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The Kenjivideos scandal is a political scandal that occurred in Peru in 2018, following the release of several videos filmed by MP Moisés Mamani showing opposition congressmen offering construction projects and special access to the presidency in order to help President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski avoid impeachment; this resulted in the resignation of Kuczynski.[1][2][3]

The videos received the name of “Kenjivideos” because of the involvement of MP Kenji Fujimori and other members of his political party. The name is similar to the "Vladi-videos" scandal of 2000, when Vladimiro Montesinos was filmed bribing an opposition congressman to support Alberto Fujimori's government.


The second vacancy process against Kuczynski is a very complicated issue in Peru, the "pro vacancy" and "anti vacancy" by all means were stealing voters, according to the main video the dissident block of Kenji Fujimori seeks to include different congressmen to vote against the vacancy.[1]


At the beginning of 2018, there were complaints from both sides of trying to buy votes individually from each other. On March 20 of the same year, the congressman of Popular Force Moises Mamani showed a collection of videos in which the aforementioned individuals were shown trying to convince him. Hours later, the congresswoman from the same party, María Melgarejo from the department of Ancash, revealed that they tried to convince her in the same way, on the part of a congressman member of the dissident bloc.[4]

The main media actor, Kenji Fujimori, justified the actions of his colleagues, stating "What has been seen (in the keikovideos) is a management conduct done by any authority".[5]

Giuffra case[edit]

Moisés Mamani a day after presenting the keikovideos released to the public two audios where the then head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Bruno Giuffra can be heard using the same themes of the first videos, although in these recordings Kenji Fujimori does not appear and is not mentioned, by media antonomasia was incorporated to the scandal of the first videos of Mamani.[6]


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