Kehewin 123

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Kehewin 123 is located in Alberta
Kehewin 123
Kehewin 123
Location of Kehewin 123 Alberta

Kehewin 123 is a Cree Indian reserve in Alberta.[1] It is located 60 kilometres (37 mi) southwest of Cold Lake. It is at an elevation of 578 metres (1,896 ft). This reserve has a 40.5% high school completion rate, in comparison to the settler-average secondary schooling rate of 88%. Access to this area is sharply limited and Canada's history of appropriating lands set aside for others suggests that the status of this reserve is perpetually uncertain.

The unemployment rate as of 2001 (the last recorded survey by the Government of Canada) sits at approximately 80%[2] and average incomes among those with full-time work are approximately $12,000 lower than the provincial average.


Coordinates: 54°05′28″N 110°50′46″W / 54.091°N 110.846°W / 54.091; -110.846 (Kehewin 123)