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Kaustubha (Sanskrit: कौस्तुभ:) is a divine jewel or "Mani" or "ratnam", which is in the possession of Lord Vishnu who lives in the Kshira Sagara - "the ocean of milk". It is believed in the Hindu scriptures to be the most valuable ratnam in the whole world and a symbol of divine authority. Kaustubhamani


In Hindu mythology, the Devas and Asuras performed the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk" (Samudra manthan), in order to get Amrita (Devanagari - अमृत). In this process, the fourteen treasure jewels (Ratnas) emerged from the ocean. The fourth Ratna that emerged is known as Kaustubha. It represents pure consciousness shining in all its luminous manifestations. It was said by Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and all other devthas that nobody in the universe except Lord Vishnu could handle the brilliance and magnificence of this "Mani", since it could corrupt the bearer by infusing in them with a greed to carry it forever.


  • Kaustubham is the jewel.
  • Kaustubhadhari is the person who is wearing that Mani i.e. Lord Vishnu.

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