Kei Pilz

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Kei Pilz
Born Japan
Died 2001
Ahakista, County Cork, Republic of Ireland
Occupation Chef
Employer Self-employed
Known for Michelin starred Shiro

Kei Pilz (died 2001) was a Japanese Michelin star winning head chef and co-owner of the restaurant Shiro in Ahakista, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. She died in 2001.[1]

Together with her husband Werner Pilz, a German, she was running the restaurant in her own living room.[2] They opened Shiro "to have something to do".[3] That turned out in a restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the period 1996-2001.[4] Aside from cooking, she specialized in Japanese watercolour calligraphy and paintings.[5]

Although living in Berlin at the time, Pilz bought the villa Woodlands in 1983. She and her family moved to Ireland and renovated the villa before opening the restaurant.[6]