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Liberman Broadcasting
Industry Radio and Television Broadcasting
Founded 1987
Headquarters Burbank, California, U.S.
Area served
United States
Key people
José Liberman, Lenard Liberman

Liberman Broadcasting is a media company based in Burbank, California. Liberman Broadcasting primarily caters to the Spanish-speaking Hispanic community and owns television and radio stations in several of the top Hispanic markets.


José Liberman, and his son Lenard founded the company in 1987. Between them, they have more than 55-years of operating experience in the broadcasting industry. They have created radio and television clusters in Los Angeles and Houston, then in the late 1990s to early, 2000s, they have expanded to Dallas and San Diego. Although their television stations are part of the Liberman Television Network, they're still classified as independent stations.

On August 4, 2006, Liberman Broadcasting made an agreement with Entravision Communications to buy 5 Dallas area radio stations from Entravision.[1]

On May 21, 2007, Liberman has announced that it would expand to Utah with a $10 Million purchase of former UPN station KPNZ from Utah Communications, LLC. The acquisition was finalized on November 30, 2007.[2]

On July 19, 2007, Liberman bought KWIE (now KRQB), from Magic Broadcasting for $25 million. [2]

On August 18, 2008, Liberman announced that it would purchase KVPA-LP, from Latin America Broadcasting, Inc for $1.25 million.[3]

Liberman has announced that on July 1, 2009 they would launch a new Spanish-language TV network called Estrella TV.[4][5]

On February 3, 2010, LeSea announced the sale of KWHD to Liberman in 2010; the station switched to Liberman's Estrella TV network after the sale is completed, under the callsign KETD.[6]

On February 22, 2010, Liberman Broadcasting acquired W40BY Chicago from Trinity Broadcasting Network with plans to launch its Estrella TV network on the low-power station. [7] The sale was closed on December 6.[8][9]

April 2012, Liberman Broadcasting closed on its sale of a Houston-area station. The KSBJ Educational Foundation bought KXBJ-FM (96.9) for $2.1 million.[10]

On May 2, 2012, Liberman Broadcasting closed its deal to sell KJOJ, Conroe (880)another Houston-area station to Aleluya Christian Broadcasting for $1 million.[11]

On February 11, 2013, Liberman Broadcasting closed on its $6 million deal to sell Spanish CHR “Baila 101.7” KTCY in the Dallas Ft. Worth market to Educational Media Foundation.[12]

TV Stations[edit]

This is a list of O&O Estrella TV stations.

Main article: Estrella TV
Branding Callsign Channel Power (kW) Coverage
Estrella TV 40 WESV-LD TV-40 10 kW Chicago, Illinois
Estrella TV 29 KMPX-TV TV-29 10 kW Fort Worth, Texas
Estrella TV 53 KETD TV-53 10 kW Denver, Colorado
Estrella TV 61 KZJL-TV TV-61 10 kW Houston, Texas
Estrella TV 62 KRCA-TV TV-62 10 kW Los Angeles, California
Estrella TV 42 KVPA-LD TV-42 10 kW Phoenix, Arizona
Estrella TV 25, WASA-LD TV-25 10 kW Port Jervis, New York[13]
Estrella TV 24 KPNZ-TV TV-24 10 kW Salt Lake City, Utah
Estrella TV 29 KSDX-LD TV-29 10 kW San Diego, California

Radio Stations[edit]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Coverage
La Raza 93.7 KNOR-FM 93.7 MHz 10 kW Fort Worth, Texas
El Norte 98.3 KBOC-FM 98.3 MHz 25 kW
FunAsia Radio 104.9 KZMP-FM 104.9 MHz 10 kW
ESPN Deportes Radio 1540 KZMP-AM 1540 kHz 35 kW
La Bonita 106.7 KZZA-FM 106.7 MHz 25 kW
La Raza 103.3 KJOJ 103.3 MHz 25 kW Houston, Texas
Balia 101.7 KNTE 101.7 MHz 35 kW Bay City, Texas
El Norte 107.9 KQQK 107.9 MHz 25 kW Beaumont, Texas
La Raza 98.5 KTJM 98.5 MHz 25 kW
Que Buena 96.1 KRQB 96.1 MHz 1 kW San Bernardino, California
Que Buena 105.5 KBUE 105.5 MHz 1 kW Los Angeles, California
Que Buena 94.3 KBUA 94.3 MHz 5 kW
Que Buena 94.3 KEBN 94.3 MHz 5 kW
Little Saigon Radio 1250 KVNR 1250 kHz 5 kW
La Ranchera 96.7 KWIZ 96.7 MHz 5 kW


The following television shows are produced by Liberman Broadcasting and are distributed exclusively to Liberman owned & operated TV stations:

  • El Show de Don Cheto
  • El Show de Lagrimita y Costel
  • Estudio 2
  • Secretos
  • Alarma TV
  • A Que No Puedes
  • Noticero Estrella TV con Enrique Gratas"
  • Que Jalada
  • Noches con Platanito
  • Esto es Guerra


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