Atba-e-Malak Badar

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The Atba-i-Malak Badar[1] are a branch of Atba-i-Malak Mustaali Ismaili Shi'a Islam. They follow the preachings of both Abdul Hussain Jivaji and Badruddin Ghulam Hussain Miya Khan Saheb. The current leader or Dai al Mutlaq is Maulana Muhammad Amiruddin Malak Saheb.[2] The Atba-i-Malak Badar community is based in Mahdibagh, Nagpur in India. The Mahdibagh Atba-i-Malak Badar community, is a unique community of peaceful and progressive Muslims, an elitist sect, known as Atba-e-Malak Badar (followers of Maulana Malak and Maulana Badar) named after the two founders of the religious order who founded it in 1891 AD in Nagpur, India.

History of the Imāmī-Atba-ī-Malak Badar Bohra[edit]


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