Kadugli language

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Central Kadu
Native to Sudan
Region Kordofan
Ethnicity Kadugli, Katcha, Damba, Tumma
Native speakers
75,000 (2004)[1]
  • Central
    • Kadugli
  • Kadugli–Damba
  • Katcha
  • Miri
Language codes
ISO 639-3 xtc
Glottolog katc1249[2]

Kadugli, also Katcha-Kadugli-Miri or Central Kadu, is a Kadu language or dialect cluster spoken in Kordofan. Stevenson treats the varieties as dialects of one language, and they share a single ISO code, though Schadeberg (1989) treats them as separate languages.

There are five commonly cited varieties. Three of them are rather divergent, on the verge of being distinct languages:

  • Katcha (Tolubi, Dholubi)
  • Kadugli proper (Dakalla, Talla, Dhalla, Toma Ma Dalla, Kudugli, Morta)
  • Miri

However, they share a single orthography and use the same literacy materials (Ethnologue).

Of the two other commonly cited varieties, Damba is somewhat closer to Kadugli, while Tumma appears to be a (sub)dialect of Katcha.

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