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Main characters of La Corda d'Oro. Clockwise from right: Kahoko Hino, Shoko Fuyuumi, Keiichi Shimizu, Azuma Yunoki, Kazuki Hihara, Ryōtaro Tsuchiura and Len Tsukimori (center)

This is a list of characters of the dating simulation game, manga, and anime series, La Corda d'Oro.

Students of the General Education Department[edit]

Kahoko Hino[edit]

Hino Kahoko (日野 香穂子) Voiced by: Reiko Takagi[1] (anime and drama CD only)

Kahoko is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a second year at Seiso Academy. She has a warm and friendly personality and is very honest and straightforward, as shown from the way she expresses herself through her violin.

She lives with her mother and older sister as well as having an older brother studying in a university but her father wasn't mentioned in the story. She confesses to have a strong craving for sweet things.

Kahoko has never played or touched a violin until she meets the strange music fairy, Lili. Though at first reluctant about playing the violin, she soon begins to love music. She is a polite and considerate girl who puts others' feelings before her own, though at times she can appear rather naive, especially in music. The boys involved in the concurs have obvious crushes on her, though Kahoko is unable to figure that out because of her sweet, but dense personality. She also is unable to realize that every time she feels depressed, the other members strangely feel the same way. Near the end of the manga Kahoko realized that she has a deep respect and apparent feelings for Len. They are in one way the official pairing in the series.

Ryoutaro Tsuchiura[edit]

Tsuchiura Ryōtarō (土浦 梁太郎) Voiced by: Kentarō Itō[2] / Voiced by: Ayumi Tsunematsu (young Tsuchiura)

Tsuchiura is a second year as well as Kahoko's friend. He and Kahoko met after he ran into her, nearly knocking her down a staircase, saving her just in time in episode 1. Their friendship eventually grows, and she even confesses to him that she knew nothing of playing the violin.

His mother is a piano teacher, revealed through Minami's conversation with Kahoko in the anime. He also has a younger brother and is good at cooking.

He is a very gifted pianist but quit playing in public because of an unpleasant experience at a competition due to the judges' discrimination of younger contestants. After he assisted Kahoko in the first round of the concours by being her accompanist, he, as well, joined the concours.

In the past, he had a girlfriend called Mizue Sakamoto, and in episode 14, they met again by accident at the train station with Kahoko and Len where she mistook Kahoko as Tsuchiura's girlfriend at first, then Len's girlfriend after.

Tsuchiura is the star of the soccer team; he is the team midfielder. He is very skilled at the sport and even outdoing some third year students. Even so, Mizue said that he was skilled in both basketball and soccer, which Mizue points out that whenever he plays, there will always be girls cheering for him. As told by Mizue, he was also in the basketball club when they were in middle school.

He does not like Tsukimori, and they often get into many disagreements. Their arguments can vary in topics, from a notebook to their style of performance. This rivalry happens possibly because of the fact that they are falling for the same girl.

His feelings for Hino gradually deepen as the series progresses and going as far as secretly calling her Kaho during the quintet's performance.

In all of the game series, he was able to sense and see Lili, The Fata, alongside the other concours participants.

Nami Amou[edit]

Amō Nami (天羽 菜美) Voiced by: Yuki Masuda[3]

Nami is a very active member of the Journalism Club. Her favourite hobby is pestering the concours' participants for juicy information, sometimes even to the point of making them nervous and embarrassed.

She happens to have a talent for photography and describes her camera as her "partner".

Besides having a good sense of fashion and style, Nami is also shown to be sweet and encouraging towards Kahoko and Shoko, often giving the two girls advice on self-esteem and cheering them on throughout the duration of the concours. Though at first her demeanor frightens Shoko greatly.

Mio Takato[edit]

Takatō Mio (高遠 美緒) Voiced by: Satomi Arai

Mio is one of Kahoko's best friends. She's in the same class as Kahoko.

Nao Kobayashi[edit]

Kobayashi Nao (小林 直) Voiced by: Eri Nakao

Nao is also one of Kahoko's best friends. Both her and Mio are in the same class. She and Mio once gave Kahoko a music box as a birthday present.

Junnosuke Sasaki[edit]

Sasaki Junnosuke (佐々木 淳之介) Voiced by: Hisayoshi Suganuma

He's a member of the Soccer Club like Tsuchiura. He often teases Tsuchiura, especially on the subject of Hino.

Students of the Music Department[edit]

Len Tsukimori[edit]

Tsukimori Ren (月森 蓮) Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama[4]

Len is in the Music department and is in Year 2, Class A. He is quiet and cold towards everyone, including his own parents, to an extent. Later, he warms up to Kahoko and eventually gives her advice on how to hold and play the violin properly.

He is a violin virtuoso. Born in a family of musicians, Len felt overshadowed by his parents' music and strives for perfection in his music. He holds a high standard and demands the best from himself and from others. Len's father is a well-known violinist and his mother is a famous pianist called Misa Hamai. He is fluent in both English and German. In one of the chapters, it has been shown that Len knows how to play the piano.

Len didn't believe that music was enjoyable, though after spending some time with Kahoko, he slowly began to enjoy music. With this, his music changed and even his mother has noticed the change that was influenced by Kahoko. In chapter 63 of the manga, Len realized that he was in love with Kahoko. Near the end of the series in the last chapter, he confessed to her indirectly and they share a hug. They are the official pair of the series in the manga. In the Kin'iro no Corda game, he can see Lili, the Fata.

Kazuki Hihara[edit]

Hihara Kazuki (火原 和樹) Voiced by: Masakazu Morita[5]

Kazuki is an outgoing person and is extremely friendly to others. He has little sense of social boundary. During his time in middle school, he was in the track team but pulled out to play the trumpet in the school band.

He explained to Kahoko that one day he went to the rooftop to have lunch, however when he arrived, there was a female senior playing the trumpet. He was amazed at how she played. Soon after, she was there every time he went to the place to have his lunch. Later, she brought a trumpet she borrowed from the school's music room. This finally allowed him to have a try on playing the trumpet. Nevertheless, at that time, he already joined the school's track team and he was reluctant to leave and join the school band. However, in the end he had his friend's support and quit the track team.

Kazuki has an enormous appetite, as he is constantly eating. He quickly befriends Kahoko. Because of him, Kahoko learned the true meaning of music, that it is enjoyed by everyone. After that Kahoko began to love and enjoy music better. In the middle of the series, he starts to call Kahoko "Kaho-chan", instead of the usual "Hino-chan", because he has a rather obvious crush on her. He is the first one to realize he likes her, and becomes overly conscious of her afterward. When Kahoko commented she wanted to perform well for Len it threw off his own performance due to conflicted feelings. He's a member of the Orchestra Club. He has an elder brother named Haruki. In Kin'iro no Corda 3 he is 25 years old and a teacher at another music school.

Azuma Yunoki[edit]

Yunoki Azuma (柚木 梓馬) Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio[6]

Azuma is a third year student. He appears to be a very considerate and kind to others, and is considered a "prince" in school because of his good looks, perfect grades, and charming personality. Azuma comes from a well-brought family of traditional Kado background and he is extremely capable in traditional Japanese rituals and customs, like ikebana, tea ceremonies and traditional gardening.

Born as the third son of the family, he is strictly forbidden to outshine his older brothers. For that reason he was forced to give up piano when he was young and turn to flute instead.

Despite the gentle personality, Azuma has another side to his personality that is darker and more intimidating. He revealed this side to Kahoko later in the story and he considers her as his 'sweet toy', whom he likes to tease to rid him out of his boredom over life. He gradually develops feelings for Kahoko, but is too proud to admit it. He teases Kahoko several times in the first season.

Shoko Fuyuumi[edit]

Fuyuumi Shōko (冬海 笙子) Voiced by: Akemi Satō[7]

Shōko is the only other female competitor in the concours, and is also shown to play a little piano from the special episode. She's an extremely shy girl. She is very hesitant and easily intimidated.

When the school organized a training camp, her family's vacation home was used, indicating she comes from a very wealthy family.

Shōko looks up to Kahoko as a role model and wants to be like her. She is good friends with Kahoko and Nami.

Keiichi Shimizu[edit]

Shimizu Keiichi (志水 桂一) Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama[8]

Keiichi is the youngest male competitor in the concours. He likes to do things at his own pace. He seen drowsy all the time and often seems confused or in a daze. Keiichi speaks slowly and politely, in a quiet voice, and can be found sleeping anywhere, anytime. Kahoko first met him lying on the ground, fast asleep and because of this, many people gave him the title of "Sleeping Beauty" from his handsome face and drowsy manner.

His life seems to revolve around music - he tells Kahoko that he sleeps, wakes up, plays the cello, then repeats the process, other than eating, going to concerts with his family and visiting the library to learn more about music.

He is living at his aunt's house. He enjoys reading as well as studying the history of music and structures of instruments. In time, he becomes interested in Kahoko because of her carefree music. Keiichi's interest in her started from when he couldn't get her music out of his head. Kahoko and he usually encounter each other at musical events like concerts, showing of instruments, etc. He has an older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. His older sister always sends him costumes to try on.

Kahoko also commented that when he smiles, he looks like an angel.

He also often calls Mr. Kanazawa the wrong name like Mr. Kanadawa or Mr. Kananagawa.

Recently, in an extra in chapter 62, his older sister Tomomi came to the school and was mistaken for him. When she was figured out she told him, "Kaho-senpai is really cute." He became shocked and looked at Kahoko. The outfits the group had on in chapter 62 were made by Tomoni, according to the extra.

In Episode 20 of the anime La Corda D'Oro: Primo Passo after he played the cello he told her he wanted to hear Kahoko's music which made her guilty feelings come to her mind again and ran from him crying, he whispered "Kaho-senpai" (like Fuyuumi calls her) calling her by her first name for the first time.

Manami Mori[edit]

Mori Manami (森 真奈美) Voiced by: Umeka Shōji

Manami is Kahoko's accompanist during the second and third selection concours. They both became friends after that. She also happens to be in the same class as Tsukimori.

She was supposed to be Kahoko's accompanist in the last selection, but she injured her hands in a cycling accident and Megumi offered to help Kahoko.

The pianist is also shown to have an attraction towards Tsuchiura, something which she admits unhesitantly to Kahoko when she is first introduced to the series.

Megumi Shouji[edit]

Shōji Megumi (庄司 恵) Voiced by: Nami Kurokawa

Megumi is a first year student. She was supposed to be Kahoko's accompanist during the first concours. However, she lied to her in order for her participation be forfeited, because she was jealous of Kahoko, who was chosen to enter the competition; considering that, she's from the Music department. In the episode, it also shows that she has special feelings towards Tsukimori.

Furthermore, during the last selection concours, Mori who was Kahoko's accompanist got hurt in a bicycle accident, was replaced by Megumi after she told Hino that she regretted her previous actions, having Hino end up forgiving her.

Rie Nozaki[edit]

Nozaki Rie (野崎 理絵) Voiced by: Kanako Hattori

Rie is a first year student. She is Shoko's accompanist for the concours.

Tsukasa Hasegawa[edit]

Hasegawa Tsukasa (長谷川 司) Voiced by: Hiroaki Matsushima

Hasegawa is a third year student. He is Hihara's accompanist for the concours. He is also a member of the Orchestra Club.

Shouzaburo Kishimoto[edit]

Kishimoto Shōzaburō (岸本 正三郎) Voiced by: Eiji Hanawa

Kishimoto is a second year student. He was the one who locked up Tsukimori in the closet during the second selection of the concours, causing Tsukimori to be ranked seventh place for that round.

Mai Koizumi[edit]

Koizumi Mai (小泉 麻衣) Voiced by: Yūki Nakajima[9]

Mai's a first year student and is a member of the Orchestra Club. She once asked Kahoko's opinion on her performance in episode 12.

Mai Tsugawa[edit]

Tsugawa Mai (津川 麻衣) Voiced by: Ai Maeda

Tsugawa is a second year student. She is one of Yunoki's bodyguards. She was one of the girls who bullied Shoko in episode 1.

Faculty members[edit]

Hiroto Kanazawa[edit]

Kanazawa Hiroto (金澤 紘人) Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa[10]

He is the teacher put in charge of the concours. A rather lazy man, he has a personal assistant, Shinobu Ousaki. He is always seen smoking and sometimes when outdoors he is seen feeding the cats that live on the school's grounds.

It is revealed that he was a famous tenor in Europe in the past, but when his girlfriend left him he turned to drinking and smoking, which damaged his vocal cords, ending his solo career, so he returned to Japan to teach. He is an excellent cook.

He seems to know about Lili, but claims that he cannot see the fairy.

Shinobu Ousaki[edit]

Ōsaki Shinobu (王崎 信武) Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi[11]

Ousaki is a graduate from the Seiso Academy. During his years as a student, he won the concours. He's a third year music student in university.

He's currently working as Mr. Kanazawa's personal assistant. As he is an intern, he isn't paid for his work. He also manages the academy's Orchestra Club.

He is currently in Vienna to participate in a music competition.

In the TV special, knowing that Kahoko was upset because she was excluded from the ensemble, he asks her to help him with the children's concert at the festival. She declines but Ousaki wants her to rethink her decision.

Other characters[edit]


Riri (リリ) Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi[12]

Lili is a mischievous fairy that gave Kahoko the magical violin. Not all people can see the fairy other than Kahoko. It is revealed that the headmaster and the director of the school, Akihiko Kira can see the fairy.

Kahoko is unable to see Lili during the final selection. He said that he has done his job. Lili has curly blonde hair and blue eyes, depicting a striking resemblance to Keiichi Shimizu (though their personalities are of the opposite).

Mizue Sakimoto[edit]

Sakimoto Mizue (崎本 水枝) Voiced by: Hōko Kuwashima

Mizue is Tsuchiura's former girlfriend. She met Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Kahoko by accident at the train station. She also once mistook Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Hihara as Kahoko's boyfriend.

She once went out with Tsuchiura during middle school, but went separate ways after three months. She said even though she was the one to break-up the relationship, but was still hurt by it, even now.

She commented that maybe she was the type that was to be pampered. The reason was Tsuchiura always called her by her last name, but Mizue called him in his first name instead. She noticed that when they are together, he never looked happy and which Kahoko realised during their meeting at the garden café.

Ayano Takashina[edit]

Takashina Ayano (高階 礼乃) Voiced by: Aya Endō

Ayano is a first year in high school. She is Yunoki's fiancée. She was also called bishōjo, by Kahoko when she first saw her. Ayano is one of Yunoki's fiancée candidates chosen by his grandmother; she was fascinated by him as a child and became determined to become his wife. Yunoki, however, isn't keen on that idea and enlists Kahoko's help to dissuade her by passing Kahoko off as his lover.

Ayano is perfect in all aspects, except that she has the tendency to give out bad first impressions of herself in front of people.

Ayano attends the same school as Miyabi, though it is hinted that Miyabi herself isn't too fond of Ayano as well.

Miyabi Yunoki[edit]

Yunoki Miyabi (柚木 雅) Voiced by: Akemi Kanda

Miyabi is Azuma's younger sister. Kahoko also called her bishōjo, when she first met her. She attends the same high school as Ayano.

She is the only sibling that is introduced in the anime, other than Hihara's older brother. She is shown to care a lot about her brother's well being since Miyabi also helped her brother to dissuade Ayano from becoming his marriage candidate.

Haruki Hihara[edit]

Hihara Haruki (火原 陽樹) Voiced by: Yūki Matsuda

Haruki is Kazuki's elder brother. He's a university student majoring in basketball. He too, like his younger brother, likes to play basketball.

Isamu Ogata[edit]

Ogata Isamu (緒形 勇) Voiced by: Daisuke Sakaguchi

He is Kazuki's good friend during their elementary and middle school days.


() Voiced by: Tomoyuki Dan

He is the owner of Minami's Instrument Shop. He knew Tsuchiura since he was young and had bought a video camera to tape all of Tsuchiura's practices. He calls him Ryo.

Misa Hamai[edit]

Hamai Misa (浜井 美沙) Voiced by: Kaori Yamagata

Misa is a very famous pianist, often doing public performances abroad. Her husband is a famous violinist. She is also Tsukimori's mother and is very fond of Kahoko.


(カノン) Voiced by: Kanon

Kanon is one of Misa's concert guests. She is also the one who sang the opening theme for the anime and has a special cameo role in episode 24.

Characters in Kin'iro no Corda 2[edit]

Aoi Kaji[edit]

Kaji Aoi (加地 葵) Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano[13]

Aoi is one of the new characters that appears in the second game and was introduced later in the chapter 47 of the manga. He's a new student in the General Education department, who transfers to the academy and is placed into Kahoko's class.

Before he entered Seiso, he attended a public boys school that was hard to get into and played tennis. He received several confessions from girls everyday but he refused them all. When he was at the park, he heard Kahoko playing and immediately fell in love with her.

After that, he came to that park everyday to come see her but he never saw her again until he saw her beside him while crossing a street. He followed her and he saw her meeting with Ousaki and Len to perform at a store's opening party. He disguised himself as a mascot so he can go inside and hear Kahoko play.[14]

After he entered Seiso he saw Kahoko and kissed her hand. When girls confessed to him he would say, "Sorry, I appreciate your feelings but I am completely dedicated to Hino-san." He would also compliment Kahoko every morning.

He previously played the violin but dropped it and now plays the viola because of an incident in the past. It was shown that when Kaji was still a child, he attended the same class with Tsukimori, Ousaki, and Etō. However, on the day of the recital, he backed out after hearing Len's music. It was inferiority that broke down his confidence.

He first met Kahoko at the local park when he overhears her playing the violin and he was so captivated by it that he openly declares himself her number one fan. He also admits that he doesn't have confidence in his own performances since he lacked training, but he has very sharp hearing and can easily spot flaws in others' performances. He is also very fast in tuning his instruments.

He addresses everyone politely, as he, like Yunoki, was also brought up in a respectable and wealthy family. Aoi, however, was allowed more freedom by his family. He doesn't get along with Azuma, often exchanging cynical remarks with the upperclassman, and he is perhaps the only one other than Kahoko to know Azuma's true personality.

His grandfather owns a hospital and his father is a politician. His grandfather hopes that he will major in medicine, so that he can someday take over the position as head of the hospital.

His parents were alumni of Seiso, which was indirectly revealed when Aoi asked his father to tell him more about the school.[14]

Aoi is extremely smart and athletic, though has a rebellious streak of his own.

Akihiko Kira[edit]

Kira Akihiko (吉羅 暁彦) Voiced by: Yūya Uchida[15]

Akihiko is the other new character that appears in the second game.

He doesn't remember people's faces all that well, so even if someone had met him before, he won't remember them. He is the son of the family that founded Seiso Academy.

Akihiko is the most recent and youngest director in the history of the school and was asked to solve a financial crisis that befell the school. He made a decision to separate the school into two different schools: a music school and a general education school. Kahoko opposed this, and Akihiko challenges her to create a successful Christmas concert with an ensemble of other musicians from the school.

It is revealed that Kanazawa was his senior when both of them were still in school. He used to play violin in the past, but dropped it because of a tragedy in the past, and had also come to hate music.

It appears that Akihiko has some obscure relationship with Lili.

Characters in Kin'iro no Corda 2: Encore[edit]

Mari Tsuzuki[edit]

Tsuzuki Mari (都築 茉莉) Voiced by: Sayaka Ōhara

Mari Tsuzuki's character is the only new character that appears in Kin'iro no Corda 2: Encore. She is a 3rd year student at a nearby university and majors in conducting. She was invited by Kira to conduct the orchestra at the Seiso Academy Festival and she was responsible for guiding Kahoko, the concertmaster for the festival.

Mari is an alumna of Seiso and was a participant in the concours with Shinobu, of which she lost to him. She appears to care a lot about Shinobu, but the latter remains oblivious to this.

Characters in Kin'iro no Corda 2: Forte[edit]

Kiriya Eto[edit]

Etō Kiriya (衛藤 桐也) Voiced by: Satoshi Hino[16]

Etō is first introduced in the Kiniro no Corda 2: Forte and now appears in the TV special, Secondo Passo.

He is a third year student in junior high. He is the only character who does not attend Seiso Academy. He is a very good violinist and his skills are on par with Tsukimori. When he was younger, he had gone to the same violin classes with Tsukimori, Ousaki, and Kaji. Though Kaji eventually quit.

He is very confident of himself and his playing is very accurate. He is related to Akihiko Kira, the academy's director. He thinks the standard of Seiso Academy isn't high after hearing Kahoko's playing which left him completely unimpressed.

However, he seems to have a crush on her as he is later seen at the school grounds constantly, his reasons unknown, resulting in a hiding Kahoko, because he had been rude to her on their first meeting.

Later, he helps Kahoko aid twins to find their mother. He is constantly impressed by Kahoko's kind behavior. Later, he asks her whether he or Tsukimori is better.

He seems to have a strong interest in and an apparent crush on Kahoko and states that he takes back what he said about wishing he had never heard Kahoko play.

In his special appearance in the upcoming game, Kiniro no Corda 3, he is now 22 years old and is an internationally acclaimed violinist.

Characters in Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky[edit]

Kanade Kohinata[edit]

Kohinata Kanade (小日向かなで) Voiced by: Reiko Takagi

Kanade is the main protagonist of Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky.

Kanade has been good at playing the violin since she was a child. At an older age, after a recital performance, she received a letter on her desk that asked "Is this where it ends for you?"

Kyoya Kisaragi[edit]

Kisaragi Kyoya (如月響也) Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama

Kyoya can be seen in Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky. He is the little brother of Ritsu Kisaragi and the childhood friend of Kanade.

Although he acts like a rebel and tends to find things bothersome, he somehow always ends up taking care of Kanade. He gets the impression people compare him to his brother Ritsu and hates that. He actually wanted to quit playing the violin whenever he wanted. He feels like he is always being pulled up by Kanade.

He actually doesn't want to go to Seiso and the only reason he is staying is because Kanade decided that she would stay. He really doesn't want to take part in the competition.

Ritsu Kisaragi[edit]

Kisaragi Ritsu (如月律) Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi

Ritsu can be seen in Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky. He is the president of the Orchestra Club and the head of the Linden Hall Dormitor. He's the older brother of Kyoya and the childhood friend of Kanade.

Ritsu is a really calm person and the violin is really important for him. He can also be seen as a cold person, but actually trusts and cares a lot about other people. When he was little he would often help out Kanade.

Ritsu is the main reason why Kanade and Kyoya entered Seisou. When Ritsu was young, he decided on his own that to leave the town and to enter Seisou where he could study about the violin more. He told Kyoya that if he stayed at their town that he won't progress and that he wanted to know what every kind of music is in this world and what kind of musicians there are in this world and that he needs more rivals other than just Kyoya and Kanade.

Ritsu told that Kanade and Kyoya should stay here at Seiso Academy and they should join the Orchestra Club. When they agreed and went to school the next day Ritsu announced the students who will take part in the competition and Kanade and Kyoya were one of them. Although many were opposed to that decision, Ritsu believed that they could do it.

Chiaki Tougane[edit]

Tougane Chiaki (東金 千秋) Voiced by: Kishou Taniyama

Chiaki is a pro violinist and has a lot of fans (Especially girls).

He has a really blunt personality and says whatever he wants. He often tells Kanade that her performances are boring and she lakes 'the inner flower'. He is also really self-confident and says that he has the skills, the convictions and the power to achieve anything. He's also seems to be competing with Ritsu.

Haruto Mizushima[edit]

Mizushima Haruto (水嶋 悠人) Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi

Haruto is a first year from Seiso Academy Music Department and plays the cello. He is the childhood friend of Sousuke.

Leiji Myoga[edit]

Myoga Leiji (冥加玲士) Voiced by: Satoshi Hino

He is the president of the chamber music club at Amane High School.

He seems to have some problems with Kanade and says that he will never accept the existence and everything about her.

Arata Mizushima[edit]

Mizushima Arata (水嶋 新) Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

He is the cousin of Haruto Mizushima. He is a first year from Shiseikan High School and plays the Trombone .

Daichi Sasaki[edit]

Sasaki Daichi (榊 大地) Voiced by: Yuya Uchida

He is a Third year from Seiso Academy Regular Department and the Vice-President of the Orchestra Club. He plays the viola.

He is a nice guy who is outgoing and really popular with the girls and the main reason for that is his flirty personality.

Housei Toki[edit]

Toki Housei (土岐 蓬生) Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa

Housei is a student of Jinnan High School and plays the violin. He loves to make fun of Kanade. He speaks in kansai dialect.

Sousuke Nanami[edit]

Nanami Sousuke (七海 宗介) Voiced by: Yuki Masuda

He is the childhood friend of Haruto. He is a First year from Amane Gakuen. He plays the cello.

He has a shy personality and isn't confident when he plays the Cello.

He got really angry at Kyoya, because he was complaing about the fact that he was chosen for the competition and told him that so many people want to take part in the competition, but they can't take part in it no matter how much they practice and want to.

Shiro Hozumi[edit]

Shiro Hozumi (火積 司朗) Voiced by: Masakazu Morita

He is a second year from Shiseikan High School . He plays the Trumpet .

Sei Amamiya[edit]

Amamiya Sei (天宮 静) Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

He is a third year from Amane Gakuen. He plays the piano.

Yukihiro Yagisawa[edit]

Yagisawa Yukihiro (八木沢 雪広) Voiced by: Kentarou Itou

He is a third year from Shiseikan High School. He plays the trumpet. He is polite, mature and kind person.


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