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Josephine Lucas
First appearance"Take This Sabbath Day"
Last appearance"Requiem" (cameo)
Created byAaron Sorkin, Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., and Paul Redford
Portrayed byMarlee Matlin
OccupationO'Dwyer Campaign Manager (Season 1), Pollster/Political Consultant (Seasons 1–7)
ChildrenAt least one

Josephine "Joey" Lucas, is a fictional character on the television serial drama The West Wing, a California-based pollster and political operative played by Marlee Matlin. She is one of the few non-main characters to appear in all seven seasons.

Lucas is an expert political pollster who is frequently called upon by President Josiah Bartlet's senior staff to administer national polls and interpret polling data. Lucas is a native of California and attended UCLA and Stanford, though the degrees she received from each are unknown. Since she is deaf (as is Matlin in real life), she is usually accompanied by her interpreter, Kenny Thurman (portrayed by Bill O'Brien).

Lucas once ran the campaign of Californian Democratic candidate for Congress Bill O'Dwyer until the President dismissed O'Dwyer as an "empty shirt" and suggested that Lucas find another, better candidate to challenge the conservative Republican currently holding the seat. She also worked with and dated fellow pollster Al Kiefer (John de Lancie); Josh and Toby could not stand him and were won over by Lucas largely because she was able to prove him wrong on a flag-burning issue.

In the second season of the show, Lucas was brought in by then Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman to do initial polling on potential public reaction to President Bartlet's disclosure that he had multiple sclerosis. She was the 21st person to learn of the President's disease. She continued working intermittently for the Bartlet administration, most notably before several of his State of the Union speeches. In the fifth season, when Josh wants to start a relationship with Lucas, she walks into the West Wing and we find out she is pregnant.

Following Congressman Matt Santos's decision to run for president, she worked as a consultant for the campaign, both before and after he was the Democratic nominee for president.

Relationship with Josh Lyman[edit]

Late in the first season it became clear that former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman was attracted to Joey. Josh was discouraged when he got wind of Joey's brief fling with Al Kiefer.

In the second season Joey suggested that Josh pursue a relationship with his assistant, Donnatella Moss, responding to Moss's attempts at misdirection in advocating a relationship between her boss and Joey Lucas. The flirtation between Joey and Josh was one of the series' subplots. She has a baby by someone else in the 5th season.

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