Linae Foster

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Linae Foster
Nationality American
Occupation Game production

Linae Foster was the D&D Licensing Manager at Wizards of the Coast, and part of the production staff for the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.


Linae Foster and D&D Brand Manager Scott Rouse were the successors at Wizards of the Coast to Ryan Dancey, who created the Open Gaming License (OGL).[1]:295 Rouse and Foster worked on a new OGL to support the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons beginning in 2007.[1]:295 On January 2, 2008, Foster posted Wizards' plans for the 4th edition OGL, which would require publishers to pay a fee to earn the right to publish their books two months after the release of 4th edition.[1]:295 Later that year, Foster was laid off and her Licensing Manager position was entirely eliminated.[1]:296


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