Storybrooke, working at the General Hospital of Storybrooke as the Severe Nurse.[66] Following the breaking of the curse, she resumes her original identity as Nurse Ratched and continues working at the psychiatric ward. Later on, after Regina reversed the curse, Nurse Ratched is sent back to her homeward along with the rest of the inhabitants of Storybrooke.

With the new curse cast by Snow White, she is brought back to Storybrooke and resumes her job as the psychiatric nurse at the hospital.

Guinevere N/A Joana Metrass
Dalila Bela (child)
5 N/A Alive
Guinevere the wife of King Arthur who resides in Camelot.

As a young girl, she believed in Arthur's dreams of becoming a king, and upon returning with Excalibur she became his wife. Unfortunately, she would become neglected by Arthur's obsession with Excalibur, resulting in her falling for Lancelot. The two even went on a mission to seek out the Dark One's dagger. Thanks to a deal made by Rumplestiltskin, she traded the gauntlet in exchange for the magical sands that came from the sap of a tree that is found on Avalon.

When Arthur finds out about her feelings for Lancelot, he takes the sands and uses it on Guinevere to make her follow his orders and then they both use it to fix Camelot and make it into a castle. She then uses the sand on David and Mary Margaret so they can follow Arthur's orders but they are later free from it thanks to Merlin. Guinevere later watches in horror when the Dark Curse consumes all of Camelot and takes them to Storybrooke.

When Captain Hook's Dark One form evoked the Dark Curse, Guinevere is among those that ended up in Storybrooke with her memory of the last six weeks erased. She is later send to the Enchanted Forest and then back to Camelot with her people and the Merry Men and Merida.

Sir Lancelot N/A Sinqua Walls 5 2 Alive
Sir Lancelot is one of King Arthur's knights of the round table and the son of the Lady of the Lake.

During his tenure, Lancelot witnesses Arthur free Excalibur from its stone, though abandons his place on the Round Table after falling in love with Arthur's wife Guinevere, this after they went on a quest to find the dagger, which resulted in a deal with Rumplestiltskin that Lancelot was against. After leaving Camelot, he became a servant of King George under the alias of Leviathan. Under the orders of King George, Lancelot captures Snow White and brings her to him, unintentionally allowing King George to curse her with water that makes her barren forever, with no chance of producing children. Lancelot revisits Snow, mentioning that he had no knowledge of the water's content. Using the remnants of the water in Lake Nostos, Lancelot is able to undo the curse on Snow White.

After the curse, Cora masquerades as Lancelot, claiming that he's dead.

Lancelot turns up alive. At some point, he returns to Camelot and sneaks into King Arthur's castle. During the night where David is bestowed the Siege Perilous seat by Arthur, Snow White goes out to the hallway to calm down her crying baby son where she sees a shadowy figure walk past. When she calls out to the person, Lancelot steps out much to her astonishment. He assures her it is truly him. After putting aside the story of his struggles, Lancelot warns her about a villain that is currently in the castle. At first, Snow assumes he is speaking about Emma. Instead, Lancelot reveals that King Arthur is the villain and Camelot is not what it seems. When Arthur found out that Lancelot was alive and confronted him and Mary Margaret in the Dark One's Vault, David found out where the suspicions towards King Arthur were confirmed. When the rest of the Knights arrive at Granny's to help King Arthur, Lancelot also discovered that Guinevere was under Arthur's command thanks to the sand dust that was used on her by King Arthur. Lancelot is locked up in the dungeon where he meets Merida as they both plan to find a way to defeat King Arthur. Both of them are freed by David's group with the help of Merlin. Following Captain Hook being tethered to Excalibur, Merlin sends Sir Lancelot to his mother, the Lady of the Lake which is a two-day journey to help stop the darkness. He is too late to help and is not swept up by the third Dark Curse back to Storybrooke like everyone else.

Violet N/A Olivia Steele-Falconer 5 6 Alive
Violet is the daughter of Sir Morgan. She is an avid horse rider, hoping to follow in her late mother's footsteps as a champion horseback rider.

When the Storybrooke inhabitants comes to Camelot, she becomes Henry's crush, sharing a passion for music. She also played a part in Emma's quest to free Merlin in Camelot by using her to break Henry's heart so she can obtain Henry's teardrop in order to free Merlin.

When Violet is among the Camelot citizens to end up in Storybrooke, Henry develops a crush on her again. Her horse Nicodemus goes missing until Henry manages to catch him. He returns Nicodemus to Violet during the town party impressing Sir Morgan. Sir Morgan departs with Nicodemus to the stables while Henry and Violet share a kiss. Later, Violet follows Henry out of Storybrooke to New York City to destroy magic. She, along with Henry, is brought back to Storybrooke by the heroes where she shares a passionate kiss with Henry. She, along with her father, chooses to stay in Storybrooke. She later becomes a student at Storybrooke Elementary School. At the end of "The Final Battle," she and Henry were still dating, but years later implied that they broke up.

Blind Witch N/A Emma Caulfield 5 1 Deceased
Emma Caulfield
The Blind Witch is a witch who resides at her Gingerbread Home made completely out of candy deep in the woods. Her house and the treats lure in children, whom she would cook and eat.

At some point, the Blind Witch comes to possess the Evil Queen's poisoned apple. One day, the Evil Queen bargains with two young children, named Hansel and Gretel, to find their lost father, in return for stealing a poisoned apple from the witch. However, despite the Queen's warning not to eat anything, Hansel licks some frosting off a cupcake, awaking the witch. She tries to eat Hansel and Gretel but they trick her and lock her in her own oven. The Queen, who was watching the events through her mirror, sends a bolt of fire through the mirror and lights the oven on fire.

Since her death, the Blind Witch works at the Underworld's version of Granny's Diner when she encounters Mary Margaret. She hasn't forgiven Regina for sending Hansel and Gretel to retrieve the apple and for burning her alive. Mary Margaret gets the Blind Witch to tell them where they can find Hercules. She tips them off by stating that he comes in from the shipyards during his lunch hour. The Blind Witch later informs Emma, Regina, and Red about where they can find Auntie Em stating that where she works is the competition to her business. She later acquired powers from Hades to keep the outsiders from escaping the Underworld in exchange for taking over the realm with Cruella when Hades leaves, this after Regina discovered that she wasn't supposed to have any ability to obtain magic. After the heroes escape the Underworld, she continues her work in the Underbrooke diner at the time when King Arthur arrived after he was killed by Hades.

Hades N/A Greg Germann 5 N/A Deceased
Hades is the God of the Underworld. He is the brother of Zeus and the uncle of Hercules.

After his father Cronus appoints Zeus as the next ruler of Mount Olympus, he kills him. Zeus then stops his heart from beating and banishes him to the Underworld to be its ruler.

One day, he appeared before Liam Jones and offered to let the ship sink in exchange that Liam and Killain be spared and the Eye of the Storm will be in their possession.

Years later, he meets Zelena in the Land of Oz and was interested in her time travelling spell. He fell in love with her but Zelena saw it as a trick and asked him to go back to the Underworld.

When Emma and her allies arrive in the Underworld, he forces Cora to get rid of the heroes from his land. Failing, he turns Cora back into a miller and forces her to work at an underground mill for her failure. After Hercules and Megara ascend to Mount Olympus, Hades decides to trap the heroes in the Underworld by forcing Hook to write a new name on a gravestone for each souls that leaves. When Hook refuses, he hangs Hook over the River of Lost Souls. He also sends Captain Silver to the Worst Place and tries sending Hook, later Liam, there but fails. He also buys the contract made by Rumplestiltskin years ago with Fendrake, threatening to take Mr. Gold's second unborn child with Belle. He is later reunited with Zelena, who falls in love with him. When she gets kidnap, he asks Emma's help to get her back. Later, after his heart starts beating again due to true love's kiss, a portal is opened. He turns over the Underworld to Cruella as he leaves for Storybrooke with Zelena and her child. There, he kills King Arthur and hopes to take over Storybrooke. Using the Olympian Crystal, he kills Robin Hood. Zelena then kills him with the Olympian Crystal.

Dorothy Gale N/A Teri Reeves
Matreya Scarrwener (teenager)
5 3 Alive
Dorothy Gale is a young girl from Kansas. She is also the lover of Red Lucas, also known as Ruby.

After a cyclone destroys her farmhouse, Dorothy ends up in the Land of Oz. There, she meets Glinda and the Sisterhood of Witches. Fearing that Dorothy would take over her seat as the Witch of the West, Zelena tries to kill her. However, Dorothy splashes a bucket of water over Zelena, causing her to physically melt. She is later sent back home to Kansas with the Silver Slippers by the Wizard of Oz, not knowing at it as Zelena impersonating as him. Back home, her family calls her insane and tries to put her in an asylum, but her Aunt Em prevents them from doing so. Eventually, her aunt gift her Toto — a pet dog, before dying. She later gets word from the Munchkins that Zelena is still alive. Donning the slippers, she returns to the Land of Oz with Toto and saves the Scarecrow from Zelena, but Zelena eventually rips his brain out.

More than twenty-eight years later, Dorothy finds Mulan and Ruby in the Land of Oz. She also clashes with the return of Zelena. When Toto is taken by Zelena, she befriends Mulan and Ruby and schemes a way to get Toto back. She then develops feelings for Ruby and fearing for her safety, Dorothy takes the fight to Zelena alone, resulting in her being placed in a Sleeping Curse. She is later awoken by Ruby with true love's kiss.

Dr. Henry Jekyll N/A Hank Harris 6 5 Deceased
Dr. Henry Jekyll is a physician.

In Victorian England, he tries to join the Academy of Sciences run by Dr. Lydgate but he turns him down, claiming that his experiments is too dangerous. With Rumplestiltskin's help, Dr. Jekyll uses a serum to change his personality, along with his looks and shows up uninvited at a party hosted by Dr. Lydgate. He also ends up in a relationship with Mary while as Mr. Hyde. When Mary finds out that he used the serum to pose as Mr. Hyde, the both has a rough fight, leading to Dr. Jekyll accidentally pushing her from her bedroom window, falling to her death. He later goes to the Land of Untold Stories.

When David, Snow, Zelena and Hook accidentally get sent there through a portal, Dr. Jekyll meets them but is afraid to help them because of what the Warden might do to him. Later, he finishes the serum he developed to separate his good side and his evil side and Hyde separates from him. He is later rescued by David, Snow, Zelena and Hook and is taken along with them to Storybrooke to live a better life. He later works with Dr. Whale in his garage to make a new serum to defeat the Evil Queen (Serum). He later tries to hurt Belle, resulting in Hook killing him. The side effect also kills Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Hyde N/A Sam Witwer 6 5 Deceased
Sam Witwer
Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll's alter ego.

In Victorian England, after Dr. Jekyll, with the help of Rumplestiltskin, creates a serum, he uses it to transform himself to Mr. Hyde. He threatens to expose Dr. Lydgate's affair with his assistant if he does not give a place in the academy for Dr. Jekyll. He then ends up in a relationship with Mary, but she is later killed by Dr. Jekyll. He later confronts Rumplestiltskin about the incident and makes his way to the Land of Untold Stories.

Years later in the Land of Untold Stories, Hyde steals the Pandora's Box containing Belle and her unborn child from Gold by using the Apprentice's Wand after he is told the Dark One has found love. After he is separated from Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde makes a deal with Gold telling him on where to travel to find a way to free Belle from her sleeping curse. In return, he travels to Storybrooke with his fellow Untold Stories and announces to Regina Mills it is his. After a dirigible from the Land of Untold Stories arrives, Dr. Jekyll, David Nolan, and Regina were able to subdue Mr. Hyde with special shackles despite Emma having some hand tremors at the time. While locked up in the psychiatric ward of the Storybrooke Hospital, Mr. Hyde states that Emma should follow a red bird if she wants to find the answers to her hand tremors. He is later freed by the Evil Queen (Serum). When Hook kills Dr. Jekyll, he also dies as he is Dr. Jekyll's alter ego.

Evil Queen N/A Lana Parrilla 6 5 Alive
Lana Parrilla
Not to be confused with Regina Mills, the Enchanted Forest character, who is also known as the Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen is the separated former counterpart of Regina Mills.

After Regina separates her evil self with Dr. Jekyll's serum, the Evil Queen is formed. Regina rips the Evil Queen's heart and crushes it, turning the Evil Queen into ashes. However, the Evil Queen later reappears at the Dragon's shop in New York where she rips his heart out in order to get him to obey her. As he was no uses to her, she banishes him to the World Behind the Mirror. Using potions in his shop, she finds her way to Storybrooke and reunites with her "half-sister" Zelena. She then began manipulating events in Storybrooke in order to turn Regina dark. She controls the Count of Monte Cristo to try and kill David and Snow, helps Lady Tremaine to get her revenge on Ella, freeing the captured Mr. Hyde to help her, killing the Oracle to frame Princess Jasmine and kidnaping Dr. Hopper. She even tried to put a wedge between Hook and Henry's bonding relationship. She then threatens to kill everyone in Storybrooke if David and Snow refuse to surrender themselves, and after they did, she curses them by placing a joint sleeping curse upon them.

After finding out about a blade that can kill her, she captures Princess Jasmine and uses the current genie Aladdin to wish for Emma Swan's wish to come true. As a result, the Wish Realm is created. Regina later tricks her and uses her wish to reunite with Emma in the Wish Realm. With Emma and Regina gone, David challenges the Evil Queen in a dual resulting in him making a wish to destroy her. Gideon from the Dark Realm arrives shortly afterwards and turns her into a pet cobra in a coiled cage.

The Evil Queen escapes days later and frees herself by biting on the hand of Robin from the Wish Realm. She uses Robin to get the Shears of Destiny which she then uses on herself and Regina, finally separating them both. As they dual, Regina gets the upper hand and instead of killing her, Regina rips both of their hearts out and balances the light and dark of the heart, giving the Evil Queen some form of love. As a result, the Evil Queen gives up with revenge and apologiszs to Snow and Henry and thanks Regina for giving her a second chance while having left some information on how to get rid of the joint sleeping curse. With Henry's help, she is send to the Wish Realm for a fresh start, where she rejoins Robin in a bar, finally getting her happy ending.

The Evil Queen appears when the Black Fairy attempts to destroy all the realms, and sacrifices herself to prevent this from happening. She reappears after the curse is stopped.

Gideon N/A Giles Matthey
Anton Starkman (child)
6 N/A Alive
Giles Matthey
Gideon is the son of Rumplestiltskin and Belle.

When Mr. Gold sprinkles some Sands of Morpheus over Belle, it also affected his unborn son. Ending up in the Dream World with Mr. Gold and Belle, he masquerades as Morpheus in order to test his mother, Belle. After she passes the test, he reveals to her that he isn't the actual deity and is her son. He then gives her true love's kiss, breaking the curse. He subsequently returns into Belle's dream dimension in the Dream World to warn her about Mr. Gold and wants her to defeat him. As Belle's pregnancy is sped up by the Evil Queen, he tells Belle to give him away for his best chance. After birth, Belle names him Gideon after the character from her book Her Handsome Hero and gives him to his fairy godmother — the Blue Fairy. However, the Black Fairy kidnaps him to the Dark Realm. There, his growth accelerates. As a young boy, he is placed into a cell where the Black Fairy abuses him to turn him dark, but Gideon resists. She even dragged his neighbor Roderick away to be an example for him.

After growing into a twenty-eight years old man, Gideon reunites with Roderick who has plans to get an orb that would enable them to contact the Savior. This turns into an ambush by the Black Fairy who turns Roderick into an insect and steps on him. While stating that the Savior is in Storybrooke, the Black Fairy rips out Gideon's heart so that he can kill Emma and enable the Black Fairy to move freely outside her lair. Gideon returns to Storybrooke, fated to kill Emma as the figure under the hood. He briefly duals with Emma, but loses. He is later manipulated by Mr. Gold to prevent him from turning dark, but Gideon catches on and retrieves the Dark One's dagger to control Mr. Gold. As part of a plan to fix Hrunting, a magical sword, he steals the Blue Fairy's magic to make the sword whole.

Later as Hook is onboard Nautilus to see Captain Nemo off, Gideon appears and commandeers the Nautilus to sail away from Storybrooke.

In order to get close to Emma, Gideon opens up a bar called Aesop's Tables and poses as a bartender named Aesop who was a refugee from the Land of Untold Stories who emigrated there upon failing to come up with stories where most of his stories involved talking animals. Upon collecting a napkin that had Emma's tear on it, Gideon later sheds his disguise upon confronting Emma outside her house following her being contacted by Captain Hook's sea shell. Gideon vows to keep Emma from reuniting with Captain Hook unless he can help him with his new kill the Black Fairy.

When it came to a spell at the Sorcerer's Mansion, Emma and Gideon find it going horribly awry when the Great Spider from the Echoless Forest emerged from the book "Her Handsome Hero" and attacked him. When Gideon pushes Emma into the webs, he stated that he caused the Great Spider to appear as a way to kill of Emma and free the Black Fairy. Retreating to the Storybrooke Clock Tower, Gideon prepares the spell to open the portal. Although it seems to have failed, Gideon was surprised that the Black Fairy had managed to get through.

Gideon posed as David during the Black Fairy's plot to abduct the Mother Superior. While the Black Fairy got away with the Mother Superior, Mr. Gold slapped the Enchanted Cuffs on Gideon in order to get his heart back. Following the visit to Mr. Gold's dream, Mr. Gold was able to get the Black Fairy to return Gideon's heart. Mr. Gold then places Gideon's heart back into his body.

Aladdin N/A Deniz Akdeniz 6 N/A Alive
Aladdin is a former thief and was known as the Savior before Emma Swan became it.

In Agrabah as a thief, Aladdin is hired by Princess Jasmine to obtain the Diamond of the Rough from the Cave of Wonders. After helping her, he is told by Princess Jasmine that he is to be the Savior of Agrabah by defeating Jafar. After Princess Jasmine leaves, he is confronted by Jafar who tells him that in the end, he will die as the Savior. Jafar gives Aladdin a pair of scissors as a way to remove himself as the Savior, but Aladdin choose to not do so. Instead, he saves Princess Jasmine and the Sultan of Agrabah from Jafar by breaking Jafar's staff.

At some point, Aladdin befriended a genie and was able to free him from his lamp.

Sometime later, Aladdin takes refuge in a hideout cottage somewhere in the desert following a hand tremor and is taken care by the Oracle. One day, he is visited by a man from a kingdom in Agrabah, seeking help from Aladdin to defeat a great evil. Moments later, Jafar walks into the cottage where he kills the man and knocks out the Oracle. After he mocks Aladdin on his role as the Savior, Aladdin asks Jafar to kill him. Jafar however refuses to do so and wishes to see him without a happy ending as Jafar claims that saviors do not get happy endings. Using the scissors given to him by Jafar in the past, he strips himself from being the Savior and relocates to the Enchanted Forest. When the Evil Queen cast the Dark Curse, Aladdin is send to the Land Without Magic.

Years later, Emma finds Aladdin in an underground cemetery. He gives her the scissors as a back up plan for her as she is the current Savior. He later reunites with Princess Jasmine. He is later informed by Princess Jasmine that Agrabah and everyone in it vanished.

Aladdin later finds the vacant genie lamp where the genie he befriended is not there. In order to make the genie lamp active, Aladdin puts on the genie bracelets in order to become one. After the Evil Queen captures Princess Jasmine, Aladdin ends up granting the Evil Queen her wish to have Emma's wish of not being a savior to be granted which sends Emma to an alternate timeline where the Evil Queen was defeated. He also tells the Evil Queen that every wish has a price. In her confrontation with the Evil Queen, Regina used the genie wish to go to the alternate timeline. When David deals with the Evil Queen, he manages to get the genie lamp so that Aladdin will see to it that the Evil Queen gets what she deserves. While the wish happened, Regina stated that she already got what she deserved and later escapes when Hook, Henry, and Princess Jasmine arrive. Upon David giving her the genie lamp, Princess Jasmine gets Aladdin to grant her wish of finding where Agrabah went as both of them disappear.

Princess Jasmine Shirin Karen David 6 N/A Alive
Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and Aladdin's lover.

When Jafar began residing at the Capital of Agrabah, he uses his serpent staff to control the Sultan of Agrabah, Jasmine's father. To save her father and all of Agrabah, she recruits Aladdin to help her obtain the Diamond in the Rough from the Cave of Wonders, where she reveals to Aladdin that he is to be the Savior of Agrabah. She is later confronted by Jafar and placed in an hour glass as Jafar proceeds with plans to take over the realm. She is rescued by Aladdin as Jafar flees the capital to a neighbouring kingdom. She does not joins Aladdin in his mission to locate Jafar and stays back at the capital to undo Jafar's doing. Some time later, the capital is attacked and Princess Jasmine seeks help from a nearby kingdom as Aladdin had vanished. On the way back, she is caught in a sand storm which results with the Capital of Agrabah disappearing. She goes to the Oracle and decides to find Aladdin. By unknown means, she, along with the Oracle, goes to the Land of Untold Stories.

Over thirty years later, when Mr. Hyde brings the Land of Untold Stories refugees to Storybrooke, Princess Jasmine takes on the identity as Shirin and becomes an assistant teacher at Storybrooke Elementary School. When she is framed for killing the Oracle and caught by Emma, she is interrogated by Emma and David with Mary Margaret watching. At first, she was reluctant to reveal her real name because of Mr. Hyde until Emma tells her that Mr. Hyde is dead. With the help of the heroes, she reunites with Aladdin. She later tells Aladdin that Agrabah had disappeared and they will never be able to go home. Eventually, after Aladdin becomes a genie, she wishes for the both to appear at the Capital of Agrabah’s new location as they poof away from Storybrooke. They appear in the Enchanted Forest and scouts for Agrabah for weeks. They are eventually reunited with Hook and led to Hangman’s Island where they find Ariel with a genie bottle that has Jafar trapped in.

Fiona/Black Fairy N/A Jaime Murray 6 N/A Deceased
Jaime Murray
Fiona is the former lover of Malcolm, mother of Rumplestiltskin, grandmother of Baelfire and Gideon, great-grandmother of Henry Mills and the creator of the Dark Curse.

Since meeting Malcolm and falling for him, she gives birth to a baby boy. However, a prophecy about her son, a soon-to-be savior, dying in the hands of evil lead her to becoming a fairy by stealing Tiger Lily’s wand. Fiona later breaks into the Sacred Vault of the Fairies to create a curse to banish all the babies to a land without magic to protect her son. With encouragement from Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy, Fiona decides to not cast the curse. Instead, she cuts her son’s fate with the Shears of Destiny and betrays the fairies. The Blue Fairy banishes Fiona to the Dark Realm as punishment, where Fiona becomes known as the cruel Black Fairy and kidnaps children from various worlds and forces them to mine dark fairy dust to create the Dark Curse to somehow reunite with her son. She is briefly summoned years later by her son to find out why she abandoned him, but after find out it was a ruse, the Black Fairy returns to her domain.

About thirty years later, the Black Fairy arrives in Storybrooke after the birth of her grandson, Gideon, and kidnaps him to the Dark Realm and raises him. After twenty-eight years, according to the time in the Dark Realm, the Black Fairy rips his heart out and commands him to return to Storybrooke to kill the Savior. Since then, the Black Fairy had been manipulating events from her domain and eventually frees herself from the Dark Realm with Gideon’s help. She arrives in Storybrooke and prepares for the final battle between her and Emma, and eventually casting the curse to separate Emma’s love one’s before the battle. Her curse also begins the destruction of all the lands with magic so that she will gain ultimate power. Through the curse, she becomes the new Mayor of Storybrooke and Henry’s adoptive mother, convincing Emma that fairy tales and magic in the real world is delusional. Despite her trickery towards everyone in Storybrooke, Mr. Gold and Henry managed to retain their memories. Her downfall began after she deceived Mr. Gold that Belle left him and Gideon to go for a trip around the world. Since finding out the truth about Belle as her captive, Mr. Gold kills the Black Fairy with her wand, turning her into ashes. Following the Black Fairy’s death, her curse comes to and end with everyone’s memories returned and all the destroyed worlds restored.

Tiger Lily N/A Sara Tomko 6 N/A Alive
Tiger Lily is a former fairy who currently resides on Neverland.

As a fairy, Tiger Lily was the fairy godmother to Fiona's child. Tiger Lily's wand was briefly taken by Fiona who used a spell that converted herself into a fairy. Tiger Lily had a hard time keeping Fiona from coming up with a spell to keep Rumplestiltskin safe which led to Fiona becoming the Black Fairy. After the Black Fairy was banished to the Dark Realm by the Blue Fairy, Tiger Lily gave up her wings and moved to Neverland. She briefly meets Captain Hook during her time in Neverland.

Many years later, she encounters Hook again in Neverland, desperate to return to Storybrooke to Emma. After finding out that Emma is the Savior, Tiger Lily agrees to help Hook return home with hopes he would help her give a weapon to Emma that is capable in defeating the Black Fairy. She creates a diversion while Hook removes his shadow to send the weapon to Storybrooke. She, along with Hook is then captured by the Lost Boys. After Emma comes to Neverland, she and Hook breaks free and Hook returns to Storybrooke while Tiger Lily escapes.

Tiger Lily somehow regains her Fairy Magic. After Lucy is directed by her father, Henry, to protect her book while he fights off the great evil chasing them, Tiger Lily visits her as she examines the ruins of her home and searches for her father. Tiger Lily promises her that she did the right thing by fleeing as the book's safety is a top priority. The girl is worried about her father, so Tiger Lily tells her that the fairies have seen the future and knows her family will be reunited, however, when the girl asks if they will be okay, Tiger Lily backpedals and tells her that the future is unclear and she cannot promise they will be okay, but she can promise they will see each other again. She then directs the girl to find her mother.

Drizella N/A Adelaide Kane 7 N/A Unknown
Drizella is an upcoming character.
Princess Tiana N/A Mekia Cox 7 N/A Unknown
Princess Tiana is an upcoming character.
Alice N/A Rose Reynolds 7 N/A Unknown
Alice is an upcoming character.

Guest characters[edit]

Fairy Tale Character Real World Character Portrayer Guest Status
Blind Witch Miss Ginger Patti Allan 1 Alive
Not to be confused with the Blind Witch that tried to eat Hansel and Gretel.

The Blind Witch is a witch with stitched eyes.

She participated in the making of the Evil Queen's curse alongside an evil gnome, an ogre, and some unidentified villains. She is considered to be among those with the darkest souls in the Enchanted Forest, cutting off a lock of her hair to enact the curse.

In Storybrooke, she is Miss Ginger, a bespectacled busybody. After Regina undid her curse, she is sent back to the Enchanted Forest and it is not known if she returned to Storybrooke by Snow White's curse.

Ella Ashley Boyd Jessy Schram 1, W, 4, 6 Alive
Jessy Schram
Ella is the stepdaughter of Lady Tremaine and stepsister to Clorinda and Tisbe.

Living as a maid at Tremaine estate, she wished to attend the royal ball but her dress is destroyed under the orders of Lady Tremaine, gaining the nickname of "Cinder" at the front of her name. She meets Rumplestiltskin after he kills her fairy godmother, and offers her a contract: her wish in exchange for something she will have in the future. She signs without reading the contract and attends a ball where she meets Prince Thomas. The two fall in love and marry. However, Rumplestiltskin later reminds Ella of the contract and informs her that he wants her first-born child. When she discovers she is pregnant, she attempts to run away. However, Thomas and Prince Charming devise a plan to capture Rumplestiltskin. The plan succeeds, but Thomas disappears. Rumplestiltskin vows that she will never see Thomas again until the contract is fulfilled.[41]

In Storybrooke, she is 19-year-old Ashley Boyd, a single, pregnant maid. The baby's father Sean Herman (Prince Thomas) is forbidden to see Ashley by his father Mitchell leading to Mitchell arranging for Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) to pay Ashley in exchange for the baby. She originally agrees to the exchange, but later decides to keep her child. She attempts to flee town but goes into labor at the city limits. Emma Swan brings her to the hospital, where she gives birth to a daughter and reunites with Sean. Emma agrees to be in-debt to Mr. Gold if Ashley is allowed to keep the baby.[41] Ashley and Sean are later engaged. A few years later, Ashley begins teaching parenting classes in Storybrooke and begins running the day care. She later reunites with Clorinda and is nearly killed by Lady Tremaine. Emma managed to heal Ashley who is reunited with Sean.[67]

Lady Tremaine N/A Lisa Banes 1, 6 Alive
Lady Tremaine is the mother of Clorinda and Tisbe and stepmother of Ella.

After the death of her second husband, Lady Tremaine ends up with his daughter, Cinderella. One day, the footman from a nearby kingdom arrives at her estate, inviting her and her family to the Royal Ball held at the castle. On the night of the ball, she takes her daughters, Clorinda and Tisbe, to the ball, leaving Cinderella to do chores at her estate. When Cinderella shows up at the ball, she mocks Cinderella, telling her that the Prince will never choose her, despite him dancing with her. Later, after finding out that the Prince is falling for Cinderella, she breaks Cinderella's glass slipper, the only proof of being the women that the Prince danced with at the ball. She later tries to prevent Clorinda from marrying Jacob, the footman. Instead, she opens a portal to the Land of Untold Stories and banishes her daughter, along with herself there in order to stop her story.

When Mr. Hyde brings the inhabitants from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke, Lady Tremaine is among those inhabitants. Duping Clorinda into helping her, Lady Tremaine tries to enact revenge on Cinderella at a pumpkin farm. After Lady Tremaine threatens to kill Clorinda's lover Jacob (who owns the pumpkin farm), Clorinda tries to stop her. Instead, she stabs Cinderella. Eventually, she is arrested and sentenced to do community service under Storybrooke's law where she picks up garbage under Leroy's watch.

Clorinda N/A Mekenna Melvin 1, 6 Alive
Clorinda is the sister of Tisbe, one of the two daughters of Lady Tremaine, and one of the two stepsisters of Ella.

In the Enchanted Forest, Clorinda is engaged to the Prince's footman Jacob, but is too scared to tell her mother, but thankfully she tells Cinderella. After that, Clorinda and the footman were about to go to the Land of Untold Stories, but are stopped by Lady Tremaine. Clorinda is then forced to go to the Land of Untold Stories with her mother.

In the present, Clorinda was duped into helping her mother get revenge on Cinderella during the confrontation at a pumpkin farm run by Jacob. With the intervention of Emma, Henry, and Captain Hook, Clorinda is happily reunited with Cinderella and the footman while Lady Tremaine is sentenced to community service for the attempted murder of Cinderella.

Tisbe N/A Goldie Hoffman 1, 6 Unknown
Tisbe is the sister of Clorinda, one of the two daughters of Lady Tremaine, and one of the two step sisters of Ella.

Tissue, along with her mother and Clorinda, abandons Cinderella to go to a royal ball at the King's castle. There, she meets a duke. When her mother and sister goes to the Land of Untold Stories, she remains in the Enchanted Forest.

Prince Thomas Sean Herman Tim Phillipps 1, 6 Alive
Prince Thomas is the husband of Cinderella, whom she meets at the ball after she makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin. After Cinderella thinks he loves Clorinda she leaves the ball leaving behind her glass slipper. He then searches the entire kingdom for her and with Snow White's help they find her and he proposals to her and they marry. During their wedding reception, Rumplestiltskin informs Cinderella that he owes her her first-born child in exchange for her lavish life. Thomas comforts a frightened Cinderella, devising a plan with Prince Charming to capture Rumplestiltskin. The plan succeeds, but Thomas disappears, with Rumplestiltskin vowing that she will never see Thomas again until the contract is fulfilled.[41]

In Storybrooke, he is Sean Herman, a cannery worker who is forced by his father Mitchell to leave Ashley after she falls pregnant. Sean eventually decides to go against his father's wishes and visits Ashley to reconcile with her and to see his new-born daughter. A few months later, he proposes to Ashley and the pair are engaged.[41]

Prince James N/A Josh Dallas
Luke Roessler (child)
1, 2, 5, 6 Deceased
Prince James is son of Robert and Ruth, the twin brother of Prince "Charming" David, and stepson of King George.

After James and David were born in order save their farm, Robert and Ruth make a deal with Rumplestiltskin to give up James to King George. Afterwards, James being unhappy with his life runs away to Pleasure Island but is later found by his real father Robert who wants to bring him home but they are both stopped by King George who offers Robert gold to give James back but Robert refuses so King George orders for him to be executed and takes James back home where he eventually becomes just like King George.

When George's kingdom struggles financially, James and his lover Jacqueline "Jack" trick Anton the Giant by stealing treasure from his beanstalk home.[68] He later competes in a battle which ends in a mutual kill, causing George to use his twin brother David to pose as him in order to save the kingdom.[22]

Mary Margaret later encounters Prince James in the Underworld where he is operating as sheriff. It is also revealed that he is envious of David, who was chosen over James to be raised by their parents. It is implied that James is in a romantic relationship with Cruella de Vil.

After knocking out his brother, Sheriff James assumes his identity in order to help Cruella de Vil obtain Zelena's baby. When he and Cruella have Emma Swan and Robin Hood at the Underbrooke Harbor, David arrives upon escaping his cell where he fights Sheriff James who states that his unfinished business is to kill David. Before Sheriff James can kill David, he gets knocked into Underbrooke Harbor by David ending up in the River of Souls. Although David commented about how his brother didn't deserve that, Emma states that some people aren't meant to move on.

Ruth N/A Gabrielle Rose 1, 2, 4, 6 Deceased
Ruth is wife of the late Robert and the late mother of twin brothers Prince James and Prince "Charming" David.

When she and Robert are about to lose their farm they make a deal with Rumplestiltskin and give up their son James. After Robert starts to drink and Ruth is left to care for their other son David much by herself but Robert promises to change and swears to bring James home when he's gone missing and plans to returns home to his family but she later finds out her died and is told his death was caused by an accidental overdose. Later on she and David continue to live on the farm but are tormented by a warlord named Little Bo Peep who brands them if they don't give her their weekly pay but they are freed from her when David gains the strength and bravery from a girl named Anna.

When James is killed in battle, Ruth tries to convince her second son, shepherd David, to marry King Midas' daughter in order to save their farm. She tells David of James whom he originally had no knowledge of, informing him that she gave him away as an heir to King George to keep their farm. George later forces David to pose as James and marry Princess Abigail in order to unite the kingdom. Ruth gives David her wedding ring to pass on to his true love, Snow White.[22] Ruth is later shot by a poisoned arrow from George's knights when David arranges to meet his mother. David, Snow and Lancelot attempt to cure her with the water of Lake Nostos, but unbeknownst to them, she instead gives Snow the healing water to make her fertile again following King George's potion. As her dying wish, Ruth witnesses Snow marry her son, before passing away.[47]

King Midas N/A Alex Zahara 1, 3 Unknown
King Midas is the father of Princess Abigail, who possesses powers to turn all he touches to gold. Thus he had one hand cut off and has a special glove over his other hand to hold back the Golden Touch. Due to this, he accidentally transforms his daughter's true love Fredrick into a statue whilst protecting him. After a dragon terrorizes Midas' kingdom, he enlists King George's son James to kill the creature. After James is killed, his twin brother David takes his place, slaughtering the dragon, leading Midas to offer David his daughter's hand in marriage. However, Abigail chooses to marry a now human Frederick for love while David weds Snow White.[22]
Zoso N/A Brad Dourif 1, 4, 5 Deceased
Zoso was an unmatched sorcerer who was The Dark One before Rumplestiltskin. He used his powers to have parents send their children to fight in the Ogre Wars. However, Zoso was only a slave to the Duke (who wielded The Dark One's dagger which enabled anyone who possessed it to control him) that resided in the frontlands. Seeking freedom from the Duke, Zoso manipulates Rumplestiltskin while in the form of a beggar by telling him to burn down the Duke's castle and steal The Dark One's dagger. After the objectives are filled, Rumplestiltskin stabs him with the dagger, killing him, which allows Rumplestiltskin to become the new Dark One.[26]
King Leopold N/A Richard Schiff
Eric Lange (young adult)
1, 2, 3 Deceased
King Leopold is the father of Snow White and the husband of Queen Eva. He later marries Regina, his second wife.

As a Prince, Leopold meets Cora after she is betrayed by Jonathan, a man claiming to be a Prince. The two form a strong bond until Cora learns he is engaged to Princess Eva, who informs Leopold of her secret child, leading him to remove Cora from his kingdom. Becoming King, Leopold marries Eva and the two have a daughter named Snow White, though Eva later dies after being poisoned by Cora. The latter later sets up her daughter Regina to marry Leopold by getting Regina to save Snow's life.[45] Upon finding the Genie's lamp, he cannot think of anything he desires, so instead frees the Genie and invites him to his castle to work with him. These actions end in disaster when the Genie falls in love with Regina and plots to kill the King to free her from the loveless marriage. The Genie places poisonous vipers from Agrabah in the King’s bed, killing him.[13]

Sir Maurice Moe French Eric Keenleyside 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Alive
Sir Maurice is the ruler of a kingdom where he is the husband of Colette and the father of Belle. He once introduced Belle to Gaston at the time when the Ogre Wars were starting. During one of the Ogre attacks, Maurice lost Colette to the invading Ogres. He later enlists Rumplestiltskin to save his people from the Ogre Wars. He agrees on the condition that Belle must leave her family and become the caretaker of his estate. Maurice declines, but Belle agrees to the bargain.[27]

In Storybrooke, he is Moe French, a florist. Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) repossesses the shop's van, leading to Moe robbing his house and being beaten viciously.[27] After the curse is broken, Moe begins to search for Belle, hiring Mr. William Smee to locate her. Initially they are reunited, but when Moe learns that Belle still has feelings for Rumplestiltskin, he tries to send her across town lines in order to have her forget him. After Gold rescues Belle, she tells both him and her father that she wishes to never see them again.[55]

Belle and Moe later reconcile and Moe gives his blessing for Belle to marry Mr. Gold. After returning from the Underworld, Mr. Gold pays him a visit and Moe is displeased to see him again. Moe is asked to wake Belle up from her sleeping curse, but refuses to wake her until Gold is gone.

Gaston N/A Sage Brocklebank (first appearance)
Wes Brown
1, 5 Deceased
Gaston is Belle's betrothed.

Hoping to reunite their kingdoms, Sir Maurice wants Belle to marry Gaston. As Belle is reluctant to marry him, Gaston decides to spend time with her. On a walk in the forest, they find a young ogre trapped in an underground hole. Without Belle's knowledge, Gaston tortures the ogre. When Belle uses an enchanted mirror to disclose the culprit, Gaston is revealed. Despite this, Sir Maurice still persuades to give Gaston a second chnace. Sometime later, Gaston becomes Belle's fiancé. During the ogre raid, Belle is given to Rumplestiltskin in exchange for the kingdom's safety. Gaston later goes to Rumplestiltskin's castle to save her, but is turned into a rose. Unknown to her, Belle cuts the rose's stem to place it in a vase, killing him. His soul is then sent to the Underworld.

In the Underworld, Gaston works at the Underbrooke Pet Shelter. Hades approaches him with a deal to get his revenge on Mr. Gold. Hades gives him arrows that were dipped into the River of Lost Souls. Anyone who is hit by the arrows ends up in the River of Lost Souls. Belle figures out that she is the unfinished business that Gaston has. Near the Underbrooke Harbor which the River of Lost Souls flows through, Mr. Gold has Gaston in a stranglehold until Belle arrives. Belle uses the Dark One's Dagger to have him release Gaston. When Gaston starts to attack Mr. Gold, Belle accidentally knocks Gaston into the Underbrooke Harbor causing him to end up in the River of Lost Souls.

Daniel Colter N/A Noah Bean 1, 2 Deceased
Noah Bean
Daniel Colter was a stable boy at Regina's home when she was a teenager. He gave her riding lessons and was also her secret lover. After Regina saves a young Snow White's life, King Leopold proposes to her. To avoid the unwanted marriage, Regina devises a plan to run away with Daniel, but Cora kills him upon learning of their relationship from Snow White.[45] After Regina learns basic magic, she uses a preservation spell on Daniel's body, keeping him in a glass case and dedicating her time to finding a way to bring him back to life. Jefferson brings Dr. Victor Frankenstein to her from his world and he performs an experiment on Daniel's body, failing. It is later revealed that he failed on purpose as part of a deal with Rumplestiltskin, who wanted Regina to give into her dark side.

After the curse in Storybrooke is broken, Dr. Whale (Victor Frankenstein) wishes for Regina to return him to his world. In order to persuade her, he attempts the experiment on Daniel again, this time succeeding. However, the pain of resurrection turns Daniel into a "monster" who rips off Whale's arm. During a brief moment of painful lucidity, Daniel tells Regina to forget their love and "love again", before lapsing back into psychotic behavior and attempting to attack her; a heartbroken Regina turns Daniel to dust.[69]

While in the Underworld, Regina discovered that Daniel's tombstone is on its side meaning that Daniel has no unfinished businesses and is on Mount Olympus.

Milah N/A Rachel Shelley 2, 5 Deceased
Milah is the ex-wife of Rumplestiltskin and ex-girlfriend of Captain Hook and the mother of Baelfire.

Sometime during the Ogre Wars, Milah gave birth to Baelfire. She and Rumplestiltskin come to the aid of Baelfire when he gets bitten by an Atlantean Rat Snake. As the cure to the 24-hour venom owned by Fendrake the Healer is expensive, both of them had to come up with a plan to obtain it. Rumplestiltskin had to make a deal with Fendrake to obtain the cure, they administered it to Baelfire.

While at a bar, a drunk threatened Milah until she is saved by Captain Hook. At some point, Rumplestiltskin finds out that Milah has been having an affair with Captain Hook and secretly leaves with Captain Hook on his journey out to sea. Rumplestiltskin thinks that Captain Hook kidnapped her and sets out to find her. Upon becoming the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin catches up to Captain Hook where Milah stated that Captain Hook didn't kidnap her. Milah states that she couldn't stay in a loveless marriage with Rumplestiltskin and that she never loved him. This causes an angry Rumplestiltskin to rip out her heart and crush it and kills Milah.

In the Underworld, Mr. Gold encounters Milah as a crossing guard and enlists her to help him and Emma rescue Captain Hook from his prison near the River of Lost Souls. While waiting for Emma's return, she admits to Mr. Gold that her guilt over leaving Baelfire is keeping her in the Underworld and that she regrets treating her son poorly because she hated her husband. Recalling that Baelfire forgave him for betraying him, Mr. Gold offers her hope about their son forgiving her as well. Since she now knows Baelfire is happy and in a better place, she has hopes her unfinished business is done, and that she can move on. Milah is temporarily frozen by Hades so that he can make a deal with Mr. Gold. After the discussion, Mr. Gold was forced to destroy the boat. Then Mr. Gold regrettably sends Milah into the River of Lost Souls all the while feeling remorse. When Emma and Captain Hook arrived, Mr. Gold told them that Hades attacked and sent Milah into the River of Lost Souls.

Anton N/A Jorge Garcia 2 Alive
Jorge Garcia
Anton is a Giant based on the giant that was featured in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Prior to the curse, Anton resided in a realm of giants which could only be accessed via a large beanstalk. His brothers Abraham and Arlo referred to him as "Tiny" and often mocked his love for knowing more of the outside world. In retaliation, he journeyed down the beanstalk and befriended Prince James and his lover Jacqueline "Jack", who gave Anton a piece of mushroom from Wonderland that shrinks him to human size. Jack tells Anton James' kingdom is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs money. Anton offers to give them treasure from his home, however, they betray him and lead an army to fight against the Giants, causing the death of all his kind except for Anton. He develops a hatred towards humans for what happened to his family.

Years later after the Evil Queen's curse is broken, Emma Swan and Captain Hook journey up the beanstalk to retrieve a magic compass. Anton attacks them, but Emma pleads with him that she needs the compass to get back to her son. He reluctantly gives the compass to Emma, stating that all humans are alike. However, Emma responds by stating that he is wrong to generalize.[70]

Back in Storybrooke, Captain Hook reveals that Cora shrunk Anton to bring him to the new land. Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) restores his giant size, and he rampages through Storybrooke, attempting to kill David, who he mistakes for James. However, when the magic wears off, he falls into a pit. David rescues him, convincing him to trust them all. Anton reveals to the group that he owns a magic bean and works with the Seven Dwarfs to harvest beans as portals until Regina destroys them during the time when Greg and Tamara have infiltrated Storybrooke.[68]

Anton succeeds to produce only one magic bean on the burnt-out fields. As a token of appreciation for her work, Anton gives the magic bean to Ruby which she uses to come back to the Enchanted Forest in order to find any other werewolves.

Seer N/A Shannon Lucio
Brighid Fleming (child)
2 Deceased
The Seer is first seen as a child and prisoner kept in a cage by the forces of the Duke. Rumplestiltskin is training with the army during the Ogre Wars and is horrified to see a child whose eyes are cut out and embedded into her palms. She informs him that she can see the future, foreseeing his wife Milah giving birth to his child and due to his actions on the battlefield, his son will become fatherless. The Seer then tells him that they are fated to meet again, then vanishes.

Years after the predictions come true and he is parted from his son, Rumplestiltskin returns as The Dark One and the now adult Seer gives him the ideas for the evil curse. At the time, he was quite angry since all this happened because he acted without getting all the possible information. Before she dies, she transfers her powers to him telling him the person who will lead him to his son is a young boy. That young boy will be the undoing of The Dark One. However, he is unaware that the boy would later turn out to be his grandson Henry Mills.

Queen Eva N/A Rena Sofer
Eva Bourne (young adult)
2, 3 Deceased
Rena Sofer
Queen Eva is the deceased mother of Snow White and the first wife of King Leopold.

As a Princess, Eva is spoiled and selfish, forced into an arranged marriage to Prince Leopold, who simultaneously falls in love with Cora. However, Eva learns of Cora's secret child with Jonathan, a man claiming to be a Prince, and informs Leopold, leading him to remove Cora from his kingdom.

She later trips Cora during her visit to King Xavier causing Eva to fly into a "rage". As a changed, mature adult, she teaches her daughter, Snow White, kindness, respect for service, and to avoid dark magic. She unexpectedly falls ill before Snow's birthday. The Royal Doctor cannot heal her, so her servant Johanna informs Snow that she should talk to the Blue Fairy. The fairy offers Snow a magic candle which would save the life of her mother at the cost of another's life. She refuses the candle which pleases Eva, who eventually dies. Following the Queen's funeral, the "Blue Fairy" is revealed to be Cora in disguise. Over the corpse of Eva, she confesses to poisoning her in order to place Regina on the throne as well as to turn Snow White evil.[71]

When Snow White was possessed by Cora's ghost as part of Regina's plan to get answers about Zelena, Snow White learned of her mother's dark past.

Dragon N/A Tzi Ma 2, 5, 6 Alive
The Dragon is a healer.

Sometime ago, the Dragon had a daughter, but due to a mistake, he loses her. He later ends up in the Land Without Magic and starts a healing clinic, healing uncured diseases using magic he brought from his land. While being a healer, the Dragon also took some interest in the Author, mainly researching about him.[72]

Later on, he is visited by Tamara who is on the hunt for magical creatures. When she finds out that the Dragon is magical, she tries to kill him. As he tries to reveal to her his true self, she kills him with a magical taser and his course is found by August.[73]

Years later, it is shown that the Dragon somehow survived Tamara's attack and is living life as a herbal shop owner. He is visited by Mr. Gold and Regina who requires his help to open a portal to the Land of Untold Stories. Despite being powerful, he fails to open a portal as magic in the Land Without Magic is limited, but encourages them to try harder and believe in the possibilities of magic in the land. After Regina split herself from her evil self - the Evil Queen, the entity survives and pays a visit to the Dragon. She rips the Dragon's heart and asks his help to defeat Regina. Unwilling to help, the Evil Queen sends the Dragon to the World Behind the Mirrors. He later helps Emma and Regina to find a way out of the Land of Mirrors when they are banished there. Using his heart, the Evil Queen (Serum) transforms The Dragon into a Chinese dragon in order to attack Emma and Regina. The Evil Queen tells Henry that he can save them by using the Hammer of Hephaestus on The Dragon's heart. Instead, Henry throws the Hammer of Hephaestus towards the mirror enough to crack it. Seeing this happen, Emma and Regina trick the transformed Dragon into attacking the mirror enough to return them to Storybrooke. Before the mirror exploded, Henry managed to save the Dragon's heart.

In a discussion with Henry while trying to break the joint sleeping curse on Mary Margaret and David, Regina commented that he freed The Dragon from the World Behind the Mirrors.

Sheriff of Nottingham Keith Wil Traval 2, 4, 6 Alive
Wil Traval
The Sheriff of Nottingham was once humiliated by Robin Hood who then stole his love Maid Marian, turning him into an alcoholic.[62]

Cora later encountered the Sheriff of Nottingham while looking for Robin Hood to please her daughter Regina. Upon being unable to find his location, Cora had the Sheriff of Nottingham pose as Robin, though Regina discovers the ruse and locked him up in one of her dungeons. Cora later teleported him out of the dungeon when confronted by Regina.

In Storybrooke, he is Keith, a frequent patron of The Rabbit Hole bar. He meets Lacey (Belle) and later goes on a date with her. Unaware that Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) and Belle are a couple, Keith is beaten by Gold.[62]

Keith is later seen again and is almost killed by the Wish Realm's Robin Hood, but is later saved and sent someplace safe by Regina.

Darling Family
The Darling Family consists of Wendy, John, Michael, Nana, Mr. Darling and Mrs. Darling.

Using the Magic Bean given by the Blue Fairy, Baelfire ended up in 19th Century London[74] to escape from the witchcraft and magic of the Enchanted Forest. Living as a poor street urchin, Bae breaks into the Darling Family's house, stealing bread. Once aboard The Jolly Roger in Neverland, Baelfire protests to Captain Hook that he wishes to be returned to the Darlings as he views them as his real family.[30]

Wendy Darling N/A Freya Tingley 2, 3 Alive
Freya Tingley
Wendy Darling is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darling. Baelfire is discovered by Wendy upon arriving in London, England, who offers him shelter secretively. Wendy is later caught by her parents, who decide to adopt him. The children tell Bae of a mysterious shadow that comes to their window every night with the ability to transport them to the magical world of Neverland. Having had his life torn apart by magic in the Enchanted Forest, Bae tells them to ignore The Shadow. Despite this, Wendy departs with the creature to Neverland.[46] The day after her departure, Wendy tells of Neverland, saying that The Shadow let her return as she was a girl, promising to come back for her brothers. That night, the children unsuccessfully create traps to protect themselves, leading Bae to sacrifice himself to The Shadow.[46]

Wendy is later shown to be a prisoner of Peter Pan in Neverland, who is using an adult John and Michael to head to Storybrooke and prevent Belle and Ariel giving Mr. Gold Pandora's box, which he and Regina are seeking in order to defeat Pan in exchange for Wendy's freedom. Pan later forces Wendy to pretend to be ill in order for Henry to harness his belief in magic, before she is returned to her cage. Mr. Gold is instructed by Ariel to attempt to save Wendy on his quest to kill Pan.[75] Wendy is later saved by Bae, and in return she informs him and the rest of the group of Pan's intentions to kill Henry. She is then rescued and escapes Neverland en route to be reunited with her brothers.[32] Upon their reunion in Storybrooke, the Darlings prepare to travel back to their world.

John Darling N/A Matt Kane
William Ainschough (child)
2, 3 Alive
John Darling is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Darling.

As a child, he lives with his sister Wendy and brother Michael. Baelfire saves him and his family from being taken to Neverland by Peter Pan's Shadow. Later on, he, along with Wendy and Michael goes to Neverland to save Baelfire, but Wendy ends up being captured by Pan. In order to keep her alive, John and Michael does Pan's bidding. Later, Pan pinned the heart of the truest believer in a child who is yet to be born in the Land Without Magic. Sometime before the Evil Queen's curse, he sends both John and Michael to the Land Without Magic to retrieve it.

Eighteen years later, John and Michael tries to adopt a baby infant who has the heart of the truest believer but failed after Regina decides to keep him after her initial struggle.

A few years later, John returns to Storybrooke with Michael before Belle casts a cloaking spell around the town which damaged the rear of their car. He and Michael find Belle and Ariel in Mr. Gold's shop and retrieve Pandora's Box from them, revealing that they were sent by Peter Pan to prevent the two giving the item to Mr. Gold. Belle and Ariel later stop the pair from destroying the box with a dwarf axe. It is then revealed that the brothers wanted to destroy the object in a deal to save Wendy, who is being held prisoner by Peter Pan in Neverland. Mr. Gold is instructed by Ariel to attempt to save Wendy on his quest to kill Pan.[75] After the Darlings are reunited in Storybrooke, the siblings prepare for their return to their world.

Michael Darling N/A James Immekus
Benjamin Cook (child)
2, 3 Alive
Michael Darling is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Darling.

As a child, he lives with his sister Wendy and brother John. Baelfire saves him and his family, from being taken to Neverland by Peter Pan's Shadow. He later goes to Neverland with Wendy and John to save him, but Wendy ends up being captured by Pan. To keep her alive, he and John does Pan's bidding. When Pan pins the heart of the truest believer on a child yet to be born, he sends Michael and John to the Land Without Magic to retrieve it before the Queen's curse.

Eighteen years later, Michael and John tries to adopt a baby infant who has the heart of the truest believer but failed after Regina decides to keep him after her initial struggle.

A few years later, Michael returns to Storybrooke with John before Belle casts a cloaking spell around the town which damaged the rear of their car. He and John find Belle and Ariel in Mr. Gold's shop and retrieve Pandora's Box from them, revealing that they were sent by Pan to prevent the two giving the item to Mr. Gold. Belle and Ariel later stop the pair from destroying the box with a dwarf axe. It is then revealed that the brothers wanted to destroy the object in a deal to save Wendy, who is being held prisoner by Peter Pan in Neverland. Mr. Gold is instructed by Ariel to attempt to save Wendy on his quest to kill Pan.[75] After the Darlings are reunited in Storybrooke, the siblings prepare for their return to their world.

Cheshire Cat N/A Keith David (voice) W Alive
Keith David
The Cheshire Cat is a cat who has a history with a younger Alice.

When Alice returns to Wonderland, she finds the Cheshire Cat in large form where the Red Queen told him that Alice would be a better food for him. The Cheshire Cat attempts to kill her, though he is fed a piece of mushroom by the Knave of Hearts which shrinks him back to normal size as he flees.

Merry Men
The Merry Men are a group of men that work with Robin Hood to steal from the rich and help the poor.
Little John N/A Jason Burkart 3, W, 4, 5 Alive
Little John is a member of the Merry Men. In an attempt to leave Storybrooke, he is turned into a flying monkey. Following Zelena's defeat, he is returned to his human form. He later returns to the Enchanted Forest to raise Roland in Sherwood Forest with the rest of the Merry Men after Robin Hood's funeral.
Friar Tuck N/A Michael P. Northey W, 3, 5 Alive
Friar Tuck is a member of the Merry Men. Will Scarlet implies that Tuck is usually drunk, even on a Sunday. He later returns to the Enchanted Forest with Little John, Roland and the rest of the Merry Men after Robin Hood's funeral.
Roland N/A Raphael Alejandro 3, 4, 5 Alive
Roland is the son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. He was raised by Robin Hood after the death of his mother. They later end up in Storybrooke, where he becomes close to Regina, his new mother figure. After his father's death he is later taken back to the Enchanted Forest by Little John and the rest of the Merry Men, to be raised in Sherwood Forest as his father's successor. Zelena plans to visits him with his sister Robin.
Silvermist N/A Jordana Largy W Alive
Silvermist is a fairy who helps Alice and the Knave of Hearts travel across the river on their search for her true love Cyrus. She is reluctant on helping the Knave as the two have a complicated history. En route across the river, she drops the Knave into the river as he jokingly taunts her about their history. After Alice gets the Mock Turtle to carry them across the river, Silvermist was waiting for them and she and the Knave went their separate ways.
Grendel N/A Steve Bacic W Deceased
Steve Bacic
Grendel is a half-beast half-human man who captures Alice and the Knave of Hearts as they approach his home. They are seeking the Forget Me Knot, a magical rope that when placed over an area, will show the viewer the last thing that happened there. They were informed of its location from the Caterpillar. He ties them up as they witness The Grendel talking to a woman in a scene inside the Forget Me Knot. As they escape, they run into a Bandersnatch, a monstrous creature who Alice has battled before. The two successfully kill the beast with the Forget Me Knot and The Grendel thanks them for saving his life. He then reveals to them that The Grendel used the rope to remember his late-wife. He further explains that he stole the rope from the Red Queen. For his crime, she transformed him into the beast. He gives Alice and the Knave the Forget Me Knot as it is useless to him now that the vision of his wife has been over-written. He is later visited by Jafar and the Red Queen who promise to bring back his wife in return for him telling them who killed the Bandersnatch. He agrees, though Jafar tricks him by re-uniting him with his wife....only through killing him.
Liam Jones N/A Bernard Curry 3, 5 Deceased
Liam Jones is the son of Brennan Jones, older brother to Killian Jones and half-brother to Liam.[76]

Liam and Killian are sold into servitude, one ship they served on was owned by Captain Silver. During Captain Silver's mission to infiltrate the hurricane to obtain a sapphire called the Eye of the Storm, Liam orchestrated a mutiny to save his fellow workers from their doom. While reading the sea maps, Liam is approached by Hades who warns him that his mutiny won't work for him while asking for the cargo on the ship in the form of the souls that are on the ship. Hades offers Liam a deal to let the ship sink in exchange for Killian and Liam being spared and the Eye of the Storm being given to him. Liam gives in to Hades' deal and gives Killian his lucky ring. As part of Hades' deal, Killian and Liam survived and the sailors with them perished. Upon reaching shore, they are greeted by the soldiers that provide them a ship for them to work on that is in services of the soldiers' king.

With assistance from Killian, he worked for an unknown King where they are sent to Neverland to retrieve a plant called Dreamshade. In Neverland, he gets poisoned by the Dreamshade. With Peter Pan's help, he and Hook retrieve some magical waters to cure him. Upon returning to the Enchnated Forest, he dies as the cure will only work in Neverland.[77]

Emma Swan and Captain Hook later reunited with Liam in the Underworld. He helps them to locate the Underworld's version of the Once Upon a Time book. After finding the book, he rips pages that contains Hades' story per deal with Hades. He, along with Hook, later gets kidnapped by Captain Silver and his crew with hopes of sending them both to the Worst Place. The group is interrupted by Hades who then tries to banish Hook to the Worst Place. To protect Hook, Liam persuades Hades to send him instead, which Hades obeys to. However, due to him resolving his unfinished business, a portal to Mount Olympus opens instead. Liam and Captain Silver's crews leaves the Underworld for Mount Olympus as he bids farewell to Hook.

Prince Eric N/A Gil McKinney 3, 6 Alive
Prince Eric is Ariel's true love whom he first meets following a shipwreck from which she saves him. A year later, Ariel uses her legs to meet Eric at a ball. He remembers her from his dreams of the wreck, and invites her to travel with him. She later returns to him, only to find that the Evil Queen has stolen her voice, meaning she cannot communicate with him.[59]

Whilst summoning Ariel in Neverland, Regina (the Evil Queen) mentions that Eric was transported to Storybrooke, where she locates Ariel to in order to retrieve an item from Mr. Gold's shop.[59] Later, Eric is reunited with Ariel (who is now permanently human thanks to the spell on the special bracelet) in Storybrooke where she finds him working as a fisherman near the Storybrooke Docks. After Peter Pan enacts his curse, Eric, along with the other inhabitants, are returned to their original worlds.[33] It is later revealed that Eric was kidnapped by the pirate Blackbeard and sent to Hangman's Island, in a bid to steal the Jolly Roger from Captain Hook. Ariel later finds Eric and the two live together on the island.[60]

Ursula/Goddess of the Sea N/A Yvette Nicole Brown (voice) 3 Unknown
Ursula is a famed ancient Goddess of the Sea who is worshiped by mermaids and humans. King Poseidon's daughter is named after her.

In an act of trickery, the Evil Queen impersonates Ursula in order to lure a mermaid, Ariel, with an offer to remain human permanently, but the cost is someone else must take her place. Ariel follows suit by clasping a magical bracelet on a human friend, Snow White, which causes her legs to turn into a mermaid tail. Eventually, Ariel discovers the truth and distracts the Evil Queen so she and Snow White can escape. However, the Evil Queen gets back at Ariel by stealing her voice and later returns to her palace. In one of the mirrors, Ursula makes herself known and plunges out her tentacles to entrap the Evil Queen. Deeply offended at the masquerading ploy, she threatens if it happens again, the Evil Queen will find out exactly how real Ursula is.

Elizabeth N/A Lauren McKnight W Deceased
Elizabeth is a young woman who is one of the Caterpillar's Collectors. She is often called as Lizard by most of the people in Wonderland.

Alice meets her upon attempting to locate the Knave of Hearts after the two split up. She tells Alice that she and the Knave were great friends in his earlier days, assisting him with many battles in Wonderland. She also reveals of his love for Anastasia, and this being the real reason that he escaped forget her abandonment of him. Lizard later attempts to help Alice rescue the Knave, though she is knocked out by Jafar. She does regain consciousness where she sees Anastasia looking at the Knave's petrified form.

Later after bathing in the river, Elizabeth finds Cyrus' lamp where the Knave of Hearts is now residing. She does make some wishes which improves a nearby town. Elizabeth then admits to the Knave of Hearts that she has feelings for him. After unwittingly making her third wish for the Knave of Hearts to feel something for her, Elizabeth falls dead. The Jabberwocky later finds Elizabeth's dead body and takes her eyes so that Jafar can track down Cyrus' lamp.

Amara N/A Zuleikha Robinson W Deceased
Amara is the mother of Taj, Cyrus and Rafi. She is a powerful healer and sorceress who is feared amongst the residents of Agrabah.

After Amara was badly injured in a house fire, her sons steals the healing waters of the Well of Wonders to cure her, but her sons are turned into genies by Nyx, the guardian of the well and are scattered across Agrabah. Since then, she became a powerful sorcerer in Agrabah in a bit to find her sons. She is approached by Jafar who wishes to learn magic from her in order to enact revenge on the Sultan. Years later, after much training, she gets involved in a romantic relationship with Jafar. Eventually, she tells Jafar on changing the laws of magic which requires the power of three genies but leaves out details of the genies origin, being her sons. After helping Jafar to retrieve two of the bottles, she is eventually betrayed by him after Jafar pins the final bottle's whereabout. Jafar poisons her and turns her into a serpent staff which he uses to channel her magic and uses it to his wish. As a staff, she is briefly destroyed by Aladdin after he snapped the staff into half but eventually restored by Jafar.

Many years later, the Jabberwocky helps Alice and Cyrus turn Amara back to human form to fight against Jafar in Wonderland. In the fight, Cyrus is brutally injured, leaving Amara with no choice but to join forces with Jafar to change the laws of magic. Amara then escapes with Cyrus and Alice on a magic carpet to the White Rabbit's house where she heals Cyrus. She later joins Cyrus on their trip to the Well of Wonders to return the stolen water to Nyx to break the genie curse. Amara sacrifices herself to Nyx, causing her to turn into a pool of water. Despite Jafar's interference, the water is eventually returned to Nyx.

Anastasia's Mother N/A Sarah-Jane Redmond W Alive
Anastasia's Mother is an unnamed woman who catches her daughter just before she jumps through a looking glass with her lover Will Scarlet. Her mother disapproves of her relationship with him, telling her how she worked hard to make her daughter a royal Queen forbidding Anastasia to leave. Will tells Anastasia that she loves her for who she truly is and she bids farewell to her mother, traveling to Wonderland with Will.
Red King N/A Garwin Sanford W Deceased
The Red King owns a palace somewhere in Wonderland. When Anastasia and Will Scarlet arrive in Wonderland, they decide to attend a royal ball held by the Red King in order to steal bread. The Red King does not recognize Anastasia and when Will is found acting suspiciously, the two are thrown out of the palace. Anastasia forges a plan to return and steal the crown jewels which she noticed while attending the ball. As she begins her part of the heist, she is caught by the Red King. Instead of punishing her, he offers her his hand in marriage insisting that true love will not make her eternally happy. She accepts this deal where she abandons Will and becoming the Red Queen. The Red King disapproves of magic and therefore, he and the Queen of Hearts are enemies. He later becomes disloyal towards the Red Queen and eventually was killed by the Queen of Hearts.
Carpenter N/A John Prowse W Deceased
The Carpenter is a man whom Alice meets upon entering the Black Forest in search of Cyrus. He tells Alice that she should stay in the area to be happy. Plants release vapor into Alice's face from the trees which make her lose her memory and put her into a positive daze. When the Knave of Hearts comes to rescue Alice, he notices that the Carpenter is attached to a tree, having fully succumbed to the plants' powers. Upon death, a tombstone for him appears in the Underworld.
Sarah N/A Heather Doerksen W Alive
Heather Doerksen
Sarah is Edwin's second wife, Millie's mother and Alice's stepmother.

Sarah married Edwin and together they got a daughter, Millie. Years later, Sarah meets Alice upon returning from Wonderland after she loses her true love Cyrus. She is shown to be strict and forceful, disbelieving her stories of Wonderland, much like Alice's father Edwin. Sarah is adamant on protecting Millie from Alice's theories.

Many years later, Sarah is seen at Alice's and Cyrus' wedding, finally believing the existence of Wonderland.

Millie N/A Kylie Rogers W Alive
Millie is Alice's half-sister following her father's marriage to Millie's mother Sarah. Unlike her parents, Millie is fond of Alice's stories.
Mr. Darcy N/A Dallas Sauer W Alive
Mr. Darcy is a young man from Victorian England.

After Alice returns from Wonderland, Sarah arranges a date for Alice with Mr. Darcy. Alice, still grief-stricken after losing her true love Cyrus, declines a date with him.

Mirza N/A Michael Sangha
Daniel Zolghadri (child)
W Deceased
Mirza is the son and heir of the Sultan.

When Jafar, the Sultan's bastard son, arrives to live with his father in the palace, he is appointed as the family's servant boy. Mirza abuses him, which the Sultan approves of, telling Jafar that he will have to make people fear him in order to become a Sultan. Many years later, the Sultan is accosted by a grown-up Jafar in his palace. Jafar threatens to kill him and challenges Mirza to a duel. This results in Mirza fleeing only to be murdered by Jafar's sorcery.

Mrs. Rabbit N/A Whoopi Goldberg (voice) W Alive
Whoopi Goldberg
Mrs. Rabbit is the wife of Percy the White Rabbit and mother of his two children.

When Alice is injured by swordsmen who attempt to use the Genie to make wishes for them, Cyrus takes Alice to Percy's home where Mrs. Rabbit tends to her successfully healing her. Mrs. Rabbit and her children are later captured by the Red Queen who uses them as hostages to force Percy to assist in helping her on her mission to make Alice make her wishes to return to the Knave.

Years later, the Knave figured out where the Red Queen is holding Mrs. Rabbit and her children and Alice was able to rescue them.

Walsh/Wizard of Oz N/A Christopher Gorham 3 Deceased
Walsh is a failed circus performer from Kansas who found himself in Oz.

In Oz, he becomes the Wizard of Oz, a supposedly powerful sorcerer in the land by tricking Glinda. When Zelena requests the truth of her upbringing, she visits the Wizard who gives her a pair of slippers that send Zelena to the Enchanted Forest. Returning with knowledge of how her mother abandoned her in favor of her sister Regina, Zelena learns the truth about the Wizard's true identity. Zelena transforms Walsh into a flying monkey to serve in her revenge plot against Regina.[78] After Dorothy Gale supposedly defeats Zelena, she poses as the Wizard to send Dorothy back to Kansas using the pair of slippers.

In the real world, he appears in his original human form, as the owner of a furniture shop called "The Wizard of Oak." Sent by Zelena to New York City to persuade Emma Swan to stay away from her family in Storybrooke, he becomes her boyfriend. When Emma receives her pre-existing real memories from Hook, she realizes she must return to Storybrooke. When she declines Walsh's offer of marriage, he appears angered and transforms into his cursed flying monkey form. Emma fights off Walsh after he begins to attack her, pushing him from her apartment roof, unintentionally killing him where he turns to smoke upon hitting the ground.

Nyx N/A Leah Gibson W Alive
Leah Gibson
Nyx is the Guardian of the Well of Wonders.

Nyx would allow the water to be used on anyone who is worthy of it and curses anyone who misuses it. She cursed Cyrus, Taj, and Rafi by turning them into genies with their lamps being scattered after they took her water to heal their mother Amara.

Years later, Alice learns of Cyrus' curse revolving around the Well of Wonders as they head there to find a way to break the curse. After Alice solves the riddle of which door to take, Cyrus tells Alice to stay behind so that he can atone for his sins. Upon arriving at the Well of Wonders, Nyx emerges as Cyrus asks for Nyx's mercy and to get his brothers free from Jafar. While Cyrus states that he has learned his lesson, Nyx states that the water was used on his mother and tells Cyrus that she is still alive. Nyx still states that the water should be returned to her as she withdraws back into the Well of Wonders. When Cyrus brings Amara to the Well of Wonders for Amara to surrender herself to Nyx, Jafar interferes and prevents Amara from returning the water to Nyx. When Alice arrives and tries to do the job, Jafar ends up stealing the water from Alice which ended up incurring the wrath of Nyx. Nyx then traps Jafar in a genie bottle and makes it disappear which undoes the changes to the Laws of Magic that Jafar and Amara had done and freeing Will, Taj, and Rafi from the genie curse. Upon foreseeing that the Red Queen will live, Nyx gave Alice and Cyrus some water from the Well of Wonders so that the Red Queen can be resurrected.

Black Beard N/A Charles Mesure 3, 4, 6 Alive
Charles Mesure
Black Beard is a pirate captain, and enemy of Captain Hook. When Ariel angrily confronts Hook over her missing true love Prince Eric, Hook learns that Blackbeard is responsible. Ariel and Hook confront Blackbeard who states that he will inform them of Eric's whereabouts in exchange for the Jolly Roger ship and his life. Captain Hook chooses his ship and forces Blackbeard to walk the plank. Ariel however saves him offscreen.[60]

Some time later, Anna and Kristoff visit Blackbeard requesting the Wishing Star which was what Anna and Elsa's parents wanted to rid Elsa of her Ice powers. However, he is revealed to be in allegiance with Anna's sinister ex-lover Hans and told her that her parents couldn't use the Wishing Star because it only could be use by someone with a pure soul. Anna and Kristoff are then placed in a trunk and thrown aboard, though they survive when they are transported to Storybrooke by Anna's sister Elsa.

Returning to Arendelle, Anna and Elsa later cause the Jolly Roger gets trapped inside a bottle while Blackbeard escapes.

Captain Hook later encounters Blackbeard and plays him in a poker game where Captain Hook's victory would enable Blackbeard to grant him a Magic Bean while Blackbeard's victory would grant him the Jolly Roger. When Blackbeard wins, Captain Hook tells him that the Jolly Roger is in another realm causing Blackbeard to use the Magic Bean to go to Storybrooke. However, the two of them ended up in Neverland where they were chased by the remants of the Lost Boys. Blackbeard turns against Captain Hook during the chase and steals a boat as he plans to find another way to the Jolly Roger. Captain Hook vows to make Blackbeard pay for his treachery the next time they meet.

Glinda/Good Witch of the South N/A Sunny Mabrey 3 Alive
Glinda, better known as the Good Witch of the South is one of the witches of the Land of Oz.

As a witch, she rules part of the Land of Oz, mainly the South, alongside with the Witch of the North and Witch of the East. Together, they form the Sisterhood of Witches and protects all of the land from the Heart of Oz, patiently waiting for a replacement witch for the West. One day, Glinda approaches Zelena at Emerald City after Zelena dethrones the Wizard of Oz. Glinda believes that Zelena is the prophesied Witch of the West and invites her to join the Sisterhood of Witches and gives Zelena a pendant to harness her magic. While showing Zelena the West side of the land, they both witness a cyclone and proceeds to the wreckage site, where Glinda finds Dorothy from Kansas. Glinda brings Dorothy to the Heart of Oz, and secretly believes Dorothy is the actual prophesied Witch of the West. Following Zelena’s apparent death in the hands of Dorothy, Glinda pulls through Dorothy’s wish to return home by bringing her to Emerald City to meet the restored Wizard. After Dorothy is sent back, Zelena shows herself as the Wizard and had been masquerading him all along after her apparent death. With Glinda determined to find another witch to defeat Zelena, Zelena banishes Glinda to the Enchanted Forest. Since being banished, Glinda creates a pocket dimension for herself south of the Dark Castle.

Years later, she is approached by Prince Charming and Snow White who seeks her knowledge on defeating Zelena. Glinda sadly says that even her magic isn’t strong enough to defeat Zelena, and tells them only light magic can defeat the Witch.

Wicked Witch of the North N/A Karen Holness 3 Alive
The Wicked Witch of the North is one of the witches of the Land of Oz.

Originally a good witch, she rules the North region of the Land of Oz and is part of the Sisterhood of Witches. One day, she is introduced to Zelena, the new Witch of the West, appointed by Glinda. She approves Zelena and welcomes her into the Sisterhood of Witches. After Zelena banishes Glinda and becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, the Witch of the North relocates to the North permanently and is known by all as a wicked witch. One day, Stanum cuts down a tree in her region. As punishment, she curses Stanum, who would slowly turn to tin.

Witch of the East N/A Sharon Taylor 3 Unknown
The Witch of the East is one of the witches of the Land of Oz.

As the Witch of the East, she rules the East region of the Land of Oz. She is also part of the Sisterhood of Witches, along with Glinda and the Witch of the North. She works alongside the other witches to find the prophesied Witch of the East, and eventually is greeted to Zelena. However, Zelena turns wicked and takes over all of the Land of Oz, and the Witch of the East is relocated to the East permanently.

Queen Gerda N/A Pascale Hutton
Ava Marie Telek (child)
4 Deceased
Queen Gerda is the former Queen of Arendelle, mother of Elsa and Anna, and sister to Ingrid and Helga. The youngest of the three sisters, Gerda and her sisters seeks Rumplestiltskin's help in controlling Ingrid's magic. Unfortunately, after seeing Helga's destroyed frozen body, Gerda, realizing Ingrid, whether intentionally or not, killed Helga, exiles Ingrid into a magical urn. Gerda then requests a memory spell from Grand Pabbie to have Arendelle and everyone outside forget about the existence of Helga and Ingrid. Years later, Gerda and her husband leave on a mission to find a way to remove their daughter Elsa's powers, only to die in a shipwreck.
Bo Peep N/A Robin Weigert 4 Alive
Bo Peep is a warlord. She intimidates people into paying her money or facing life as a slave once she brands them with her shepherd's crook.

Arriving at David and his mother Ruth's farm, she seeks payment from them. Knowing that they don't have the money at that time, she brands them using her crook and leaves. At that time, a travelling visitor, Anna, witness the confrontation. Anna then teaches David to sword fight in order to go against Bo Peep. Anna is later imprisoned by Bo Peep after knowing about this. Bo Peep later battle's with David, leading to her weapon getting stuck in a pillar at her base, losing the battle. David takes her crook and uses it to find Anna, rescuing her. Sometime later, Bo Peep is taken to Storybrooke by the Dark Curse.

In Storybrooke, she is a butcher at Chop Shop. One day, she is visited by David and Captain Hook, asking for her help. She refuses to help him, demanding that she owes him none. David interrogates her demanding to know about Anna, whom she branded years ago. Claiming that she had branded many people and that she couldn't remember the girl, David instructs Hook to take her crook. Angered by their actions, Bo Peep mocks David for being a hero in this world.

Grand Pabbie N/A John Rhys-Davies (voice) 4 Alive
Grand Pabbie is the King of the Rock Trolls that live in Arendelle.

After Gerda seals her sister Ingrid in a mystical urn following Ingrid's unintentional murder of her sister, she requests Grand Pabbie give her a memory potion for Arendelle to forget the existence of Helga and Ingrid. Gerda later dies in a shipwreck, leaving her daughters Elsa and Anna as orphans. When Belle visits Arendelle, Anna takes her to see Grand Pabbie to give her a stone that will restore her memories of her mother's death.

Prince Hans N/A Tyler Jacob Moore 4 Alive
Prince Hans is the archenemy of Queen Elsa and Anna from the Southern Isles who attempts to take over the kingdom of Arendelle.

Hans and his brothers locate a mystical urn to imprison Elsa within, though when Hans opens it, he unknowingly releases Ingrid (the Snow Queen), who freezes Hans. After thirty years, Arendelle awakens from Ingrid's frozen spell. Hans reunites with his brothers and becomes the new King of Arendelle, with his first act being to arrest Anna and her love Kristoff. Hans plans to send the pair to their deaths by throwing them into the sea. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Elsa transports Anna and Kristoff to the town, saving them. Reunited, the trio return to Arendelle and banish Hans and his brothers, taking back the kingdom.

Colette N/A Frances O'Connor 4 Deceased
Colette is the wife of Sir Maurice and mother of Belle.

During an ogre attack at her castle, she is alerted by the guards to evacuate the palace. Busily collecting books she deems too valuable to leave behind, Colette orders them to take the filled trunks to the carriage. She calls to Belle, who scurries over with the book her mother once read to her. Before they can leave, an ogre enters the room as the two hide under a table. The ogre rips away the table obscuring the mother-daughter pair from view. To save Belle, Colette sacrifices herself to the ogre as the guards pulls Belle out of the room. Soon after this, she is killed by the ogres.

Duke of Weselton N/A Jonathan Runyon 4 Alive
The Duke of Weselton is a man who is enamored with Helga, a princess of Arendelle.

Arrivng at Arendelle Castle during King Harald's birthday, he soon became attracted to the King's middle child, Helga. He is introduced to the King by Helga and the two share a dance together. He later comes across Ingrid, the heir to Arendelle's throne. He remarks on her incredible beauty. As he makes advances on her, Ingrid rebuffs him, and out of panic, she blasts him away with ice magic. Helga then comes to the Duke's aid, where he accuses Ingrid of trying to win his romantic affection. Helga claims that he is lying and believes her sister. The Duke threatens to expose Ingrid to everyone in Arendelle because he believes the people deserve to know their future queen is a monster. At this, an angered Ingrid attempts to blast him, but the Duke uses Helga as a shield and she takes the magical hit while the Duke escapes. Later, his memories of this incident is wiped out when Gerda urges Grand Pabbie to erase memories of the existence of Ingrid and Helga over the realm.

Helga N/A Sally Pressman
Bailey Herbert (child)
4 Deceased
Sally Pressman
Helga is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja and the middle sister to Ingrid and Gerda.

She is unlike her sister Gerda who was a little scared of Ingrid's ice powers was not afraid at all and loved her no matter what. After seeking help from Rumplestiltskin to control Ingrid's powers, the Duke of Weselton who proposed to Helga attempts to seduce Ingrid but is pushed down by Ingrid's magic. After seeing this he blames Ingrid and says she tried to seduced him but Helga knows he's lying and turns down his proposal but he threatens to tell Arendelle about Ingrid's powers and Ingrid tries to freeze him but Helga is pushed in front of him and is frozen instead. Her body is then turn to ice and crumbles in Ingrid's hands.

N/A Madame Faustina Rebecca Wisocky 4 Alive
Madame Faustina is a charlatan who tricks people in seeing the future.

In 1982 in Boston, after Ingrid arrive in the Land Without Magic, she visits Madame Faustina to see the future on a yet-to-be born child. Madame Faustina agrees to use her crystal ball to see the child’s future. Halfway, Madame Faustina mistakenly tells the child name as “Susan” when the child to-be’s name is “Emma”. Angrily, Ingrid storms out of the shop and tries to use her ice magic on Madame Faustina. As Ingrid does not have her magic in this land, Madame Faustina chases her away with a broomstick.

King Stefan N/A Sebastian Roché 4 Deceased[e]
King Stefan is the husband of Queen Briar Rose and father to Princess Aurora.

Years ago, when Queen Briar Rose was inflicted with the Sleeping Curse by Maleficent, King Stefan breaks it with true love's kiss. Years later, he captures Maleficent and Regina and sentences them to execution but fails when Maleficent turns into a dragon and attacks them. King Stefan and his men escaped so instead, Maleficent curses Princess Aurora, his daughter.

King Poseidon N/A Ernie Hudson 4 Alive
Ernie Hudson
King Poseidon is a sea god who is the father of Ursula and had a wife who was killed by a pirate that she helped.

Ursula had a disagreement with her father where she was to user her voice to harm people as long as she is in his ocean. Glowerhaven. With help from his men, King Poseidon had Captain Hook brought to the Jolly Roger where King Poseidon wants him to give Ursula an enchanted sea shell to take away her singing voice so that she can give up her dream and return to the ocean. After Ursula meets with Captain Hook with the squid ink, King Poseidon arrived where he claimed that he didn't want to lose Ursula like how he lost her mother. To make King Poseidon suffer after ruining his plans, Captain Hook was forced to take away Ursula's voice as she flees into the ocean. Back at his lair, King Poseidon apologized to Ursula for what happened. Ursula decides to form his own side and grabs his trident which she uses to transform herself into an appearance similar to the Ursula of legend.

Many years later, Captain Hook enlists Ariel to find King Poseidon. Once that was done, Captain Hook arrives with King Poseidon (who was brought here by Ariel) who tries to reason with Ursula while mentioning that he has a part of his wife in Ursula. King Poseidon manages to successfully return Ursula's voice. Afterwards, Ursula reconciles with her father. King Poseidon and Ursula then return to their ocean.

Madeline N/A Anna Galvin 4 Deceased
Madeline is the mother of Cruella De Vil and a professional dog trainer.

As a young women, Madeline marries and has a daughter, Cruella, but loses her husband one day by poison. She remarries again, but both of her husbands dies of poisoning. She later discovers that Cruella poisoned her father and stepfathers. Refusing to go to the authorities, she locks Cruella away in the attic of her mansion. Years later, she becomes known for her dog training skills all around 1920s England. An author, Isaac Heller, arrives at her mansion hoping to write a juicy story on her life. After he makes an inappropriate comment on her deceased husbands, Madeline kicks him out. Madeline later confronts Isaac and pleads with him to stay away from Cruella as she is a vicious murderer, but ultimately, she is killed by her dalmatian dogs that was controlled by Cruella with her persuasion magic gifted to her by Isaac.

Knights of the Round Table
The Knights of the Round Table are a group of men that work for and assist King Arthur in Camelot.
Sir Kay N/A Lee Majdoub (adult)
Ehren Kassam (teenager)
5 Deceased
As a young boy, Sir Kay bullied Arthur that he would never pull Excalibur.

As an adult, he attempts to claim Excalibur from its stone in Camelot. Though he is unable to causing the spell to disintegrate him.

Sir Percival N/A Andrew Jenkins 5 Deceased
As a boy, Sir Percival witnesses the burning of a village at the hands of the Evil Queen Regina, ultimately killing his family by having her guards slaughter them. As an adult, he seeks his revenge upon the Storybrooke residents arrival in Camelot including a reformed Regina. Offering Regina a dance at King Arthur's ball, he attempts to kill her, instead stabbing Robin Hood. David (Prince Charming) intercepts Percival, killing him in self-defense. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were devastated that Sir Percival would harm one of their guests.
Sir Morgan N/A Ryan Robbins 5 Alive
Sir Morgan is the father of Violet.

Originally from Connecticut, he ended up in Camelot somehow. He married and had Violet as his only child. Sometime later, he loses his wife to magic.

Years later, he meets Henry Mills in the stables when he, alongside with the others, came to Camelot. As Henry is clumsily wielding a sword, Sir Morgan looks down on him stating that he would not be a good match for Violet. He then tells Henry to leave before he causes too much damage. When the new Dark One - Hook cast another Dark Curse, Sir Morgan is transported to Storybrooke.

Sometime later after ending up in Storybrooke, Sir Morgan struggled to find Violet's horse Nicodemus after it had gone missing. Later that night, Sir Morgan takes Violet to the town party where Henry managed to find Nicodemus and bring him back to Violet. Sir Morgan was pleased with Henry returning Nicodemus and states that he would be a good knight someday. When he leaves to take Nicodemus back to the stables, he leaves Henry and Violet alone.

After Robin Hood's funeral, the people of Camelot return home except Sir Morgan and Violet who both wish to stay in Storybrooke.

Sir Mordred N/A James Marsters 5 Deceased
Sir Mordred only appears in the fifth season's DVD special "Tales From The Underworld: A Knight With Cruella".

Sir Mordred is the former Knight of the Round Table.[79] After betraying King Arthur, Sir Mordred is killed and sent to the Underworld due to his unfinished business. About fifty years after King Arthur becomes the ruler of the Underworld, he meets Cruella in his bar, where they discuss his past with King Arthur and about moving on, which both him and Cruella chooses not to do.[80]

Grif N/A Giacomo Baessato 5 Deceased
Grif is King Arthur’s squire at Camelot.

In a chamber at the Capital of Camelot’s castle, Grif brings in a relic chest for King Arthur and David before their quest to retrieve the Crimson Crown. He is later seen along with the other knights when King Arthur entitles David as a Knight of the Round Table. When Hook cast the third curse, Grif is brought over to Storybrooke with his memories of the six weeks erased. Under King Arthur’s order, he pretends to steal a magic bean from King Arthur’s relic chest. After David captures him and places him in jail, King Arthur confronts him about the situation and Grif mentions to King Arthur that there was no bean in the chest. Hoping to keep this a secret, King Arthur makes Grif drink viper poison for the sake of Camelot.

Nimue N/A Caroline Ford
Guy Fauchon (first appearance)
5 Deceased
Nimue is a woman who had befriended Merlin. She came to Merlin after Vortigan attacked her village looking for the Holy Grail. This led to Merlin converting the Holy Grail into Excalibur. Vortigan attacked and managed to stab Nimue and take the Stolen Flame. Then Merlin tried to attack Vortigan only for Nimue to grab Vortigan's heart after drinking from the Holy Grail. Despite Merlin's pleas to spare Vortigan, Nimue crushed Vortigan's heart and the Stolen Flame was extinguished as Nimue becomes the first Dark One because the spark was absorbed by her. Nimue took Excalibur and broke the end off of it and left, claiming Vortigan's mask and cloak. Merlin later crafted the broken end into a dagger that could control her only for her to take it from Merlin later and trap him in a tree.

At the sight of where the Stolen Flame was, Emma was advised by Merlin to use the Dark One's Dagger in order to talk to Nimue. Emma speaks to Nimue's spirit. Nimue tries to get Emma to kill Merlin as Emma tries to resist Nimue. Emma succeeds in resisting Nimue and rips out the spark that was in Nimue's heart. Before disappearing, Nimue states that she isn't dead and is living inside her with the other previous Dark Ones.

Nimue's spirit later appeared with Emma when she gathered Excalibur and the Dark One's Dagger as the other Dark Ones before her show up. Using the spark from Nimue's heart, Emma unites the two weapons making the weapons one. Due to the temptation of Nimue, Rumplestiltskin, and the previous Dark Ones, Emma grabs Excalibur.

Upon getting the blood of Mr. Gold, Captain Hook is advised by Rumplestiltskin's temptation to stick his blood-coated hook into a specific pond which results in Nimue and the Dark Ones before Emma, Captain Hook, and Rumplestiltskin to return from the Underworld. Afterwards she along with the rest of the Dark Ones places the Mark of Charon on Emma's family and friends to bring them to the Underworld and switch places with them. When Emma tries to stop them Nimue chokes her to prevent them from stopping them but Hook then uses Excalibur to absorb her and all the Dark Ones into himself and have Emma kill him to destroy the Darkness and set them free. After Hook's death Gold reveals to Emma that he used a magic potion to turn Excalibur into a conduit to transfer all the Dark Ones magic including Nimue, Emma and Hook back into him making him more powerful than ever.

Triplet Brothers N/A Brother 1: Colton Barnert
Brother 2: Jordan Olson
Brother 3: Matthew Olson
5 Alive
The Triplet Brothers are the sons of King Fergus and Queen Elinor and brothers to Merida. After Merida became Queen, the other clans kidnapped the three brothers as they are displeased with a women being their leader. They were originally to kill the brothers, but were stopped by Merida using her bow and arrow skills. The brothers are eventually returned home to their mother.
Vortigan N/A Darren Moore 5 Deceased
Vortigan was a cloaked masked man who practiced dark magic. Vortigan destroyed Nimue's village of Oxleigh which led to her enlisting Merlin to help her. Merlin eventually figured out that Vortigan wanted to obtain the Holy Grail. While at the ruins of Nimue's village, Merlin sensed that Vortigan was on their trail. At the Flame of Prometheus, Nimue ripped out Vortigan's heart and crushed it, killing him for revenge of him destroying her village. She then claimed Vortigan's mask and cloak.
King Fergus N/A Glenn Keogh 5 Deceased
King Fergus is the husband of Queen Elinor, father of Merida and his triplet sons and former King of DunBroch. In a war against King Arthur and his knights, King Fergus was killed. It was revealed that he once visited the Witch of DunBroch where he didn't use the Enchanted Helm that she once loaned to him. Since then, his daughter, Merida, became Queen of DunBroch.

Sometime later, the Witch gave Merida some Ale of Seonaidh to talk to her father from the afterlife.

Queen Elinor N/A Caroline Morahan 5 Alive
Queen Elinor is the wife of King Fergus and mother to Merida and her triplet sons. Years before the curse, she was cursed by the Witch who Merida wanted her to change her mother but instead was turned into a bear. The curse was later reversed by Merida after they mended their mother and daughter bond. Sometime after King Fergus' death, her daughter reunited the divided clans of their kingdom and became Queen of DunBroch.
Witch N/A Lily Knight 5 Alive
The Witch is an unnamed old lady who possesses limited ability of magic in DunBroch.

Sometime after Merida's mother Queen Elinor was turned back into a human, the Witch was visited by King Fergus at her cottage. He requests something to allow him to defeat the incoming invaders from the south and ensure the fate of his kingdom. She requests payment and has him sign a contract as an "I.O.U." before getting to work, and presents him with an Enchanted Helm that will cause any army to willingly follow the wearer into battle, no matter the dangers.

Sometime later, Red visits the Witch, following her return to the Enchanted Forest for help in finding werewolves. Instead, the Witch forces her to stay in wolf form as her guard animal.

Two years later, the Witch arrives at Merida's coronation, insisting that the clans pay her the price Fergus owed her. However, when she names the price, Merida argues that it will make the clans broke three times over and the Witch requests that she simply return the helm instead, and gives her until the following sunset to do so, lest the Witch turn her entire kingdom into bears. While she's back at her cottage, she's visited by King Arthur and Zelena, who take out Red with a sleeping powder. The Witch insists that she won't be as easy to take down, and when Arthur demands the helm, she answers that she doesn't know where it is and has already sent someone after it. Zelena teleports behind her and shoves her head into her cauldron, and the Witch reluctantly tells them that Merida is going after it. The Witch returns a couple hours early the next day to see if Merida succeeded, but instead of returning the helm, Merida decides to destroy it. However, much to her surprise, the Witch does not cast the spell and turn the kingdom into bears. Instead, she reveals that this was her plan the entire time. Merida realizes that the quest for the helm taught her how to lead the kingdom, thus ensuring the fate of the kingdom, just as Fergus requested, and Elinor scolds the Witch for not being straightforward. The Witch shrugs it off, and gives Merida the Ale of Seonaidh that can bring the spirit of anyone who has passed on into the Underworld back temporarily so that she can speak with her father.

Brennan Jones N/A Adam Croasdell 5 Deceased
Brennan Jones is a criminal who is the father of Liam Jones and Killian Jones.

Brennan took his two young sons with him and they traveled the seas. He had to calm Killian down when the ship was in a storm. Upon arriving at the latest port, Brennan learned that the authorities want to apprehend him. He sold the servitude of his sons to the boat while he escaped.

For a brief while, Brennan was captured and put under a sleeping curse until he was awoken by his nurse. Upon changing his ways, Brennan and the nurse got married and had a son that Brennan named Liam, after his first born son. Brennan later got a job as a bartender. While cleaning up the bar around closing time, Brennan encountered a grown-up Killian who was sent by the Evil Queen to kill him. Brennan explains what happened after he disappeared from the ship and the path that led him to changing into a better person. Seeing his father regret that he wasn't the parent he should have been, Killian softens towards him, deciding to spare him by giving him passage to elsewhere as a way to trick the Evil Queen into believing that he killed Brennan. Brennan thanks him and asks him for a second transportation permit for Liam. After tucking Liam in his bed, Killian arrived with the transportation permits where he overhears his father's words to Liam. This made Killian angry at Brennan's lies enough to destroy the transportation permits. Then he chooses to follow the Evil Queen's orders by killing Brennan, despite the fact that Liam II needed someone to provide for him. Before he dies, Brennan tells Killian that it's not too late to become the man that he wants to be.

Liam N/A Nick Eversman (adult)
Sebastian West (child)
5, 6 Alive
Liam is the son of Brennan Jones and younger half-brother of Liam and Killian Jones. He is named after the deceased Liam Jones.

As a boy, he is left orphaned when his father is killed. Struggling with life at the docks, he is taken by Captain Nemo and raised as his own son. Captain Nemo also teaches him that seeking revenge for his father's killer is no use. When the Evil Queen cast her curse, somehow, Captain Nemo managed to escape the curse's scope with Liam by fleeing from the Enchanted Forest. The curse then freezes the Enchanted Forest and many other lands in time. Liam, however, was the only one who aged during the twenty-eight years of the Dark Curse.

When Emma Swan enters Storybrooke in 2011, the curse is weakened and time resumes back in the Enchanted Forest. At the time, after Captain Nemo brings Captain Hook to join him in the Nautilus, he finds out that Hook is his elder half-brother and their father's killer. Attempt to kill Hook, he accidentally stabs Captain Nemo instead as Hook flees. In order to save Nemo, Liam uses a key and opens a portal to the Land of Untold Stories, halting both of their stories.

Years later, Liam ends up in Storybrooke when Mr. Hyde brings some of the refugees from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke. Liam kidnaps Hook as payback for killing their father and for the "death" of Captain Nemo. With Henry's help, Hook knocks down Liam, leaving him unconscious. Liam is then taken to the hospital by Hook where they both bond and forgive one another. Hook also reveals to him that Captain Nemo is still alive as Captain Nemo is wheeled into the room reunited.

After Gideon commandeered the Nautilus to take off, Liam helped Captain Hook and Captain Nemo into finding a Kraken where they would obtain it's blood to refuel the Nautilus component that enables it to travel to the oceans of the different worlds. During this time, Captain Nemo and Liam met Aladdin and Jasmine. Due to the Nautilus having taken damage from the Kraken attacks, Jasmine used Aladdin's genie abilities to wish herself, Aladdin, Captain Hook, Captain Nemo, and Liam to the nearest island which happens to be Hangman's Island. Before heading off to find where Jafar's lamp is held, Captain Hook parted ways with Captain Nemo and Liam who remained on shore with the Nautilus' crew where they are working to salvage the Nautilus.

Hercules N/A Jonathan Whitesell 5 Deceased
Hercules is the demigod son of Zeus and the nephew of Hades.

In his earlier life, he had saved a younger Snow White from a beast trap and trained her in being a warrior. He showed Snow White his medals for his labours where the 12th one that he is going to do is to defeat Cerberus. After her first attempt with the bandits that were plaguing Snow White's kingdom failed, Hercules punched the ground hard enough to send the bandits running. After some persuasion, Snow White was successful at fending off the bandits the next time they showed up. When he ends up where Cerberus was, he bought Megara some time to get away from Cerberus. Hercules fought Cerberus the best he could before being slain followed by Megara getting killed afterwards.

In the Underworld, Hercules works at Underbrooke's docks and visits the Underworld's version of Granny's during his lunch break. Upon being tipped off on how to find him by the second Blind Witch, Mary Margaret found him and persuaded him to help find Captain Hook while planning to have his unfinished business of defeating Cerberus be resolved. When Cerberus later attacks, Hercules works with Mary Margaret and Megara where they managed to defeat Cerberus. Afterwards, Hercules and Megara ascended to Mount Olympus.

Megara N/A Kacey Rohl 5 Deceased
Megara is a woman that had a brief encounter with Hercules in the Enchanted Forest.

In the Enchanted Forest, after Hercules was killed, Cerberus caught up to Megara and killed her as well. She then was sent to the Underworld.

In the Underworld, Megara was a prisoner in one of the tunnels where Hades keeps his prisoners. She meets Captain Hook who manages to buy her some time to get away. She is founded by Emma Swan and Regina Mills. When Cerberus catches up to Megara, Mary Margaret and Hercules had to work hard to keep her safe. With some persuasion from Mary Maraget, Megara helps Mary Margaret and Hercules defeat Cerberus. Being reunited with Hercules was her unfinished business, she got it resolved. Afterwards, Megara and Hercules ascended to Mount Olympus.

Fendrake N/A Aaron Douglas 5 Deceased
Fendrake is a healer in the Enchanted Forest.

In the Enchanted Forest, he is approached by Rumplestiltskin and Milah who requires his help to heal their son Baelfire. However, when the price for the healing potion is too high, Milah suggests that Rumplestiltskin to kill him. However, instead of killing him, Rumplestiltskin makes a deal with him for his second-born child. Years later, Rumplestiltskin, now the Dark One pays a visit to Fendrake's tent, where he kills him. After his death, Fendrake goes to the Underworld.

In the Underworld, he sells the contract he did with Rumplestiltskin years ago to Hades.

Captain Silver N/A Costas Mandylor 5 Deceased
Captain Silver is the boss of a merchant ship.

After overhearing that Liam Jones has plans to enlist himself and his brother Killian to the King's Navy, he tricks Killian into spending his silver coins need to enlist himself into the navy. Later, he commands the ship into a disastrous storm, but Liam later takes over the command of the ship. The ship eventually is destroyed in the storm killing Captain Silver and all of his crew except Liam and Killian who survived due to a deal made by Liam with Hades. Captain Silver then ends up in the Underworld.

In the Underworld, he and his crew reveals to Killian, now known as Hook, that Liam made a deal with Hades to spare them both leaving him and the rest to die. He and his crew then kidnap both Hook and Liam and brings them to the Fiery Cave hoping to send them both to the Worst Place. Angered that Captain Silver did not invite him to see this, Hades arrived and uses his magic and pushes Captain Silver into the fiery pit, sending him to the Worst Place.

Scarecrow N/A Paul Scheer (voice) 5 Unknown
The Scarecrow is a living scarecrow that lives in Oz.

Many years ago, Zelena targeted the Scarecrow in order to use his brain as part of her first attempt to cause a time-travel spell. Before Zelena can remove the brain, Dorothy and Toto intervened where they managed to get away. With help from Hades enchanting a bicycle, Zelena tracked down where Dorothy and Scarecrow were hiding out. After Zelena used her magic to magically freeze Dorothy, Zelena successfully removed Scarecrow's brain and was about to show it to Hades only to find that he is not there. It is unknown what happen to the Scarecrow or his brain because when Zelena had attempted her time travel spell in Storybrooke, she planned on using Gold's brain.[81]

Emily Brown N/A Gina Stockdale 5 Deceased
Emily Brown is Dorothy Gale's aunt. She is often called as Aunt Em by Dorothy.

After Dorothy returns from her trip to Oz, Dorothy tells her family about her trip. While the rest of the family refuses to believe, Aunt Em was the only one who believed Dorothy and refuses to send Dorothy to an asylum after she was doomed insane by the others. Sometime later, Aunt Em dies, gifting Toto to Dorothy.

In the Underworld, Aunt Em runs a diner called "Auntie's Chicken and Waffles" that the Blind Witch considers as the competition. Emma, Mary Margaret, and Red make an attempt to use a bottle given to them by the Blind Witch to have Aunt Em blow some kisses in there as part of an attempt for Ruby to wake Dorothy from the Sleeping Curse as part of her unfinished business of knowing that Dorothy is alright. Before she can do, Aunt Em's body turned to water before dissolving. Hades appears stating that he has spiked her soup with the River of Lost Souls as Regina stated that they were trying to help Dorothy. After mopping up the watery remains of Aunt Em and putting them in a jar, Hades informs the other souls present to let Aunt Em's fate be a warning to anyone who turn to the Underworld visitors for hope. Later on while meeting with Zelena, Hades dumped Aunt Em's watery remains into the River of Lost Souls.[82]

N/A Cleo Fox Rya Kihlstedt 5 Deceased
Rya Kihlstedt
Cleo Fox is a bail bondswoman and biological mother to Tasha Morris.

Cleo was tracking Emma after she was wanted in a series of robberies in Phoenix sometime after being released from prison. When she caught up with Emma who was looking for her birth parents in 2009, Cleo arrested her and was preparing to extradite Emma back to Arizona. Afterwards, the two became friends and despite going against her principles, Cleo help Emma search for her parents even going far as helping Emma escape authorities after she broke into a building to obtain information. When they escaped the building, Cleo started to die after having a shard of glass stab into her stomach and before Cleo let her go, she told Emma that she had a daughter that she gave up ten years earlier and told her to run as she died.

When Emma became a bondswoman a year later, she returned the favor and found Cleo's daughter Tasha and told her about Cleo. At the store where Tasha worked, Emma spotted the red jacket and it became her outfit ever since.[83]

Zeus N/A David Hoflin 5 Alive
Zeus is the King of the Gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. He is the brother of Hades and the father of Hercules.

In his early life, Zeus became the ruler of Mount Olympus while Hades became ruler of the Underworld. Hades has since been jealous of his brother's position.

After Captain Hook completed his unfinished business where Emma and Zelena had defeated Hades, he arrived on Mount Olympus where he met Zeus who congratulated Captain Hook for his involvement in his misguided brother's defeat. Zeus then takes Captain Hook to his reward. That reward turned out to be Captain Hook getting a second chance at life as he is reunited with Emma.

Poole N/A Arnold Pinnock 5 Alive
Poole is Mr Hyde's assistant in the Land of Untold Stories

When David, Mary Margaret, Zelena and Hook ends up in the Land of Untold Stories, Poole zaps them with his baton and keeps them in a cell protected by a magical barrier. Later, after becoming drunk, Dr. Jekyll steals the keys to the cell, freeing them and escaping to Dr. Jekyll's apartment. Poole later alerted Mr. Hyde and they both shows up at Dr. Jekyll's apartment. Poole is later knock unconscious by Zelena.

Oracle N/A Jordyn Ashley Olson 6 Deceased
The Oracle is a young nurse in Agrabah.

After Aladdin develops a hand tremor from his role as the Savior, the Oracle becomes his caretaker, hiding out at a cottage somewhere in the desert. One day, a man from a kingdom in Agrabah comes to the cottage for help, but is killed by Jafar moments later. Jafar also knocks out the Oracle with his magic before seeking an audience with Aladdin. Sometime later, by unknown means, the Oracle goes to the Land of Untold Stories for unknown reasons.

Years later, Mr. Hyde brings her and some other folks from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke. There, she meets Emma, the current Savior and shows Emma her future, where she is destined to die in the hands of an unknown person. She later secretly meets with Princess Jasmine and discuss about Aladdin's presence in Storybrooke. She is later visited by the Evil Queen offscreen, hoping to find out about Emma Swan's vision. As the Oracle refuses to help, the Evil Queen kills her. Emma and Archie later find her dead body.

Edmond Dantès/Count of Monte Cristo N/A Craig Horner 6 Deceased
Edmond Dantès is a man from 19th Century France.

When Edmond's fiancèe is murdered by Baron Danglars and his home is burned down by him, Edmond is framed and imprisoned for the murder. After escaping, he becomes the Count of Monte Cristo.

During a party hosted by him, he kills Baron Danglers in-front of the other guests fulfilling his revenge for what Danglers did to him. The Evil Queen appears recruits him to kill Snow White and Prince Charming. He then leaves to the Enchanted Forest with the Evil Queen. However, after seeing Snow White's handmaiden Charlotte, he rethinks his action and refuses to kill them with the Agrabahn Viper Poison. Rumplestiltskin thinks that he will interrupt his plan to make the Queen cast the curse, so he poisons Charlotte with the same poison. As there is no cure for the poison, Rumplestiltskin tells the Count that the only way to save her is to halt her story. He gives the Count and Charlotte a passageway to the Land of Untold Stories.

Years later, Mr. Hyde brings the Count and various other refugees from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke. During his time in Storybrooke, he meets Regina's former counterpart — the Evil Queen, who rips his heart out and forces him to kill David and Mary Margaret. He is then killed by Regina, unintentionally, who throws her sword into his back in order to save David and Mary Margaret.

Charlotte N/A Andrea Brooks 6 Deceased
Charlotte is Snow White's handmaiden.

In the Enchanted Forest, after becoming Snow White's handmaiden, she travels with them to a nearby burned-down village where they meet the Count, who introduces himself as Edmond. Sometime after Edmond starts working at the castle, he began to see the resemblance in Charlotte's eyes similar to his deceased fiancèe. When he tries to kill Snow White and Prince Charming with the Agrabahn Viper Poison, he rethinks after seeing Charlotte's eyes. Later, Charlotte is poisoned by Rumplestiltskin and states to Edmond that there is no cure for the poison. In order to save her, Rumplestiltskin tells the Count that he needs to halt her story, therefore, taking her to the Land of Untold Stories.

Years later, Charlotte is among the refugees brought to Storybrooke from the Land of Untold Stories by Mr. Hyde. After arriving in Storybrooke, her story continues resulting in her dying from the poison years ago.

Jacob N/A Max Lloyd-Jones 6 Alive
Jacob is Prince Thomas' footman and Clorinda's lover.

In the Enchanted Forest, he falls in love with Clorinda and gets into a secret relationship with her. One day, he arrives at Lady Tremaine's estate, inviting the family to a royal ball at Prince Thomas' castle. Later, both he and Clorinda plans to runaway together to start a little farm, but Cinderella gives a key to the Land of Untold Stories to Clorinda. Instead, Clorinda suggests to Jacob to travel there. However, their plan was put to a stop when Lady Tremaine found out. She injures Jacob and then banishes Clorinda and herself to the Land of Untold Stories. When the Evil Queen cast the curse, Jacob is sent to the Land Without Magic.

In Storybrooke, Jacob is a pumpkin farmer. When Lady Tremaine and Clorinda end up in Storybrooke, Lady Tremaine tries to kill him with Jacob and Cinderella in her clutches, but Clorinda gets in the way. She stabs Ashley instead, but Emma cures her and Lady Tremaine is arrested. Jacob and Clorinda then catches up alongside with Ashley and Sean.

Mary N/A Elizabeth Blackmore 6 Deceased
Mary is the daughter of Dr. Arthur Lydgate.

In Victorian England, she initially fell in love with Dr. Henry Jekyll, but eventually ends up falling in love with Dr. Jekyll's alter ego Mr. Hyde. She later finds out that Mr. Hyde is actually Dr. Jekyll and confronts him, leading to a heated argument resulting in Mary falling from her bedroom window to her death.

Sultan of Agrabah N/A Cedric De Souza 6 Alive
The Sultan of Agrabah is the father of Princess Jasmine and ruler of the Capital of Agrabah.

After Jafar dethrones his father who ruled one of Agrabah's kingdoms, Jafar travels to the Capital of Agrabah where he uses the Serpent Staff to control the Sultan of Agrabah. Obeying to Jafar, the Sultan of Agrabah makes Jafar his Vizier, unknown to him about Jafar's plan for Agrabah. When Aladdin breaks the Serpent Staff into half, the spell on the Sultan of Agrabah is lifted and is reunited with Princess Jasmine while Jafar escapes.

At the time when the Sultan was meeting with possible suitors for Princess Jasmine, Jafar crashed the meeting where he mentioned that Aladdin is too broken to help them. The Sultan of Agrabah also witnesses Jafar using a transformation potion on Prince Achmed which turned him into a wooden staff that has a wooden carving of his head on it.

Goldilocks N/A Kate Dion-Richard 6 Alive
Goldilocks is the owner of the Three Bears Day Spa in Storybrooke.

Following the closure of Any Given Sundae sometime after Ingrid's death, Goldilocks takes over the property and opens her spa. One day, the Evil Queen (Serum) and Zelena visits her spa where she and an unnamed co-worker tender to their requirements.

Captain Nemo N/A Faran Tahir 6 Alive
Captain Nemo is the captain of the Nautilus.

In the Enchanted Forest, he meets a young orphaned boy named Liam who is struggling with life at the docks. Feeling sorry for the boy, Captain Nemo takes Liam in and raises him as his son. He also teaches the boy to never go on the path of revenge. When the Evil Queen cast her curse, Captain Nemo and Liam somehow manage to escape the curse's scope by fleeing from the Enchanted Forest as the rest of the land and other worlds freezes in time.

When Emma Swan enters Storybrooke in 2011, the curse is weakened and time resumes back in the Enchanted Forest. Captain Nemo kidnaps Captain Hook and asks him to join him and Liam to find for a magical key for a second chance in life at the Mysterious Island. Eventually, Hook finds out about Liam's identity, resulting in Liam accidentally stabbing Captain Nemo. As Captain Nemo bleeds, Liam uses the key to open a portal to the Land of Untold Stories which used the "Mysterious Island" alias. Arriving there, Captain Nemo stop bleeding as their story had been halted.

Years later, Captain Nemo ends up in Storybrooke when Mr. Hyde brings some of the refugees from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke. As his story is no longer halted, he continues to bleed and is found by David Nolan. He is brought to the hospital and into surgery. After the surgery, he is wheeled into a ward room where his bed roommate is Liam, reuniting with him.

Captain Hook is later visited by Captain Nemo who gives him some advice on how to tell Emma about how he had previously killed David's father Robert. In addition, Captain Nemo states that he, Liam Jones II, and his crew are heading out of Storybrooke. After a disastrous outcome with Emma upon being unable to come clean in the first place, Captain Hook informs Captain Nemo about it and asks if there is room for one more. Captain Nemo states that there is always a place for him on the Nautilus. After some talking with Mary Margaret Blanchard, Captain Hook meets with Captain Nemo to see him off only for Gideon to commandeer the Nautilus where he has it leave Storybrooke.

After ending up off the coast of the Enchanted Forest, Captain Nemo worked with Captain Hook into finding a Kraken where they would obtain it's blood to refuel the Nautilus component that enables it to travel to the oceans of the different worlds. During this time, Captain Nemo and Liam met Aladdin and Jasmine. Due to the Nautilus having taken damage from the Kraken attacks, Jasmine used Aladdin's genie abilities to wish herself, Aladdin, Captain Hook, Captain Nemo, and Liam to the nearest island which happens to be Hangman's Island. Before heading off to find where Jafar's lamp is held, Captain Hook parted ways with Captain Nemo and Liam who remained on shore with the Nautilus' crew where they are working to salvage the Nautilus.

Gabriel/Woodcutter N/A Paul Johansson 6 Deceased
Gabriel is a bounty hunter who specialises in hunting werewolves and operates under the name Woodcutter.

Gabriel takes up the bounty to apprehend Snow White for the Evil Queen where his first attempt resulted in Snow White getting away with help from the Blue Fairy. Then he encounters David and his sheeepdog Wilby where he gives him drugged water and uses Wilby to lure Snow White into a trap. After Gabriel traps Snow White against a tree and locking her in his wagon, David stumbled onto the wagon where he is attacked by Gabriel. With some inside help from Snow White, David kills Gabriel.

King David N/A Josh Dallas 6 Deceased
King David is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with David, the Enchanted Forest character.

King David is the husband of Queen Snow White, father of Princess Emma and grandfather of Prince Henry and the ruler of the Wish Realm's version of the Enchanted Forest.

When the Evil Queen (Serum) makes a wish for Emma to had never become the Savior, the Wish Realm is formed as a world of its own. Here, King David rules the realm alongside Queen Snow White. In this alternate timeline, King David and Queen Snow White had defeated the Evil Queen and banished her.

Later in order to make Princess Emma embrace her role as the Savior and to retain her memories of her life, Regina captures King David and Queen Snow White the same day when Henry was becoming a knight. During Emma's confrontation with her, Regina unintentionally crushes King David and Queen Snow White's hearts in an attempt to snap Emma out of this illusion.

Queen Snow N/A Ginnifer Goodwin 6 Deceased
Queen Snow is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Snow White, the Enchanted Forest character.

Queen Snow is the wife of King David, mother of Princess Emma and grandmother of Prince Henry and the ruler of the Wish Realm's version of the Enchanted Forest.

When the Evil Queen (Serum) makes a wish for Emma to had never become the Savior, the Wish Realm is formed as a world of its own. Here, Queen Snow rules the realm alongside King David. In this alternate timeline, King David and Queen Snow had defeated the Evil Queen and banished her.

Later in order to make Princess Emma embrace her role as the Savior and to retain her memories of her life, Regina captures King David and Queen Snow the same day when Henry was becoming a knight. During Emma's confrontation with her, Regina unintentionally crushes King David and Queen Snows hearts in an attempt to snap Emma out of this illusion.

Prince Henry N/A Jared S. Gilmore 6 Alive
Prince Henry is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Henry Daniel Mills, the Land Without Magic character.

Prince Henry is the son of Princess Emma and Baelfire and the grandson of King David and Queen Snow.

When the Evil Queen (Serum) makes a wish for Emma to had never become the Savior, the Wish Realm is formed as a world of its own. Here, Prince Henry trains to be a knight and arrives late at Princess Emma's birthday celebration. On the day of his assertion to knighthood, Regina (masquerading as the Evil Queen of the Wish Realm), shows up uninvited where she takes King David and Queen Snow as prisoners. Prince Henry later follows his mother to the Dark Palace to seek the Evil Queen. After Regina unintentionally kills King David and Queen Snow by crushing their heart, Prince Henry lures his sword towards Regina with intentions of killing her, but Princess Emma stops the act with her magic, fully aware of the situation and remembers her life back in her own world.

Prince Henry later lead his army to look for the Evil Queen in order to punish her for what she did to his grandparents. In addition, he has sent out word to have his mother brought back to him.

Rumplestiltskin N/A Robert Carlyle 6 Alive
Rumplestiltskin is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Rumplestiltskin, the Enchanted Forest character.

Rumplestiltskin is a powerful Dark One who loves to make deals with a price.

When the Evil Queen (Serum) makes a wish for Emma to had never become the Savior, the Wish Realm is formed as a world of its own. Rumplestiltskin is trapped in an underground prison when Regina seeks him. Making a deal for a magic bean, Regina frees Rumplestiltskin as he asks her to meet him at a nearby lake at noon. Regina and Princess Emma later meet him and he gives Regina the bean and disappears.

Rumplestiltskin later saves Regina and Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham. He then states that he went to where Belle was imprisoned and shows Regina the bones of Belle where she starved to death. As his Evil Queen is not around, Rumplestiltskin decides that Regina will have to do to make the Evil Queen pay for what happened to Belle. He imprisons them in his dungeon as he prepares for a flaying. Though Regina and Robin escape back to Pinocchio and head back to Storybrooke.

Robin of Locksley N/A Sean Maguire 6 Alive
Robin of Locksley is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Robin Hood, the Enchanted Forest character.

Robin of Locksley is a bandit who is a good archer.

As Emma and Regina tries to get back to Storybrooke through a portal, Robin appears to rob them. Regina, shocked to see Robin alive, approaches him, causing the portal to close. Robin robs them and leaves them as soon as Prince Henry and the knights approach. In the tavern, Regina approaches him and asks him about his life in the Wish Realm, and after figuring out that he is happy, she leaves him, but they are both captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin and Regina is then saved by Rumplestiltskin, who then captures them and locks them away in a prison cell. Robin breaks open the lock and escapes with Regina. After Emma and Pinocchio create a portal with an enchanted tree, Robin volunteers himself to follow them for a fresh start.

Landing in Storybrooke, Regina welcomes him and lets him stay at her place. However, he gets uncomfortable with Regina comparing him to her Robin. He teams up with Zelena to leave town, but is confronted by Regina who agrees to help him leave town by figuring a way to take down the protection spell surrounding town. After the Evil Queen, still in cobra form, escapes her coil cage, she pays Robin a visit in the woods where she bites his hand to transform herself back to human form.

She recruits Robin to dig up the Shears of Destiny and then uses him to lure Regina. However, as Robin pleas to return him home to his land, the Evil Queen helps him go home. Later in the tavern in the Wish Realm, he is reunited with the Evil Queen, who had a change of heart, wishing for a fresh start. The two talk, with the Evil Queen finally getting her happy ending with Robin.

Pinocchio N/A Eion Bailey 6 Alive
Pinocchio is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Pinocchio, the Enchanted Forest character.

Pinocchio is a woodcarver.

Upon becoming a real boy and growing up to be a woodcarver upon Geppetto's passing, Emma Swan and Regina Mills approaches him to see if he still has the Wardrobe. He states that he dismantled it sometime after the Evil Queen's defeat. Upon taking Emma to the enchanted grove, they are ambushed by Killian Jones. After Emma made Killian disappear back to the Jolly Roger, it was revealed that Pinocchio's magic chisel was broken during the scuffle. Emma later convinces Pinocchio to take another shot at the magical tree. Pinocchio manages to obtain the wood in order to make a Magic Wardrobe. Then Pinocchio constructs the Magic Wardrobe just as Regina and the alternate Robin of Locksley arrive. Before entering the Magic Wardrobe, Emma and Regina thank Pinocchio for his help.

Sheriff of Nottingham N/A Wil Traval 6 Alive
Sheriff of Nottingham is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Sheriff of Nottingham, the Enchanted Forest character.

Sheriff of Nottingham is an enforcer in Nottingham.

He and his men ambush the Storybrooke Regina Mills and the Wish Realm Robin of Locksley at the bar. While having captured Robin of Locksley, he states to Regina that they have been prepared for the Evil Queen's arrival. The Sheriff of Nottingham and his men are defeated by Rumplestiltskin.

Captain Hook N/A Colin O'Donoghue 6 Alive
Captain Hook is a Wish Realm character. Not to be confused with Captain Hook, the Enchanted Forest character.

Captain Hook is a pirate captain.

Captain Hook ambushes Pinocchio and the Storybrooke Emma Swan near an Enchanted Grove where he is on a mission to bring Emma back for the reward for her reward. Before Hook can duel Pinocchio, Emma knocks him out.

Roderick N/A Grayson Gabriel (adult)
Mason McKenzie (child)
6 Deceased
Roderick is one of the kidnapped children in the Dark Realm.

Brought over to the Dark Realm by the Black Fairy, Roderick is forced to work in the mines digging for dark fairy dust. As a child, he is placed in a cell next to Gideon’s and became friends. One day, the Black Fairy finds out about Gideon’s plan to become a hero, so the Black Fairy takes Roderick away and whips him to prove Gideon wrong. As Roderick grows into a young adult, he began to rebel against the Black Fairy’s reign. He gets Gideon to side with him and together, her break into the Black Fairy’s chamber and uses a crystal ball to contact a savior in another realm. The Black Fairy finds out about it and foils their plan. Using the fairy dust, she turns Roderick into a bug and squishes him to death.

Robert N/A David Cubitt 6 Deceased
Robert is the late husband of Ruth and late father of David and James. After he and his wife gave up their son James to Rumplestiltskin to save their home, Robert struggles with being an alcoholic and supporting his family and home.[84]

He is shown drinking at a tavern when King George arrives announcing his son James is missing and an reward for whoever can bring him home so Robert plans to find him and bring him back to him and his family. After saying goodbye to his family he leaves to visits Rumplestiltskin to know where James is and reveals he ran away to a place called Pleasure Island. After making a deal with him he gives Robert a ticket to enter the place and after talking with Pinocchio who saw James he finds him and tells him he's bringing him home but when they start to leave they run into King George and his men. As Robert refused to give up James, King George had his men kill Robert and have it look like an accident. Just before the guards are about to kill Robert Captain Hook and his crew arrive and kill the two guards and plan to take the gold. Believing he is safe, Robert begs Hook to set him free. Hook kills him upon quoting "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and tells him men to take his body and make it look like an accident occurred.

Years later, David Nolan was told by the Evil Queen a brief info on what happened to his father. When David starts to see the ghost of his father who tells him he wants him to know the truth about him and his death, David asks Hook for his help in finding out who killed his father. After talking with August about his meeting with Robert, David believes King George killed his father and goes to fight and kill him but is stopped by Hook and Robert's ghost is able to find peace with David knowing that his father fought to keep his family together.

Beowulf N/A Torstein Bjørklund 6 Deceased
Beowulf is a tall and boastful warrior.

During the First Ogre Wars, Bewoulf was the commander of an army where he inspired them to fight against the invading Ogres where he wielded the sword Hrunting. When disarmed of the weapon by a helmeted Ogre, he and his surviving soldiers were saved by Rumplestiltskin who killed the Ogres and claimed Hrunting.

Consumed by his anger and jealousy of Rumplestiltskin, Beowulf faked a Grendel attack where he secretly killed some people claiming that the Grendl killed them. This was a trap so that he can claim the Dark One's Dagger, reclaim Hrunting, and frame Rumplestiltskin for the murders. Upon Baelfire reclaiming the Dark One's Dagger, he summoned Rumplestiltskin who defeated him yet spared his life. Rumplestiltskin told him to take his leave and Beowulf does while pushing Baelfire aside. Consumed at the anger of what Beowulf did to him, Baelfire used the Dark One's Dagger to make his father kill Beowulf. Rumplestiltskin regrettably did that by snapping his neck.

Prince Achmed N/A Zahf Paroo 6 Transformed
Prince Achmed is a prince from one of Agrabah's cities.

Prince Achmed comes to the Capital of Agrabah with hopes to marry Princess Jasmine and earn the Crown Jewel of Agrabah. During a meeting with the Sultan of Agrabah, Princess Jasmine and the other suitors, Jafar storms into the throne room and confronts Princess Jasmine about Aladdin, during in which Jafar insults the suitors. Angered with Jafar's remarks, Prince Achmed stands up to Jafar, only to be transformed into a staff by Jafar as punishment.

Stanum/Tin Man N/A Alex Désert (adult)
Austin Obiajunwa (teenager)
6 Transformed
Stanum is a woodcutter in the Land of Oz.

As a teenager, he befriends Zelena and protects her from bullies who thinks she is a freak because of her magical abilities.

Years later, he cuts down a tree in the North. Furious, the Wicked Witch of the North curses him to turn to tin. Before the transformation completes, Stanum goes to Emerald City to seek help from Zelena. Altho she initially refuse to help him, she then agrees to do so out of bravery. When Stanum is attacked by the Cowardly Lion, Zelena rescues him and aids him to find the Crimson Heart. Despite finding it, Zelena finds out that she will have to give up her powers to save Stanum, and she refuses to do so. She leaves Stanum be as he fully transforms into a Tin Man.

Cowardly Lion N/A CGI 6 Alive
The Cowardly Lion is a lion that lives in the Land of Oz.

The Cowardly Lion was a line of defense for the Crimson Heart that is sought out by Stanum and Zelena. After the Cowardly Lion attacks Stanum, he is driven away by Zelena.



  1. ^ Bailey is credited as recurring during the first half of the first season and is promoted to main during the second half.
  2. ^ O’Donoghue is credited as recurring during the first half of the second season and is promoted to main during the second half.
  3. ^ During the sixth season, Maguire only appears as the Wish Realm version of Robin and not the Enchanted Forest version.
  4. ^ According to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Tamara is not based on any fairy tale stories and is just another additional character to the series. However, this does not prove that she was born in the Land Without Magic. Additionally, when Rumplestiltskin ripped her heart out, it was found that she had an Enchanted Heart, just like the other inhabitants from the Magical Realms. Therefore, it is highly assumed that she is not actually from the real world.
  5. ^ According to Princess Aurora, she has no more loved ones, meaning both King Stefan and Briar Rose are long dead.
  • Archie Hopper didn't appear in the 100th episode, but his fairytale self Jiminy Cricket did but didn't speak.


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