Kolahoi Peak

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Kolahoi Peak
Mt.KOLAHOI (5425m) heighest peak of Kashmir Valley.jpg
Kolahoi Peak
Highest point
Elevation 5,425 m (17,799 ft)
Prominence 1,585 metres (5,200 ft)
Coordinates 34°9′50″N 75°19′49″E / 34.16389°N 75.33028°E / 34.16389; 75.33028Coordinates: 34°9′50″N 75°19′49″E / 34.16389°N 75.33028°E / 34.16389; 75.33028
Kolahoi Peak is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Kolahoi Peak
Kolahoi Peak
Parent range Himalaya
First ascent 1912 by Dr Ernest Neve,
United Kingdom
Easiest route Aru Pahalgam

Kolahoi Peak is a mountain with a peak elevation[1] of 17,799 ft (5,425 metres), in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, in the vicinity of Sonamarg. Kolahoi Peak is part of the Himalaya Range, and is located between 15 km south of Sonamarg and 21 km north from Arin Pahalgam. To its north flows the Sind River and the glacier of its name Kolahoi Glacier is the source of Lidder River.[2] in the vicinity of Kashmir valley.

Kolahoi Peak rises from the Kolahoi Glacier is a pyramid-shaped peak with ice falls and ice fields at its bottom. The rock formation of the peak is extraordinary stable[3] with aretes and ridges.

Climbing history and routes[edit]

Kolahoi Peak was first climbed by a British medical team headed by Dr Ernest Neve in 1912.[4]

The easiest route to climb Kolahoi Peak is south face[5] via Aru Pahalgam from which a 21 kilometers high altitude alpine tract leads to the glacier of the peak. From the rear side of Sonamarg leads a 15 kilometer track via Saribal Nallah to the summit, but one have to encounter the difficulties of ice falls from the glacier.

Two trekkers died and another one was injured by rockfall on Kolahoi Glacier while they were descending after making a successful summit on September 7th, 2018. Deceased were identified as Naveed Jeelani and Adil Shah of Alpine adventure sports group.[6]. Adil Shah headed the Alpine Adventurers travel group. He was a living legend of alpine trekking in Kashmir and had broken all records including successful expeditions to more than 145 alpine lakes. In a span of three years he summited all four highest peaks of kashmir.


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