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Map showing the location of Qartaba within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Qartaba within Lebanon
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 34°06′N 35°51′E / 34.100°N 35.850°E / 34.100; 35.850Coordinates: 34°06′N 35°51′E / 34.100°N 35.850°E / 34.100; 35.850
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Mount Lebanon Governorate
District Jbeil District
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Dialing code +961

Qartaba (Arabic: قرطبا‎‎, also spelled Kartaba) is a village in the Jbeil District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It is located 54 kilometers north Beirut on the mountains above Byblos at an altitude of 1,250 meters.[1] The town has large church square, and is surrounded by olive groves, mulberry orchards, and vineyards.[2] In Syriac, Qartaba means "good, curing and balanced weather".


Qartaba was once considered an important village in the Jbeil highland, a trade point for surrounding villages.[1] Silk manufacturing flourished and in 1918, seven factories employed more than 500 people and much of the silk was exported to Lyon, France.[1]


The inhabitants of Qartaba are predominantly Maronite Catholics.[3] The families of the village include Saad, El-Sokhn, Sakr, Karam, Beyrouthy, Khoury, Acar, Gharios, Challita and Salem.[citation needed]


Qartaba From Monastry, photos by Paul Saad.
Panoramic View Of Qartaba, photos by Paul Saad.
[[File:|800px|alt=|Qartaba Fom Top, photos by Paul Saad.]]
[[:File:| ]]
Qartaba Fom Top, photos by Paul Saad.


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