Kiya Buzurg Ummid

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Kiya Buzurg-Ummid
JurisprudenceNizari Ismaili Shi'ism
Main interest(s)Islamic theology, Islamic jurisprudence
Notable idea(s)Evolution, Oneness of God
Senior posting

Kiyā Buzurg-Ummīd (Persian: کیا بزرگ امید‎) (died 1138) was a dāʿī and the second Nizari Isma'ili ruler of Alamut Castle from 1124 to 1138 CE (or 518—532 AH). He was of Daylami origin[1] from the region of Rudbar.

Kiya Buzurg captured the Lambsar Castle from Rasamuj and rebuilt it into a major stronghold using local labour. He was appointed by Hasan Sabbah (d. 1124) as its governor.[2]

Ruler of Alamūt[edit]

On 25 Rabīʿ II 518 (11 June 1124), a day before death of Ḥasan-e Ṣabbaḥ, Ḥasan appointed him his successor. He generally followed the policies of Ḥasan-e Ṣabbaḥ and enforced the Sharia strictly. In his early reign the Isma'ili hold was expanded in particular in Eshkevar and Taleghan.[1]


The text of a bedtime prayer, titled "Prayer in Bedtime" (دعا در هنگام خواب du'ā dar hingām-i khwāb) in Persian attributed to Kiya Buzurg Ummid, is preserved in a manuscript of the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London.[3]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Hassan-i Sabbah
1st Commander of Alamut Castle
(1st Nizārī Ismā'īlī Da'i at Alamūt)
Kiyā Buzurg-Ummīd
2nd Commander of Alamut Castle
(2nd Nizārī Ismā'īlī Da'i at Alamūt)

Succeeded by
Muḥammad ibn Kiyā Buzurg-Ummīd
3rd Commander of Alamut Castle
(3rd Nizārī Ismā'īlī Da'i at Alamūt)