Rashad languages

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Nuba Hills, Sudan
Linguistic classification Niger–Congo
  • Katla–Rashad ?
    • Rashad
Glottolog rash1249[1]

The Rashad languages form a small language family in the Nuba Hills of Sudan. Part of an erstwhile Kordofanian proposal, they are of uncertain position within the Niger–Congo family. It was at first thought that they shared the characteristic morphology of Niger–Congo, such as the noun-class system. However, only the Tagoi branch has noun classes, and Blench remarks that it appears to have been borrowed. Thus, he classifies Rashad as a divergent branch of Niger–Congo outside the Atlantic–Congo core. A similar situation holds for another Kordofanian family, Katla; these are not closely related to Rashad.

The number of Rashad languages varies among descriptions, from two (Williamson & Blench 2000, reflected in the ISO codes) to seven (Blench ms, shown here).

  • Tagoi
    • Goy (Tagoi)
    • Umali (Tumale)
    • Moreb
    • Orig (Turjuk)
  • Tegali
    • Tegali (Tingal, Kajakja)
    • Gom (Rashad)


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