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Kothu parotta (chicken) as served in Tamil Nadu, India
Kothu parotta from Salem, Tamil Nadu

Kothu parotta (literally, minced parotta) is a delicacy popular in Chennai ,the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is made using parotta, egg, meat, and salna, a spicy sauce. Other variants of kothu parotta are Muttai kothu parotta, chilli parotta.

Vegetarian kothu parotta served in Tamil Nadu

The ingredients are thrown on a hot cast-iron griddle lubricated with oil. These are minced and mixed by repeated pounding using a heavy iron spatula, the sound of which can be heard from a long distance. It is served with onion raita.

Kothu Muttai parotta is a very famous roadside food available only in small roadside food shops. They may be available in restaurants but are usually considered better in street food shops. It is very popular in Tamil Nadu, and is also available in other parts of India and in Sri Lanka. Kothu parotta made without the meat and is called as mutai kothu parotta (literally, egg minced parotta). Chicken kothu parotta and mutton kothu parotta are relished. Like the parottas, it is common in roadside shops called thattu kadai. It is available in other south Indian states.

Types of parotta:

  • Plain parotta
  • Kotthu parotta
  • Chili parotta
  • Egg parotta
  • Veechu parota (in Kerala)

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